My debut in the world of high class escorts

Hello, how are you?

Today I’ve come to tell you how and why I decided to enter the world of high-class escorts and how getting to Barcelona has been. The city where I decided to go and start my activity.

I started working selling candy at the age of 15, I liked to earn my own money so I sold the candy at school and then went on to sell it in college. At the time, I was babysitting, I worked as a waitress in a restaurant, and sometimes covered some shifts in other bars. I always wanted be independant and help my family.

I started to expand my social circle of friends. I’m not sure it happens to all women, but at some point in our lives we meet someone that offers us to do this work, and even more so in my country, where girls from quite a young age begin to look for a “Sugar daddy” ( Person who can support them financially) to live comfortably. My case was different, I did not want anyone to support me financially. I wanted to earn my own money. At that time I met a girl who worked in the same bar as me. We became friends and she told me that her sister worked as an escort in Barcelona. She gave me her sister’s details so I could call her so she explains me how things worked. I was very hesitant at first but I thought it through and decided to go ahead, talk to the girl and get everything ready to start that adventure 9000 km away from my home.

I had a lot of pressure at that time, I was helping my family financially, paying for my personal expenses and also for the university. But it was getting more difficult, so I saw the path of working as a high-class escort as a way out, a solution to earn money quickly and be able to afford all my expenses.

My friend’s sister, whom we will call Daniela, had already been and returned to work in Spain 3 times. She only did it for only 3 months each time and came back with enough money, so I trusted her and decided to go to Spain with her the next time. I borrowed money, sold a few things too, and managed to get enough money for the plane ticket and a little more.

Daniela explained me that when leaving the airport in our country, they asked various questions to find out the reasons for the trip. Not to have any problems, we decided to go each our own way. We would meet again inside the plane, because of course she was traveling with me. He also told me that when we would get to the airport in Barcelona, we had to show 1000 euros to support our holidays financially and say that we were going on a tourism trip. I was very nervous because it was the first time I was going to leave the country. I’m not very good at telling lies, so I could already see myself arrested by the airport police.

I couldn’t sleep the night before the trip, I was very nervous. In addition, I told my family that I traveled to work taking care of elderly people and to do housecleaning.

In the end the moment came. The flight was leaving at 8 in the morning. My mother accompanied me to the airport, we arrived a little early so we decided to have breakfast, I had some water to calm my nerves and I ate some bread as I couldn’t have anything else. 20 minutes later, they called for boarding, but before we had to go through the baggage security checks, and cross over to international flights. I said goodbye to my mother, she gave me a kiss on the forehead, I turned around and walked without looking back, I tried not to look too much at my cell phone as the police could notice something suspicious using airport CCTV cameras.

I got to the check-in desk, there was a line in front of me with about 5 people. Daniela was ahead and already at the check-in desk, they asked for her passport, asked her a few routine questions, she put the suitcase through and went through without any problem. So I relaxed a little. When my turn came, the same happened. They asked for my passport, asked me some routine questions, I passed the suitcase and went through too. Daniela was already in the departure lounge waiting. We agreed that we would meet there once through and I was heading there.

But it turned out that just before entering the room, a policeman approached me, asked for my passport and told me to wait for a moment. He took my passport and did not come back for about 15 minutes. My legs were shaking you can’t imagine how much, and I was sweating cold. I wanted to run away.

After these neverending 15 minutes, the policeman came back, who was very handsome by the way , which made me even more nervous hahaha. The policeman looked at me from top to bottom and said: – Miss, come over here … – To which I replied: – why? Is something wrong? – And he replied: – No, it’s just a routine check, come with me please -. He walked in front of me, I was praying so nothing happened to me, I was already thinking someone had put something in my suitcase, although at no time did I lose sight of it. Although you know you’re not carrying anything illegal, in these kind of situation, it is very difficult not to start seeing ghosts everywhere haha. We walked and got to a dark grey door, he opened the door and there was this super long labyrinth-like corridor. This scared me even more, it looked like a horror movie. The entrance looked very very deep. I thought something was wrong.

Finally we got to a room, with a big machine in the middle, there was just myself and him, and he said: – Take off your shoes and jacket and step onto the machine looking straight ahead. I did immediately what he ordered. While he checked my suitcase. It was an X-ray machine So big it covered my entire body. There was a platform at the bottom, which moved from side to side. I stopped by the platform twice and he told me to put on my shoes again and sign a consent form. He gave me my passport back and asked me: – What’s in your stomach? , I laughed nervously and replied: – A few minutes ago I ate some bread with cheese -. It had not been digested yet and still was in my stomach, so this made a lump in there. He looked at me again and his face changed. He laughed and said to me: – Young lady, you can take your things and go -.

I walked out happily but slowly. I got to the departure lounge and saw Daniela. I told her what had just happened. I was still scared but we laughed about the situation for a long time, we laughed about the fact that in our country’s airport, young girls traveling alone are often suspected of carrying drugs and there are always many searches as a result. We finally got on the plane. The journey to Barcelona took a few hours, and I was already wondering if the same thing would happen to me in Spain and thought about the answers I would give about the reason for my trip. How stressful hahahaha.

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