Sugar Girls is an exclusive luxury escort agency based in Barcelona and Madrid.

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We are pleased to introduce you to Sugar Girls, ​​the leader event agency in Spain that manages meeting between people and luxurious escorts.

Sugar Girls is an exclusive luxury escort agency based in Spain: Barcelona and Madrid. With more than three years of experience, it has become one of the benchmark companies in the sector.

Our escorts in Spain: Barcelona and Madrid

At Sugar Girls, we are proud of our escorts because we are doing a meticulous selection from rigorous criteria. This allows us to offer the best escorts in Barcelona and escorts in Madrid available in both cities, ​​with the best price of the current market. We are looking for girls who want to collaborate with us and who meet a very specific profile. A profile that identifies us as a luxurious brand and differentiates us as a company from the competition. This philosophy has allowed us to cross our borders and be known and valued outside our area of ​​influence. At this time, Sugar Girl escort Agency is known, visited and recommended from all over Spain but also abroad the borders of our country.

Demand and professionalism of our ecort agency

We are aware of the importance of having a big satisfying client portfolio, who have positioned us as one of the best agencies in the country. That's why we work tirelessly demanding each day a little more. Our goal is to provide everyone who visits us with unforgettable moments of pleasure with the best escorting company. Achieving a high degree of excellence is not easy, and more less to maintain it. But at SugarGirls we strive everyday to keep making progress and to offer our customers more than they expect. A well-trained and organized team is the basis: Managers, escorts and other less visible personnel work in unison for the well-being and satisfaction of our clients.

The high class escorts of Sugar Girls in Spain

Sugar Girls is synonymous of class, beauty and fun without any limits. Our escorts are attractive models coming from different all over the world. After a personal interview where their physical aspect, their character and their culture are valued, they are incorporated into our team and with that way we can manage private appointments. The meetings are reserved carefully and personalized by our managers, taking into account at all times what is the best option for each appointment. Our escorts are always prepared with their best clothes, lingerie and predisposition to provoke you the best impression possible.

However nothing allows us to guarantee an instant connection between both of you . But their education, delicacy and pleasant treatment of our girls will ensure the success of your appointment.

Services of escorting in Spain: Madrid and Barcelona

We offer to our customers a series of value-added services for your total satisfaction: private driver, reservations in the best restaurants or evenings in the most renowned entertainment venues in the city, are some example of them. Sugar Girls will offer you all their resources and knowledges to give you the best and the most exciting experiences in Spain.

Discretion and privacy

Discretion is one of the most important factors for our customers and also for us. We have luxurious apartments in areas of great prestige to ensure maximum privacy and intimacy of meetings. The calls and any other data referring to our client, are also treated with maximum security and privacy.

Our advertisers

The escorts and whores that advertise and collaborate voluntarily with us, have all of them a legal age. Sugar Girls can guarantee the authenticity and update of the images that appear on our Website , although some of the models do not want to show their faces for privacy reasons. The escorts you see in the photos are exactly the same that you will meet in person.

Prices of our escorts in Barcelona and Madrid

The high-ranking whores that collaborate with us, personally establish the price of their services. To avoid many different prices, the girls have decided to establish unified rates for their services and appointment times.

On the other hand, our team manages the meetings quickly, professionally and efficiently, but they only work on meeting time and for the chosen model .What happens during the appointment will be a decision of mutual agreement between both of you.

Because escorts and whores of an agency

Hiring whores and escorts of an agency has many advantages , such as:

- First of all you make sure that the girls have gone through a selection process that guarantees control over their photos, their physique and above all about their person.
- You will have regulated and not an abusive rates.
- The agency guarantees seriousness in the schedules and services of the escorts.
- You will enjoy luxury facilities prepared for your appointment and avoid surprises.
- In case the whore finally can not attend the appointment, the agency will notify it to you in advance and offer you an alternative or a solution.
- If the appointment is not as satisfactory as you would expect, the agency will respond and solve the problem.

Working as a slut or escorts in Spain

If you want to work as a whore or escort in Barcelona or Madrid, ​​Sugar Girls is undoubtedly the high standing agency that suits you best. Years of experience, a long fixed clientele and a level that has elevated this distinguished agency to the top of our sector, are sufficient guarantees for you to choose it as your main collaborator. For its part, Sugar Girls, will put all their resources to create the best appointments and customers in Spain.

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