My first client

The first agency I worked for was in the center of Barcelona. Very well located and very elegant looking. It was located on the top floor of an office building. Getting through the door completely changed the idea I had of these kind of places. By the entrance, on the right hand side, there was a very smiley girl with a kind face. She welcomed us and explained the rules and recommendations of the place. I felt very happy and reassured to see that things were very organized and that they gave confidence and total freedom to all the girls just arrived. One has always heard strange stories about girls who wanted to work in this industry but had problems. I arrived in an unknown city, very far from my house and without knowing what I would find.

As I said, the treatment I received was very respectful and kind. So I decided to stay and start there. I was no longer nervous about where I was going to be. Now I was imagining what my first client would be like, my first experience in this world. I left my suitcases in the place provided for this and started to get prepared. Make up, comb my hair, and make myself beautiful to wait anxiously and nervously for my first appointment.

All the girls were already prepared, made up, combed and perfumed. Waiting to be introduced. That’s what it’s called when a client arrives and we go out as models. We pass one by one introducing ourselves and waving. Well, I think the first day I arrived was my lucky day. I was in the break room imagining what my first client would be like, and if I was going to be able to behave and live up to it. You never know how you will react when the time comes. Then the doorbell rang at entrance of the agency, a client entered and the light that led to the presentation came on.

I was one of the last girls. My turn came, I went to the room where the client was sitting and, looking him straight in the eyes I said: – Nice to meet you, my name is Anastasia -. I kissed him on each the cheek, had a flirtatious laugh, and left the room. Here, in order for the client to feel at home, we must be very courteous and polite. They advise us to greet with kindness and give a kiss on each cheek, which is how people usually greet and say goodbye here in Spain. It took me a while to get used to this protocol because in my country we only kiss once and this sometimes led to very funny situations hahaha.

When I left the room, I kept thinking about that client. He was tall, thin, with a kind look, well dressed, a long nose and brown hair. I don’t know if it’s a movie of mine, but I think the moment we caught each other’s eye and said hello, there was a connection. Despite being nervous because it was my first time, I thought I wouldn’t mind if it was going to be with him hahaha, I definitely liked him and made me feel calm and confident.

All the girls finished passing and we waited for the manager on duty to tell us if the client had liked any of us.

Let me write a short paragraph to explain this point better. Remember that when I arrived at the agency there was a girl on the right hand side at the entrance door that received us? She is called: manager. Her job is to welcome the client, invite him into the room where the presentations will be, offer him a drink to relax and finish the presentation, she is in charge of asking the client which girl he liked the most.

Finally the manager came to inform us about the client’s decision and told us that he’d immediately said: Anastasia, without a doubt hahaha. I did not know whether to run away so nervous I was, or jump with happiness for making my first money, just arrived. They invited the client into one of the rooms where he waited for me. Before a girl goes to a (service), she has to bring a towel and all that is necessary for the appointment. I collected those things and went to the room.

I opened the door, took a deep breath, came in and saw him sitting on the bed. He stared at me and said: – Hello Anastasia -. He had a deep and sensual voice. I was somewhat shy and had a small smile on, I returned the greeting. We hugged as if we already knew each other. He took off his coat and said to me: – Sit here next to me -. I sat as an obedient girl that I am haha. He started kissing me slowly from the tip of my toes to my thighs, going through my knees that were shaking a little. I took off my high heels one after the other.

He did everything looking at me in the eyes. I got excited and very hot with that deep and penetrating look. Who doesn’t like to be stared at while having good sex ?. I took off the white shirt he was wearing, I remember that he looked very good. I kissed his neck gently. He put his hands on my hip, turned me around, threw me on the bed, and pulled my dress up violently. That delicious violence that every woman wants to see happen. I was on my back and the client kissed my ear, my neck and went down my back, I loved his kisses.

I turned around, let go of my hair, put my hands on my head and kneeled down, all timidity disappeared at that moment. I undid the button and zipper on his pants. He looked at me ecstatically and said: – Anastasia, I want you -. Those words lit me up inside, I took off his pants and then I started to stick out my tongue and gently licked in the middle of his balls, going up to the tip of his penis, making a circular moves at the tip. I opened my mouth and passed my lips from side to side. Finally I put his penis in my wet mouth. I made slow and concise movements, but we couldn’t hold it any longer.

He grabbed my hair with both hands and applied force and pressure, I loved it. He lifted me up, pushed me onto the bed. I opened my legs and let him watch me while I touched myself, I put one hand on my chest and the other stroked my clitoris. I grabbed his head and put it in my vagina, that man, my God, that man knew how to move his mouth and tongue well. He licked my pelvis, abdomen and breasts. He moved his tongue in a circular way biting my nipples and at the same time my skin erected. I felt like I was in heaven, finally he penetrated me putting his hand on my neck. I moved my hips up and down gently but deeply, because I love feeling he’s all the way inside me. Feeling that little pain is very exciting.

Letting go with the excitement, I climbed on top of him, put his fingers in my mouth, and while I licked his fingers, he fucked me with intensity. With such intensity, I felt we’d reached heaven for a few wonderful minutes. I forgot that I was in Spain, that I was working and that time was running out with that spectacular man. I closed my eyes and let myself go. We both had an extraordinary orgasm. I did not want time to end, but sadly it did and so I thought: – If this is work every day, I don’t want to ever stop working hahaha -.

Finally we got dressed, he said goodbye with a kiss and said: – Thank you very much for making this such a wonderful afternoon. I can tell you that I can still picture him and that he is one of the men who knew how to fuck me best as well as being a great gentleman.

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