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Sugar Girls Bcn presents you the most delicious escorts in Barcelona. Our girls represent the ideal luxury companion: they are beautiful, elegant and very affectionate from this city. We know that having a momment with them can cost, but with any of our escorts you will make feel in heaven. You can come to our accommodations or call us and the escort will come to you at your home or hotel. Treat yourself, and visit one of the best Barcelona escorts agency.

Escorts Barcelona

The touristic Boom that Bcn is living can’t be neglected and became an unstoppable force. Since the end of the Olympic Games, the number of tourists has increased considerably during these last years. As matter of fact, Barcelona is today one of the most important holiday destinations in Europe. That's why, to continue to intrigue and captive you to our beautiful country, SugarGirlsBCN and their escorts will do everything to make your stay in Barcelona unforgettable.

The best Escorts in Barcelona by SugarGirlsBCN

Thank you Barcelona to be so wonderful and pleasant! We have done for you a selection of the most sensual, beautiful, daring and charming companion girls in Barcelona. We are here, the best escorts in Barcelona are from SugarGirlsBCN, who will give quality to your trip but specially make it interesting and exciting. Every time you will think of Barcelona, You will do it with a big smile on your face. You will remember Casa Batlló, Park Güell, Las Ramblas ... And our breathtaking girls.

SugarGirlsBCN is an high escorts agency that was created for the unique aims to do a perfect selection of the most experienced and qualified girls of Barcelona. After years of excessive and massive fees, that normally did not correspond to the service offered , we decided to stop this calumny. Indeed , we have decided to work on the client satisfaction and put it as a central question, knowing that it was necessary for us to balance between the highest level of quality with a decent and competitive price. Then, we have decided to give the advantages of always offering the best quality for a reasonable price.

Philosophy SugarGirls Barcelona

We also choose to invest in high-quality photos, without even retouching them and that are constantly updated with that way our customers know that what come on our website is the reality and not a deceptive fiction. Beauty, class and natural sensuality do not need any kind of artificiality or retouch, it would deprive them of glowing with all their intensity.

Quality escort services at a good price ratio.

The quality of the services offered by our company, added to an unbeatable quality-price, has turned SugarGirlsBCN into the agency reference escorts Barcelona. How have we achieved that? Mainly, understanding that each woman is unique and all of them respond to a certain profile. Our team call girls of luxury is formed by ladies from eighteen to thirty-five years old, not more and not less. Each of them has a characteristic that makes her limited and exceptional for us and soon for you. We have the sweet but naughty young lady who can offer the best Girlfriend Experience in Barcelona, or the most lustful woman with experience capable to driving any man who enters through the door. All of them predisposed to surprise you, without saying no to any kind of fantasy or service. You will have just to ask and she will do it for you!

When you will arrive in Barcelona and you will ask yourself "Where can I find the best whores in Barcelona?", remember that with SugarGirlsBCN you will have everything you need , whatever it is we will do it for you. That has always been our goal: Always the best and only the best. Our selection process is done with a lot of attention and very meticulously, they know that the priority is you. Your intuition will make them perceive what you need at each moment. Our receptionist is responsible for selecting for you the girl of your dreams according to your claims and needs, but what will happens in this room will be decided only by her and you. But if you want to choose by your own the perfect girl, the place and the fantasies that you want, the result will be inevitably explosive.

Sugar Girls escorts offers you more than you expect

Do you want a submissive escort that surrenders to your strength and control?
We have it for you!

Do you prefer to feel that you are enjoying the charms of a girlfriend in love and not a professional relationship?
We will fix it for you!

Do you like hard sex and do not want to waste your time with words and courtships?
No problem! We also have it.

Do you want an escort to enjoy an unforgettable, morbid and hot threesome with your girl ?
We have naturally bisexual escorts that will be perfect for both of you.

Does Natural French drive you crazy and you want a pleasure encounter without a limit on the number of relationships?
Go ahead.

Do you have a partner but you are attracted to another sexual practices ! Why not making them reality with one of our girls ? Come! We will grant it for you.

Call us, tell us what you like, and we will organize an appointment with the escort that best suits your wishes. Let us work on your date and do it unforgettable for you : The only thing that you will have to do is enjoy. The age of our luxury escorts does not determine their experience and they capacity. We have eighteen-year-old girls as experimented as an older one , thanks to their natural curiosity and passion for sex. So, if smooth skins and angelic faces are your downfall, but you fear of meeting a shy virgin, do not worry. With SugarGirlsBCN, each meeting It will be exactly as you will decide it. Thanks to the spectacular variety of personalities and abilities of our escorts, with them we will never disappoint you.

Great variety of escorts and whores Barcelona

With our older escorts, there will be no problem either. There may be occasion for some of our young ladies be accompanied by more than thirty years, but we assure you that they have been working for a short time pleasures in a professional manner. They will have skill, intuition and great doing in the mature woman and experienced, but will not be as mechanical and absent as many women of the same age who carry too many years dedicated to this job. We, SugarGirlsBCN, are synonymous with freshness and naturalness.

Of course, the availability of different characters not only allows us to have this type of escorts, also We have young girls of great innocence and luxury escorts with years of experience that will leave you Breathless and you will be used to whatever fetish you suggest. Golden shower, BDSM, wild orgies, deep black kiss ... Everything is possible.

Do you want to lie on the bed and let two of our escorts give you pleasure and at the same time satisfy them? You will not see superficial caresses or kisses like in cheap films and low quality of production, but you will witness an authentic sexual act between two women devouring each other. That is what it means that they are naturally attracted to other women, true escorts authentically bisexual at your entire disposal. We will turn your dreams into reality. You became crazy just thinking about it? Forget porn at this moment and call us. SugarGirlsBCN will always be here for you when you want to participate in a real production in which you are the director and the protagonist himself.

Why SugarGirls is one of the best escort agencies in Barcelona

Creating an escort agency is not an easy undertaking. But what is the most difficult is to stay at the highest level. Our key of success is to have no doubt in the good management of the day to day and in having a clear idea of the type of escortes and services that we want to offer . SugarGirls has opted for quality and high-level companions. And for that reason, he redoubles his efforts in the best whores in Barcelona and offer the best quality of service to all those interested. Although everything indicates that our agency has reached a high level, we will not stop our efforts to improve our company every day. The attention, the services, the girls ... all this ,is a challenge for us, because we think we can always get and be better.

It is for this reason that we always recommend you to hire an Escort through our agency. That will assure a good quality of the service and will save you from many deceptions and bad practices that sadly still exist in the sector. A consolidated agency like ours, with a level of girls like ours, guarantee a very satisfactory and memorable moment.

whores in barcelona

There have always been whores in Barcelona. In Barcelona and everywhere; in fact, it has always been said that prostitution - derived from the Latin 'Prostituere', to display for sale - is the oldest trade and the first job in the world.The first records of history that refer to prostitution in ancient Mesopotamia date from the eighteenth century BC.Some women did it to survive, others for pleasure, and some, as a show of hospitality to welcome foreign visitors.

When there is a great supply and demand, the business is immensely lucrative and will never end, although it is in the populated and important cities where the target of the broadest clientele and with the greatest purchasing power is located. In the urban centers of considerable density the largest number of high level escorts is concentrated.

Nowadays, the largest number of sex workers, female, male and transsexual is concentrated specially in the big cities such as Barcelona and Madrid , but also in the rest of the European and world capitals, . The moral and tabou evolution of recent decades has made the business stop being considered as something sordid and problematic, but until recently, the exchange of sex for money was discriminated and caused great problems to the people involved. Thanks to that, we can focus on the present of whores in Barcelona and around the world.

Types of whores in Barcelona

The term whores could serve, in a generalized way, to encompass all those women who offer sexual services in exchange for financial compensation. Even so, and for a long time, the word whore is used more in a pejorative sense and as an insult: for that reason, over time, other more elegant ways of naming sex professionals have been coined. These new names serve to make clear the high socio-cultural level of the profession, providing some cache to the girls who are dedicated to this sector, and the sector itself, much more pleasant and distinguished than it may seem.


Because of this lexical change, we now call whores who practice prostitution in a low profile. They are workers accustomed to exercising in the street or in road clubs with cheap rates. They are characterized by having a low cultural level and coming from unstructured environments that have led to this situation. They find it practically impossible to abandon this way of life, because they do not have the opportunities, resources or skills to achieve it. Despite the fact that they still earn more than women who work in other professions, their limited training does not allow them to organize themselves to take advantage of this income and look for other alternatives to earn a living.


Escorts: is the term that is most often used as an alternative to the word bitch or whore, often in the wrong way. An escort is, literally, an escort. The escorts are not only offering sex in exchange for money, even if it’s her principal occupation. She can also have an elegant physique and a higher cultural level, you can offer your services for other areas, such as attending dinners, events, parties or presentations. The escorts have more social resources and better preparation, which makes them more attractive in the eyes of men of great purchasing power. Consequently, they generate more income than a simple whore. They also have a more professional vision of this work, which they consider a temporary occupation and a passage to another lifestyle. Among the escorts in Barcelona we can find university girls who exercise this work only for a short period they only seek to finance their studies with a highly lucrative occupation.

Within the Escorts we can also make distinctions according to the beauty and cultural level. There are high-class escorts and luxury escorts. The more attractive, elegant and prepared the woman is, more are her chances to scale socially and access greater profits, relationships and good contacts. To understand the relationship between beauty and money, just look at the wives of big businessmen and powerful men like soccer players, artists, singers ... Those women are not whores or escorts, but most have obtained a life with greater stability , power and money, thanks to their beauty and bodies.

Sugar Girls whores or escorts

Although some call them whores, in Sugar Girls we have high-end escorts . Our girls are attractive and of a high cultural level and are available at the best value for money in Barcelona. To check, just look at the gallery of images on our website. The agency Sugar Girls is known in the city for having young escorts, beautiful, nice character and with great desire to please.

We can say, without fear of being wrong, that Sugar Girls whores in Barcelona are the best in Barcelona. Years of experience and effort in creating our own identity and brand image , that have made our agency one of the most prestigious in the Catalan capital. Thanks to our success we have decided to expand and open a new agency in Madrid, where we intend to continue with the philosophy that has made us famous in Barcelona.

It is better to hire a whore or an escort

Choosing to hire a whore or an escort depends what we are looking for. There is no better or worse alternative. If we rely on purely economic aspects it seems obvious that a whore is the best option , since their rates are low and accessible. If instead we look for a companion for a dinner or an important event, or simply to enjoy a high quality service, the best option is an escort. Of course, within the high-level sector there are also deceptions and problems. It is also sadly common that women who are not up to the word are advertised as escorts. The most advisable in any case is to trust in a prestigious agency that has rigorous selection criteria and that establishes a good quality filter. In this way we will avoid taking any other unpleasant surprise.


We offer a large selection of high standing Models and Escorts in Spain. We offer all kinds of services, for gentlemen like you, exquisite and educated, guaranteeing absolute discretion.

All the services offered by our website are exclusively for adults (+18). Minors are expressly prohibited from using our website and making any kind of request or reservation.