Enjoy your Meetings in Our Facilities

The accommodations are one of the most important details when evaluating the quality of an escort agency. In Sugar Girls Barcelona ​​we knew it. That’s why we do our best to create a little paradise for our customers. Do you want to know more?


Discretion is the number one standard in this sector. It’s normal. Our sex life is unique, private and nobody is interested. Gentlemen who use the services of an escort look for pleasure, beauty and, above all, privacy. It makes them repeat again and again.

This discretion does not just mean hiding this love for family members and friends. Luxury escort clients require that no one with no connection to this activity see their face. That’s why, at Sugar Girls Barcelona, ​​we decided to place our luxury and relaxation facilities in a discreet and spacious office building. This allows our guests to come in and out comfortably, without anyone knowing where they came from or what they did.

When you walk through the door, pleasure, indulgence and eroticism will welcome you warmly.


We all think about sex 24 hours a day. Therefore, Sugar Girls Barcelona never closes its doors. We are available to you 365 days a year, every day of the week. That means that, every time you come, our beautiful escorts will be waiting for you with open arms. We know that it is difficult to choose and that, often, choosing the ideal escort depends on the chemistry and what you feel when you look a woman in the eye for the first time.

To make your choice perfect, we will invite you to a comfortable room where we will serve you a free drink and you can watch an erotic video of our escorts while you wait for our girls to appear. They are very flirtatious and want to be perfect for you, so you may have to wait a few minutes while retouching makeup.


You have the right to see the escorts that are available in our facilities. So, after you’ve made yourself comfortable, maybe when you can no longer desire to take action, our girls will begin to parade before you, one by one. That is what is called presentation. They will all tell you his name and give you two kisses. There will be time for you to ask them for the details of their services.

Then, you will have to choose. Our managers will be there to help you in case you have doubts or to recommend you the best escort according to the whim you have, your tastes or whatever you want at that time.


Once you have chosen, the escort of your dreams and you will go to one of our spectacular luxury suites. We spent months working to offer you maximum comfort, without forgetting a single detail. For us it is important that you feel relaxed in a sensual and intensely erotic environment. We have low light, music … the rest, you and your girl can when you join in a unique and unrepeatable connection. Kisses, caresses, and the best experience of your life.

We love to tell you that you will leave Sugar Girls Barcelona just as you entered. No doubt, happier, satisfied and relaxed, but your outward appearance will remain the same. We have showers in all our suites for you to use once the service is over.





We had a hard time finding the perfect place, but after an arduous search, we made it. We are delighted with our luxury facilities and the opinion of the customers who have visited us is that they are spectacular, comfortable and 100% discreet. Some even assure us that, if they could, they would stay there for hours and hours, without worries and with our spectacular escorts.

If you haven’t visited us yet, what are you waiting for?

The Perfumes of the Escorts

Our escorts are beautiful and know very well how to get ready to get attention and make their clients go crazy. Perfumes are one of their main weapons of seduction. We have talked to them to tell us what their favorites are.


Perfumes are our personal seal. Finding the ideal fragrance is important: that aroma is what will represent us and make others think of us and remember us. It is proven that women never stop spending money on fragrances, whether they are in crisis or not, and perfumes are the best selling cosmetic at Christmas and Valentine’s Day.A perfume is a safe bet.

When it comes to seducing and making love, a woman’s perfume is one of those details that are etched in the mind of man forever. Whether it is good or bad, no man will ever forget the feeling that that perfume awoke inside.

our girls always look for their perfumes in the best fashion brands. Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent are your bets. They prefer to invest in a quality perfume and not buy cheap fragrances, which have more common odors and that also last a sigh on the skin. In order not to overwhelm others with the aroma, they prefer to put a few drops of perfume on the erogenous areas of the body and at the strategic points that perfume houses recommend: behind the ears, on the neckline, on the wrists and on the kneecaps .

All of them are very attentive to the tastes and needs of the gentlemen who visit them, so they also take into account their tastes. Men are attracted to sweet and floral aromas and detest overloaded fragrances, which make older women think. Others say they prefer the natural scent of a woman’s skin, so some of our escorts do not use perfume. As you can see, the theme of perfumes gives for many chapters.

If you are concerned that the fragrance of an escort remains stuck to your body persistently, we remind you that in Sugar Girls Barcelona we have spectacular luxury facilities so you feel at home. After your passionate encounter with the girl of your dreams, you can comfortably shower and leave our agency … as if you had never been there. No one will know where you came from or where you have been. It sounds good No?

I’m in love with an Escort

Wow ! It is a difficult situation, there is no doubt. What started as a series of minor appointments has become a love story. At least, for you!

What do you do when you realize that you are in love with an escort?

Inside an escort’s arms

The luxurious escorts have all the characteristics of the ideal woman. They are beautiful, attractive, sweet, pleasant and have many sexual abilities. Which man does not dream of a girl who meets all these characteristics? It is completely normal to turn totally crazy. If there is an authentic connection, the situation becomes even more complicated. And what’s worse is that many escorts have an emotional intelligence that allows them to handle their customers as puppies.

They are professionals, they want to build a loyal clientele and seducing men became their source of income.

Speaking clearly: a good list of faithful customers (and lovers) of the escort is very lucrative.

Like any man, a client in love will do whatever to please and satisfy his escort . That translates into gifts, tips, extra money, loans, whims …

We also have not to forget that escorts are also women of flesh and blood. They are not immune to the caresses and attentions of an attractive, interesting and chivalrous man. That also happen that feelings wake up from time to time, although they are more adept at maintaining a cool head. When it comes to love, the person who feels the least is the one who has the power.

If you do not want to be that subjected person and have realized that you are already in love with her , the best thing you can do is keep your head cool and be aware that it is very possible that what you are living is a big scam. It is possible that your escort feels appreciation and attraction towards you, but nothing more. Do not forget that for her, the only thing that matter, is money! Stay away from the drama and do not let emotions interfere with such moments of pleasure.

Thanks to the escort agencies, millions of men have the opportunity to enjoy the charms of beautiful and passionate women without any kind of compromise

Why spoiling that privilege with absurd concerns? If you want to stay away from a situation that have nothing good to bring you, we advise you to not get involved emotionally with any particular escort. It is normal that you will feel affection for her , that you also will miss and want to repeat your moments with her . But, try to keep a cool head and keep your distance when you feel that the issue is getting out of control. And there is nothing better to forget a woman than taking refuge in the arms of another one.

With the number of spectacular escorts we have at your disposal at Sugar Girls Madrid it will be easy to forget the woman who is haunting your brain. Enjoy !

Iam in love with an escort

Wow ! It is a difficult situation, there is no doubt. What started as a series of minor appointments has become a love story. At least, for you! What do you do when you realize that you are in love with an escort?

Inside an escort’s arms

The luxurious escorts have all the characteristics of the ideal woman. They are beautiful, attractive, sweet, pleasant and have many sexual abilities. Which man does not dream of a girl who meets all these characteristics? It is completely normal to turn totally crazy. If there is an authentic connection, the situation becomes even more complicated. And what’s worse is that many escorts have an emotional intelligence that allows them to handle their customers as puppies. They are professionals, they want to build a loyal clientele and seducing men became their source of income.

Speaking clearly: a good list of faithful customers (and lovers) of the escort is very lucrative.

Like any man, a client in love will do whatever to please and satisfy his escort . That translates into gifts, tips, extra money, loans, whims …

We also have not to forget that escorts are also women of flesh and blood. They are not immune to the caresses and attentions of an attractive, interesting and chivalrous man. That also happen that feelings wake up from time to time, although they are more adept at maintaining a cool head. When it comes to love, the person who feels the least is the one who has the power.

If you do not want to be that subjected person and have realized that you are already in love with her , the best thing you can do is keep your head cool and be aware that it is very possible that what you are living is a big scam. It is possible that your escort feels appreciation and attraction towards you, but nothing more. Do not forget that for her, the only thing that matter, is money! Stay away from the drama and do not let emotions interfere with such moments of pleasure.

Thanks to the escort agencies, millions of men have the opportunity to enjoy the charms of beautiful and passionate women without any kind of compromise.

Why spoiling that privilege with absurd concerns? If you want to stay away from a situation that have nothing good to bring you, we advise you to not get involved emotionally with any particular escort. It is normal that you will feel affection for her , that you also will miss and want to repeat your moments with her . But, try to keep a cool head and keep your distance when you feel that the issue is getting out of control. And there is nothing better to forget a woman than taking refuge in the arms of another one.

With the number of spectacular escorts we have at your disposal at Sugar Girls Madrid, it will be easy to forget the woman who is haunting your brain. Enjoy !

The Cold Arrives, the Temperature Rises with Our Escorts

The cold has arrived. As always, he has done it without warning. But don’t worry: in the arms of our escorts, it’s always summer. We have great news for you to get warm with the beautiful models of Sugar Girls Barcelona. Beautiful companions from Venezuela, Colombia and the Dominican Republic have left the torrid heat of their countries to come to ours to meet interesting and distinguished gentlemen. All our girls have renewed their wardrobe. They have left the sandals and white dresses to bet on very sexy heeled boots, black dresses and velvet underwear.


Many have gone shopping together to renew their winter clothes. They love to look beautiful for their clients and there is nothing they like more than seeing the surprise faces of men when they cross them. The Sugar girls know well how to dazzle the male audience.

Tiffany has made a good investment in lingerie from Victoria’s Secret, her favorite brand. Angie has bought some new glasses; They look great and he knows that men go crazy with his image of young nerd. Lucia, our wildest escort, has made a new tattoo she is looking forward to teaching her clients and Sofia continues to bet on the schoolgirl mini-skirts she puts on for almost all her appointments. Then, it’s your customers who take it away …

You see it? At Sugar Girls Barcelona we always have juicy and warm news to make you more pleasant this harsh winter that is coming. With our girls, you will feel as if you were always in paradise. You already know that, whatever you need, we have it. Forget the worries, work and stress of your day to day. Sugar Girls is your vacation spot, open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Head over to the luxurious facilities that have positioned us as the best escort agency in the city and enjoy the most beautiful, sweet and passionate escorts of Barcelona. Get warm …

Tell us about your Experience with an Escort

Do you know that 90% of consumers seek opinions on Google before deciding to buy a product? They look for reviews on Amazon, opinion forums, comments … Even when it comes to acquiring a simple toaster. People do not trust manufacturers and much less merchants: they only believe in the criteria of other consumers, like them.


When we talk about something that costs such a high price and that we will not be able to change, like an hour with a luxury escort, having the opinion of another user is a huge advantage. In a sector where there are so many scams and promises that will never be fulfilled like this, knowing the previous experience of another person is a luxury.

From Sugar Girls Barcelona we are going to try to approach the issue of escort reviews in the most neutral way possible.

The first thing to clarify is that opinion forums are no longer as reliable as before. In another era, they were smaller, hard to find and had small groups of users. That made the opinions expressed in them more authentic and useful. Now, knowing the immense influence that these users have on potential customers, they have become an advertising source that many try to manipulate. Some men have a hard time saying something bad about an escort, knowing that the agency and the girl can read it, and the owners of the flats, clubs and agencies manage to camouflage themselves in the forums, posing as clients, to exalt themselves or try harm the competition.

Although forums strive to identify such manipulations, it is difficult to control. And when something is difficult to control, it is best to pay attention to instinct. If an opinion makes you suspicious or sounds like advertising, you may be wrong, but you may also be right.

As we like to think positive, at Sugar Girls we still think that escort forums are a great source of information that you should consult.

Keep in mind that each person is different and that there are escorts for all tastes. A user may think that a girl is not worth it. But you love it. We see it every day. There are men who love shy girls, while others prefer more fun escorts. Do not miss the woman of your dreams just because another client did not like it. But if you find different opinions that advise against an escort, surely there is a compelling reason behind.

Your money and your time are valuable, don’t let anyone play with them. And remember, you can also help other users. Tell the internet how your experience with an escort has been.

How to Maintain the Distances with an Escort

We know that it is inevitable to have feelings for our girls. They are beautiful, sweet, intelligent and very, very special. We are human and we develop affection towards attractive and compatible people with us. But when it comes to an escort, the situation can become a problem. What can we do to maintain distances?

We believe that even the hardest heart cannot resist, immune to the charms of a spectacular woman. When it comes to a beautiful escort, it is even harder to keep your head in place. A beautiful and young woman, physical contact, hormones, kisses … If we think about it, the odd thing is precisely that: to maintain total indifference.


The first thing to do is analyze the situation coldly. Escorts are women who have their own life. You would be surprised to know how many girls are engaged in this activity and have a partner. Some are even married and have children.. Although working as an escort is something lucrative and fun for our girls, it is still a part that belongs to a life that they want to keep secret.

What does that mean? That this type of situation, in which it ends up developing an increasingly intense affection, the person who has the loses is the one who feels something. If that person is you, you will not get rid of getting a disappointment. No matter how lovely your escort is: in the long term, she won’t be able to be in your life.

During those years, we have seen many such situations. Obviously, they don’t end well. The only way to maintain distances with an escort is to be clear that these sensual and hot dates are part of a private, small, secluded sphere. Think of an isolated plot of the world. That is your corner, your little piece of paradise reserved for you and your escort. Let everything stay there, on that plot.

It goes without saying that another great way to prevent the situation from getting out of control is to see several escorts and not focus on one. We understand the need to repeat; It is normal. If you love an escort, be part of the natural instinct that you want to see her again. But remember that we have a spectacular variety of companions. There are women for all tastes and each escort has her audience, but all our girls are beautiful, sweet, accommodating and involved.

You are free, you have lots of options at your disposal. Every week, every month, other escorts, new sensations, new opportunities will arrive. Focus this secret part of your private life as it is: something fun that you will always remember with a smile. Out of dramas.

Escorts with natural boobs

Boobs are a very important part of the erotic game. It is very normal for escorts to have large sizes to attract more clients. But what about natural breast escorts?

All men are very attracted to a woman’s breasts. They are the first thing they look at when they meet someone. It is an instinctive and deeply biological reaction. The reason is the reproductive impulse. The breasts are of enormous importance in the process of creating a new life, from conception to feeding after delivery. There is an immense link with motherhood and therefore with sex.

The breasts weigh around half a kilo and its size depends on the genetics and the weight of the woman. With age or because of an unhealthy lifestyle that affects collagen production and tissue quality, the breasts are decreasing.

escorts de pecho natural

The escorts attach great importance to their boobs. Therefore, most go through the operating room to increase its size and keep it firm. The result is sensational, with or without clothes. Men go crazy with big breasts because they think, unconsciously, that the woman is fertile, and therefore, the ideal partner.

But you would be surprised to know that many clients expressly ask for natural breast escorts. We have asked them and the reasons are several. Some say they don’t like the touch of operated tits. Others say that escorts who wear cosmetic surgeries are artificial for their taste, and they feel better with natural girls, who fit more with the la girlfriend experience. A few say that, as almost all escorts have their boobs operated, they are attracted to different escorts.

In Sugar Girls, thanks to the variety of girls we have, we can prepare a spectacular date with a beautiful natural boobs escort. You know what it is, we have it, so call us.

All About the Pornstar Experience

We have already explained to you what the girlfriend experience consists of, the most demanded service due to its delicious simplicity and eroticism, but today we are going to talk about the other extreme: the pornstar experience or PSE. What does it consist of? Worth it?

About tastes there is nothing written and no one should interfere in what two adults do in privacy, as long as they agree. Sex is pure fun and experimenting is lawful. Within the luxury escort sector, there is an increasingly requested service. At least, we can say that arouses great curiosity. Not all men are interested, but many are fascinated. Pornstar experience. His name says it all, but let’s find out what an hour of this wild experience consists of.


If, like everyone else, you are an occasional or frequent regulator of porn movies, you will know that most of the scenes reflect an intense, loud and very active sexual act. Many different postures are practiced, the language is dirty, there is some violence in the movements, loud moans or screams are emitted, toys can be used … and the party ends with the man ejaculating on the woman’s face or mouth. The pornstar experience is the antagonist of the girlfriend experience because it is a service that is the opposite. There is no sweetness, no romanticism.


NO! As the experience is more wild and explicit, not all escorts perform it; In fact, the luxury escorts that offer a pornstar experience are few, and those that do it specialize theirself in this service. They do it often, they have experience about it and specially like to do it. We can even say that escorts who like to practice sex as if they were porn stars feel uncomfortable with the caresses and intense kisses of the girlfriend experience.

There are also porn actresses who offer their services as escorts. They know that many men go crazy at the idea of ​​enjoying a wild sex session with the girl in the movies, and they want to make their dream come true. There are actresses who advertise with the same rate as the other escorts, and others who demand a plus for their popularity.

Be carefull with the agencies that ensure that all his escorts perform PSE services, because it is not true. They usually say it so that you choose any girl that catches your eye, thinking that it offers a porn experience. What will happen is that you will see an escort struggling to do something that she is not used to and that is not going deep down, and it will be you who will throw the money. Therefore, we advise you to discard beforehand those types of agencies and be explicit with the agency to give you good vibes. “I want a pornstar experience. Do you have escorts who do it?” As simple as that.

Return to the Routine with your Luxury Escort

The holidays are already over. You have been outside and although you needed to disconnect a little from Barcelona, ​​you are looking forward to return to your favorite pleasures. Yes, you are looking forward to going back to the routine and meeting your favorite luxury escort again.


In Sugar Girls Barcelona we are preparing the arrival of September with great desire. We love this time of the year. After the summer break, we are looking forward to meeting our most loyal customers and escorts who have gone on vacation or have traveled a few weeks to their home countries. You don’t know how much we have missed them! And as always, we have taken advantage of these vacation months to make some improvements to our website and our facilities. We never cease our efforts to offer you the best services in Barcelona.

A few novelties have arrived at our headquarters in Barcelona, ​​and also at Sugar Girls Madrid, which we invite you to discover as soon as you travel to the capital. The success in Barcelona made us think that it would be a great idea to transfer our philosophy to other Spanish cities. Thanks to our professionalism, we managed to change the high standing sector, and we want to do the same in other corners of the peninsula.


Have you missed us? We missed you too. You have spent an unforgettable summer with family and friends, and you have behaved like the ideal man. We know it. Now it is time to return to the city and meet your favorite escort again, or with the beautiful news that we have uploaded to our website. Yes, they are spectacular, young and hot … like all the escorts available at Sugar Girls. We continue with the bar as high as ever.

Returning to the routine can be pleasant if you devote a well deserved time to your well-being. It is not just about work, the obligations of your office or company, the responsibilities that must be fulfilled, the bills you have to pay. Going back to the routine also means finding a moment to enjoy the charms of an escort, at the time you decide, when you do well. A getaway at noon, taking advantage of the lunch break? That little time in the afternoon? A chance to be alone one night? Our girls are available every day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Meet the escorts you already know and discover what they have been doing this summer. They have been most entertaining. Some of our girls have been doing an erotic massage course to take you to the moon on your next date. They will impregnate you with scented oils while they caress your whole body – yes, everything – with their fine and delicate hands. They will leave you so relaxed that going back to the routine will stop being a nightmare. They will travel every inch of your skin until you forget who you are, and where you are.

They will show you the new lingerie they have bought, in the most spicy colors: passion red, sophisticated black … You will try all the sexual positions that you had pending before the holidays. You will resume that desire to make a trio together, or to go to a couples exchange club. Or simply, you will be two again, you and her, accomplices, friends, companions of adventure, fun and pleasure. You have missed her, but she too, you can be sure.

Yes, for Sugar Girls Barcelona you are our only priority and we are willing to surprise you on this vacation return. Call us to meet again with your favorite escort, or with the delicious escorts who have just joined our team. Keep fulfilling each and every one of your sexual fantasies. Recover such satisfying experiences. Remember why we are the best escort agency in Barcelona. The fun is back, the Sugar girls come back. We will wait for you!

Make your sexual fantasies come true with an Escort

Each man has his own tastes, desires and fetishes. Some turn on for big boobs, when others prefer them smaller. When it comes to sexual fantasies, the variety is also very present. With whom to carry out our most spicy and forbidden desires? For us is very clear: A luxury escort is the ideal woman to submerge you in the world of pleasures.


Leaving aside the paraphilias, which do not interest us, the sexual fantasies of men are curious, fun and healthy. The mind and desire start to fly and there is no limit. The spark of conquest ignites and the impulse is almost uncontrollable. Therefore, we should never feel guilty if we feel like doing something forbidden, such as having sex with a friend’s partner or a married woman. We are animals and we respond to stimuli such as the look, the aromas and the curves of the body. We can not control it even if we want to.

Having an appointment with an escort is also one of the great fantasies of the male audience. Not everyone makes the decision lightly; some go around for months or even years, until finally decided to do it . And we can assure you that, once the line is crossed, there is no turning back. You want to know why ? Because enjoying the charms of a luxury escort is such a pleasant experience that it is normal to feel like repeating it over and over again. It’s like going to candy store… You will be addicted to these sweet and delicious candies.

An escort : The ideal companion

One of the most common sexual fantasies is having sex with two women at the same time. If making love with one is something breathtaking , doing it with two is something that can not be described with words. But in reality is more complicated: finding two women willing to do a trio is not easy, especially if one of them is our own partner, the situation can get very complicated. There is jealousy, rivalety, and the relationship can suffer in a mutual climate of distrust. But can we be sure that the third discord is discreet, and if he wants something else and begins to complicate our lives?

Why mix love with sex without any need? In Sugar Girls Madrid we have it clear: the escorts are the ideal women to carry out all our fantasies. Our escorts are prepared to hear about all kinds of fetishes and even more, they love knowing what their customers fantasies are and make them a reality .

With an escort, emotions will be close to the surface. She will be happy to accompany you on these little adventures. Follow your rhythm without complaining, satisfied to see how you are having fun with her. You will be surprised by their desire and suggestions, because, the escorts can also propose you sexual fantasies in which you had not even thought about. A visit to an exchange club, where you will have sex with a stranger while your escort is possessed by another one, a most entertaining orgy, costumes, trios, making love in a specific place, lesbian shows … The sad ones are watching porn movies while you will make it for real .

Count on us to perform all the sexual fantasies you’ve been dreaming about for so long. Our delicious escorts are waiting for you to realizing all your most secret fantasies . You’re and will be the boss!

Our Delicious Teen Escorts

In Sugar Girls Barcelona we have escorts of all ages, but we have a small group of very, very special escorts: teen escorts. How are they different from the others? Do they offer good services? Today we are going to tell you a little about our princesses. But be careful: after reading this, you will want to meet them.


Teen means adolescent, although the term has different connotations depending on the language. The word teen covers an age range that reaches nineteen. When the person turns twenty, that is, twenty, the teen disappears. Therefore, a teen escort is either eighteen or nineteen years old. The word in Spanish suggests someone who is less years old, so it is much better to use the English variant.

Very young escorts are much appreciated by men who are looking for flirtatious, sweet and innocent looking young people. They have a great success in the sector since they are an explosive combination of naive physique and overwhelming character. Despite their young age, teen girls are very sexual and some of them are even very experienced in bed. They know what they want and how to get it.


The average age at which a woman decides to start performing services as an escort is around twenty-two. It is not a choice that is taken lightly; many, spend years and years going around the subject until they take the step. When they start, they realize the mistake of not having started before. Earn large amounts of money, meet new people, visit exotic places, go to restaurants and luxury hotels … Being an escort is a great experience for any woman!

Therefore, a teen escort is a woman determined and confident enough to take a similar step at such an early age. So of course, they have nothing silly. That doesn’t mean you have to see them as Mata-Haris: an eighteen-year-old girl doesn’t have the experience and skill of a twenty-seven, and it shows. It is perceived through a naivety that is charming and that enchants customers who enjoy the sweet charms of our teen escorts.

Although the young escorts are adult women, determined and in some cases really curious and experienced, it does not mean that all teen escorts brush the nymphomania. Although we all know the average start in sexual intercourse in Spain, some of our teen escorts have started practicing sex recently. All our girls are unique and special and teen escorts are no exception. At Sugar Girls Barcelona, ​​there is always variety. We have teen escorts who are authentic tigers in bed, and others who are more shy and submissive. That is ideal, right? May there never be two equal women. The only thing they all have in common is the desire to have fun and live life to the fullest.

Teen escorts don’t come from unstructured families either. Do not think that such a young companion has begun to engage in sex in a professional way because it comes from a low-class environment or is low class. Rather the opposite. Most come from middle and even upper class places and study at the university. Working as escorts allows these irresistible young ladies to have high incomes to give themselves whims or to establish a base that allows them to be more comfortable while they study and prepare for the future.

escorts teen barcelona


At Sugar Girls Barcelona we always have several teen escorts. After a selection process and a personal interview in which we know them and tell us what their claims are and their availability, they join our agency to perform accompanying services. All fit the profile of the agency, which seeks young ladies of great charm, beauty and elegance to provide the best experience to our customers. They are affectionate, sweet and accommodating. When you close them in your arms, you will feel that time has stopped and that the rush does not exist. Alessandra, Sofía, Eva… check out our gallery of teen escorts and delight yourself in which of them will be yours.

Squirting or Female Ejaculation

Squirting is one of the most searched terms on porn video pages. Those videos of squirting women make men lose their heads. The Squirting is female ejaculation and why only some women have been benefited with that luck … wet?


Squirting is coming from an orgasm, like all women have. It is a concrete one in which the woman in question expels a series of fluids. This ejaculation distinguishes between two categories: a discharge of fluid from the urethra and a secretion of white fluid that leaves the vagina. The two are related to the female orgam and you can experience one, the other, or a combination of the two at the same time.

So no, female ejaculation is not a farce, nor an invention of pornographic producers to sell a fetish that is not real. Although it is something rare.

The vision of a beautiful woman expelling liquid from her vagina is very erotic, that’s why these types of videos have millions of visits. It is not uncommon for more and more clients to request the services of escorts who perform squirting. In Sugar Girls Barcelona we have two escorts who are lucky to “squirt”. We are slow to find them but they are already here, so you can enjoy their company and have a great time.

Although of course, to get it, they have to reach the orgasm. So get ready for the appointment for your escort and strive to make her feel comfortable and relaxed in your company. When you get the girl to climax … feel proud and enjoy the spectacular vision of an escort ejaculating in front of you!

Dating an Escort: the Best Plan

After some time thinking about it, you have finally decided to go out with your favorite escort in the city. You’ve been thinking about her and your date for days. You are even nervous. Where can you take it? What is the best plan to go out with an escort? What if the exit is a failure? We give you some guidelines so that the night is an unforgettable memory.


Our beautiful escorts are used to making exits. When it comes to the high-end sector, many meetings are not limited to the intimacy between sheets. Men tend to look for more, attracted by the qualities of luxury escorts: their grace, elegance, personality, knowing how to be … These are qualities that are worth enjoying. No client should miss the opportunity to spend an incredible evening with a woman who has some attributes – physical and mental – that are well above average. That’s why they are escorts!

If you feel that the time has come to go out with an escort in Madrid, the first thing you have to do is choose the right girl. Not all escorts are the same, just as each woman is different. There are companions who are really explosive in bed but who are not great conversationalists. Others are a little shy, so, although they are captivating and affectionate in privacy, they will not be the best company for a fun night.


At Sugar Girls Madrid thanks to the spectacular variety of escorts available, we have the right woman for you. You just have to call us and tell us what your idea is: we will make suggestions, we will propose some plans and sites and, of course, we will advise you on which is the perfect companion for your whim. Dinner and drinks? All our escorts will behave in an exquisite way and will make you have a great time. An outlet to the fashionable nightclub? In addition to taking care of booking a VIP table for you, we will make a few suggestions for you to choose the most cheerful escort of all. A visit to a swinger club for couples? We have specialist escorts in that service, who will be happy to accompany you on this trip of decadent pleasure.

Your desire is the desire of our girls, who just want to please you.

Going out with an escort is a decision that will mark a before and after. Our clients often say it: after that experience, it is difficult to return to a “normal” woman. With the escorts, everything is fun, carefree and a lot of desire. Sex is sublime. There are no bad faces, demands or ridiculous whims. Only you and her are you, but it is you who commands. You are the king.


At Sugar Girls Madrid we are sure that going out with an escort is one of the best decisions you are going to make. Any of our spectacular girls will make your hottest wishes come true while you have fun in the city. Dinner, drinks, laughter, dancing, sex … who says that perfection does not exist? Call us and you will enjoy one of the most special nights of your life, in the company of the most beautiful and elegant women you could imagine.

The Identity of an Escort

The escorts are mysterious, attractive and very interesting women. We associate them with an unforgettable experience of pleasure and sensuality. But we often forget that they are normal people with lives, often, as usual. What is the importance of the identity of the escort?


Prostitution is a legal and regulated activity in many countries, but it is still something very badly seen socially. Very few women admit in public to have exercised that office and those who do, are judged and questioned for the rest of their lives. Few continue their lives with pride and success after having made that confession, although there are some cases. In general, the number one standard of escorts, luxury escorts and whores is to maintain anonymity as much as possible.


The desire to protect privacy does not belong only to prostitutes, but to their clients. Although the consequences are not so devastating, no man wants to acknowledge in public that he is a regular customer of the sex market. His hobby belongs to his private sphere and nobody has to understand or approve it. It is always better to say nothing and enjoy the pleasure of meeting spectacular, available and hot women without taking into account the opinion of others.

>As long as the woman exercises voluntarily, the client is not doing anything wrong. It is an adult service exchange, fun and very satisfying for both parties. The situation is different when the man contracts the services of forced and kidnapped prostitutes, who do not receive a penny for their work and who are exploited by third parties. In that case, it would be convenient to reflect and be aware that there is no pleasure worthwhile, if it is at the expense of the suffering of others.


During the relationship, both the escort and the client know that it is a private meeting. Once finished, what happened should not come out of there, but people talk. It is unavoidable. The girls talk with other colleagues and the clients comment on the play with friends or in forums of escorts, where they tell how the experience with the escort has been and if they recommend it or not. The latter can be very beneficial for the companion, because if you receive a positive review, you will get new customers thanks to her.

The problems begin when the clients want to have too much information about the escorts, in a sector in which the discretion must be something reciprocal. Not only must the identity of the clients be protected, but also that of the girls. An exposed escort will disappear and warn other girls of what happened. There is nothing worse for the sector than lots of escorts terrified at the idea of ​​being identified. If the identity of an escort is not respected, the girl will not want to work


If you have dates with discreet girls who do not want to be discovered, respect their wishes. Have a cordial and interesting talk, but do not bother asking her about her real name or her profession. Let her tell you what she wants to say. He may tell you some of his stuff. I may lie to you. It is best to maintain fantasy and desire knowing that there are limits that should not be exceeded. Give others the same thing you expect to receive and have fun with the girl of your dreams without overshadowing the experience with gossip more worthy of a patio corillo than a distinguished and educated man like you.

The identity of an escort is something that must be respected, just like yours.

You go on holiday? Say goodbye to your Escort

All escort agencies noticed a change in the clientele during the months of July and August. When the holidays begin, national clients are more absent and, on the other hand, foreigners become the majority.


Going on vacation with an escort is a dream that we have already talked about in the blog.Traveling to an exotic place in the company of a professional willing to please at all times and without the dramas and demands of a stable couple … that is the idea of ​​paradise for many men. Customers who attend this type of services tell us how different it is to go on vacation with an escort, to do it with a girlfriend or wife. But not everyone can afford that luxury and we don’t just say it for money, but for the obligations of everyday life. Disappear a week? I wish it was that easy.

A stable family life has many advantages, but part of individual freedom is always lost. Men often face this change with much nostalgia. The desire to lie with different women is part of male biology and fighting that instinct is a constant source of conflict. Therefore, family vacations are fun and endearing to men, but there may always be a feeling that something is missing … The desire, the excitement of meeting a new woman, an afternoon or evening of pure sex, freedom, Feel young again.

The escorts are necessary for us to feel that we are alive, so that we do not forget that spark that has been lost.

If you go on vacation, at Sugar Girls we will miss you. Some of our girls also go on a trip on these dates, but others stay, and it is also the time when many interesting news arrive. If you have not left yet, take advantage of some free time you have and stop by to say goodbye to your favorite escort until September. She is waiting for you and also wants to say goodbye in the only way she knows how to do it … giving you much pleasure.

Home your escort

Some of our clients tell us that they feel weird with the idea of ​​receiving a luxury companion at home. On the one hand, they love to think about it. On the other, it seems strange. Is it so rare to request the services of an escort at home?

Perhaps that feeling of “discomfort” is due to the mental distance between our daily lives and those moments deprived of pleasure. Although nothing is wrong, men prefer to keep secret that they are regulars of escort agencies. That hobby is part of a private sphere that does not matter to anyone. Nobody finds out, nobody knows.

Our home is our most important possession. It is where we are ourselves and where we keep all our belongings. Isn’t it a bit invasive to let an escort enter at home? Isn’t it more erotic and exciting to have the meeting in a hotel or in an apartment reserved for that purpose?


The choice is yours. Just as some men are crazy about brunettes and others about blondes, there are clients who prefer to receive an escort at home. They find it more comfortable, fast and simple for them. They are clear that the escorts are women who value discretion as much as they do. Our girls don’t say a single word about the services they perform, or the clients they serve. And much less, where they live. They are true professionals who know that the secret of success is respect and mutual anonymity.

The procedure of enjoying an escort at home is very simple. Just call a little in advance and ask for the desired girl. As we always say, availability will depend on the time at which the call is made. The sooner you let us know, the more likely it is that the companion that drives you crazy is ready for you.

Once in your home, the escort will behave exactly the same as you would in a hotel or in our private facilities.


We suggest you take the opportunity to create a warm environment that makes you feel comfortable and increases, even more, the eroticism of the experience. Why not light some candles and open a bottle of wine? These are details that will make her delighted … and you more. Talk a little, know more. Tell him something about yourself, or lie to him. Show him what you want. Take her directly to the bedroom, where you already know what will happen. Make the most of the time you have reserved. She is there for you. Just for you.

Although you have our professionalism so that receiving an escort at home is a procedure without headaches, you know that what happens during the appointment depends only on you and her. You may feel relaxed at home enough to create a spectacular feeling.

Remember that whatever your decision, Sugar Girls adapts to what you think is best for you. Our girls move where you tell us. And we also have a luxury apartment in the city center, located in an office building so large that nobody will know what you are doing there. As you can see, we have everything well thought out. That’s why we have the fame we have.

Escort Lubricants

Lubrifiant or gels are the best selling erotic accessories in the sex products market. We can choose them from different textures or flavors, since the demand is immense. Which are the best lubrifiants for escorts?

For a sexual relationship to be pleasurable for both men and women, the vagina must be lubricated. That allows penetration to be fluid and friction is not annoying or painful for women. Nature is designed for women to get wet during erotic games that precede sexual intercourse: that is why it is never a good idea to start abruptly and in a hurry.


The escorts are women like everyone else. When they have sex with a man, their bodies react to stimulation naturally. It is an instinctive reaction. We are animals and our body responds to caresses, kisses and intimate contact. Even so, we cannot deny that private meetings between escorts and their clients can be somewhat rushed according to the occasion. At Sugar Girls we are available 24 hours and we offer half-hour appointments. That may mean that the escort is not fully lubricated at the beginning of the service.

lubricantes para escorts comprar

If you are an attentive client, of those who care about the pleasure of your sexual partner, it is logical that this matter interests you. That the escort is not lubricated at the beginning of the act does not mean that you do not like it or that it is frigid. It means that your body has not had time to react to your touch, especially if things have been done with a bit of haste.

Escort lubricants are the solution to this problem. A small amount is enough for the vagina to be moist and ready to receive its sexual partner; From there, the relationship will be fluid and satisfactory. The woman’s own moisture will soon melt with the lubricant, making the experience even more intense.


But attention! Lubricants are not only available for women. Lubricants for escorts? Yes, but there are also lubricants for your customers; that is, for men. That facilitates the introduction of certain objects to stimulate the male G-spot, a pleasant and fun practice that many men like. If this is your case, we understand that you cannot always carry a lubricant on top for encounters with your favorite escort. But as always, that’s what we’re here for: Sugar Girls has a wide arsenal of lubricants of all kinds and sexual objects to make your date perfect.

We are here for you to have fun. We put everything at your disposal. If you want lubricants for escorts or for you, we have them. We will wait for you!

Escorts and Social Networks

In these times, social networks are indispensable for everything. Many escorts have succumbed to the reality of new technology and smartphones and use Facebook or Instagram to promote themselves. But how to do it correctly? In Sugar Girls we have some tricks.


Escorts who want to advertise on social networks must remain active on these four platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Some decide to focus on the first two, or only one of those two, since they are the most useful. Men are visual, and seeing a photo directly is something that saves them time and worries. A long or detailed text is not even necessary to get your attention: the image is the most important of all.

The content must be constantly renewed, and the update depends on the personal experience of each escort. There are girls who prefer to upload new content every day, while others think that hanging photographs so often breaks the mystery and shows despair.


Whether the escort decides to upload photos every day or if she does it every week, there is an option that cannot be considered when promoting herself as an escort in social networks: never upload anything. Inactive profiles with little movement offer a bad image, and that is something that companies have very clear. With the sex business, the exact same thing happens. It is no use uploading a couple of photos and then not hanging up anything else for months. If you are a luxury companion and want to advertise on Facebook or Instagram, you need that your followers and potential clients do not forget you. If you do not publish anything, it will be as if you did not exist, and as beautiful as the photos you posted at the beginning, you will not remain fresh in anyone’s memory.


Although all escorts know the importance of photographs when working and attracting new clients, it is not always possible to update the portfolio, and nobody takes pictures 365 days a year. The good news is that you don’t always have to hang professional photos.For men, it is not necessary to see a perfectly illuminated image, retouched and with spectacular styling so that they are attracted to a woman.

If you are an escort and want to promote yourself in social networks, you can use the camera of your smartphone to renew the content and raise the interest of your followers. Even if you decide to hide your face you can do it. A striking angle, low light, hair on the face … the possibilities are endless. And of course, full-length photos of your breasts or your butt.

putas escorts redes sociales


If you have decided to update your social networks every day, or several days a week, and you see that you do not have good photos to upload, you can upload content related to sex. Any phrase that has to do with being an escort, or an erotic account of few words can help you to attract the attention of your followers and capture their interest. You can also report your availability or the services you do, as well as any news that may interest your potential customers, such as a tripyou are going to make to a specific city.


If you are an escort, you decide what you are willing to share in your private life. It can be a little, or it can be nothing at all. But when it comes to social networks, it does not hurt to show something of your day to day, because you will not only use Instagram or Facebook to get new customers. Your regular customers will also want to follow you, be in touch with you and know what you do. There is nothing wrong with showing the places you visit, the restaurants you go to or the things you buy. Sometimes, using social networks as an escort means doing it as any blogger or influencer would.

Escorts that Kiss

Kisses are a very important part of the services offered by high level escorts. Many gentlemen wait for them and even demand them. Still, escorts who really kiss are not as easy to find as it seems.

Do you remember the Pretty Woman scene in which Vivian (Julia Roberts) tells Edward (Richard Gere) that he offers all kinds of services … except kissing? The absence of kisses is part of several of the most important scenes of the film, and in the end, it is what marks the beginning of the love between both characters. Kisses are part of eroticism in the strictest sense, and are a gesture of great intimacy between two people. For some people, even kissing is something much more intimate and personal than intercourse itself.


No, not all prostitutes kiss. In fact, we could say that the vast majority of women who work in this trade refuse to kiss their clients. They prefer to offer a basic, much more mechanical, impersonal and zero romantic service. It is your decision and you have to respect it. Many argue that kisses are only for the couple, or to share with the man they love, and there are men who think very similarly.

However, when it comes to hiring the services of a high level escort, the situation changes. The client expects a much more special and personalized treatment than the classic exchange that takes place between a medium-sized prostitute and a man.

escorts que besan


Most escort clients are looking for a service called Girlfriend Girlfriend Experience or GFE. It consists in maintaining a relationship very similar to that which one could have with a partner; that is, with passion, caresses … and deep kisses. There can be no GFE without kisses. In this sector, women’s sexual freedom allows them to decide which services they carry out and which not. They are the ones who have the last word, but it is normal for the client to expect a certain behavior depending on the type of service requested in advance.

There are many escorts who kiss, or whores who kiss if you prefer that we define it this way. There are many who do not attach such importance to kisses and consider them an indispensable part of any intimate encounter, whether cold or not.


If you are here because you want to know more about escorts that kiss, you are lucky: most of the ladies who advertise on theSugar Girls website give deep kisses to their clients. Within our team of beauties, there are some prefer to give softer kisses or spikes, but without depth. Although you are not going to have any problem with any of our ladies, we suggest that you discuss it with our managers before making an appointment for a service. Remember that you have the right to discuss the details of the meeting that are of great importance to you, and if it is about escorts that kiss, it is better that you comment it before.

Our escorts are waiting for you to give you a lot of kisses! 😉