Isla de Tenerife

Why visit Tenerife?

Today I am going to get off the script a bit and I will tell you about one of the places I have visited lately, Tenerife. One of the advantages of working as a high standing escort is that I have several opportunities to travel throughout the year, either as a companion or visiting new girls agency.

This time it was the Canary Islands, where I worked and did a bit of tourism. My stay was 1 month in the new headquarters that Sugar Girls has opened in Tenerife.


Tenerife is considered the largest island in the archipelago of the Canary Islands, also known as the lucky islands. However, the real lucky ones are us, having this paradisiacal jewel in Spain.

For nature lovers, the black sand beaches, charming towns and a mild and warm climate, it is the perfect destination to visit. And even so, in case fate has not convinced you enough, stay reading this post to get it.


Without a doubt, one of the “must” of the island is to visit “El Teide”. This volcano, in addition to being the highest peak in the archipelago, is also that of Spain. There are different ways of accessing the different parts and viewpoints of Teide, each one suitable for the type of traveler who visits it. The fastest and most popular way is to go up with the cable car. In my experience the best option, especially for family trips and for those who do not like to walk.

For the more adventurous, there is also the possibility of reaching the top on foot from the path that begins at the White Mountain. Remember that you must request a free access permit to upload!


Another of the essential places to visit in Tenerife are the different and picturesque towns on the island. Each of them has its own style and peculiarity that makes them unique and very attractive. Definitely, my favorite was Garachico, a small nucleus of white houses located to the north. In addition, in the same town you can also find incredible natural pools next to the sea. In them you can enjoy a refreshing bath and unparalleled views.

I also highly recommend visiting the historic center of Orotava, known for its perfectly preserved buildings. In 1976, the old town was declared a Historic-Artistic Site.

Nor can you miss San Cristóbal de la Laguna, the old capital of Tenerife. For lovers of architectural monuments, this place is the right place. This marvel of monuments made this town a World Heritage Site.


If you travel to Tenerife, there is no excuse to get lost in one of the most spectacular beaches in the entire geography. Volcanic black sand beaches that cover the island from north to south and that delight tourists and locals.

If you are looking for beach, sun and comfort, your perfect beaches are, without a doubt, those of the south. However, they are also the most crowded and touristy. The beaches that you have to visit yes or yes in that demarcation are: La Tejita beach, Médano beach and La Arena beach. My favorite was Diego Hernández beach, a secret destination unknown to most travelers. There I was able to bask in the sun totally naked with no peepers in sight. That way you can wear a perfect tan all the time.

The northern beaches, on the other hand, are the wildest and least crowded. Some of those that you must visit are: the Teresitas beach, the Teno beach, the Gigantes beach and without a doubt, the Bolullo beach. Although I made an approach to this area, I don’t have time to give you a more realistic opinion. When I return, that I will return, I will visit them with more tranquility. The main problem is that I stayed in the South and therefore I lived in my surroundings.


Los Gigantes cliffs are located on the west coast of Tenerife and belong to the Teno Rural Park. The height of the cliffs can reach 600 meters in some sections. The views of this landscape are among the most spectacular on the island.

The water that surrounds these natural walls is full of life. For this reason, one of the best plans you can do is a guided excursion to see wall dolphins in their natural habitat. In my opinion, this experience is one of the best you can have on the trip, especially if you travel with the little ones in the house.

If you are in this area, I recommend you take advantage of the journey and stop to watch the most spectacular sunset on the entire island, from the Teno lighthouse. A quiet location and one of the most special on the island where you can observe the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean.


The Anaga Rural Park is one of the essential destinations for those who love nature. The park is located to the north-west of the island, formed by huge valleys and ravines that reach the sea. The park offers different activities: from walking routes through the laurel forests, to routes by car through the different viewpoints. My advice is to combine the two options, since in my opinion they are very worth it.

Unquestionably, Tenerife is one of the destinations that you should add to your list of next trips. The island is full of incredible and special places to visit. This variety of corners adapts to all the different types of profiles of travelers who visit it.

Its climate, its beach, its nature, its towns and its people will captivate you during your trip and I am sure that you will be infected with the desire to continue discovering the wonderful lucky islands. I leave you access to the website of the Tenerife city council to find out more and make the queries you need.

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