Bisexual Escorts … For real!

A trio with two escorts is one of the “special” services most requested by our clients. They reserve it as soon as they can or for a special occasion, even as a birthday gift! But that the experience is a success, only makes a single requirement: that the escorts are bisexual.


What man does not go mad at the idea of ​​making love with two women at the same time? It is the great male sexual fantasy. They say that the man who doesn’t do it is because he can’t. Either your partner is not willing, or you have no way of finding two women who want to sleep with him at the same time, or you have no means to use the easiest and most satisfactory route: hire the services of two professionals.

But even with professionals, the trio can be a real fiasco. The big complaint of the clients who want a duplex with two escorts is that it shows that the girls are pretending. Let’s not fool ourselves, there is nothing worse for a man than being with a woman who simulate. Imagine if there are two who are simulating!


The only way to avoid that disaster is to rely on the services of an escort agency that has genuinely bisexual girls. Many agencies make the mistake of thinking that all the ladies can make a lesbian duo, but it’s not true. The result is rare and artificial, and customers realize that they are facing a total “fake.” There are even cases in which girls pretend they are making love to each other, without being true. They cover their faces with their hair and instead of practicing authentic oral sex with their partner, they pretend to do it kissing the English, and so on. Imagine the face of the customer who has paid for a special service that, in reality, is not getting it.

At SSugar Girls Barcelona, ​​we have several girls who are really bisexual. When a client wants a threesome, we recommend the most appropriate escorts according to their wishes. Some are authentic beasts that devour each other as if there were no tomorrow. This service is more raw, wild or whatever you want to call it. Other clients want a more sensual trio, in which the girls make love, but in a romantic and gentle way. A girlfriend experience applied to a threesome.

Seal whatever your choice, you’ll love it. If you want a spectacular trio with two beautiful escorts, Sugar Girls is your guarantee of success. That is why we have established ourselves as the best escort agency in Barcelona, ​​because we give our clients exactly what they ask for.

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