The Sweetness of a Loving Escort

What man does not yearn to enjoy the charms and caresses of a beautiful woman? When it comes to the paid sex sector, the situation is complicated, because there is fear that the service will be cold, or worse, meloso in an artificial way. How to find an affectionate escort?

Kisses, caresses, looks … many escort clients seek a relationship as natural as possible. They do not want to feel that they are receiving a dry service. They want to make love with a pretty woman who knows how to please them and give them what they need. They do not seek a mechanical and emotionless act, and they hate cold and distant professionals.


Unfortunately, the difference is usually in the price. The more economical the service, the less desirable “extras” the escort will give us. Logically, if we have paid 30 euros for a 15-minute encounter, little affection we will receive. And although we reserve an hour, if the girl is part of the medium-low level sector, she will not be willing to sweeten the experience with sweetness and affection. Professionals who charge low amounts tend to get straight to the point, and are unlikely to seek privacy. There are no kisses, no complicity. There is distrust and coldness. They know that they are fast services, and that the client will probably not return. So, why try too hard?



This is so. A high level escort is more versatile, and aware that she has to offer a satisfactory and quality experience, she will be accommodating as part of her job. The quality of the service is much higher, and the difference is not only in the sexual services offered by the high-level companion, but in the details, the appearance … and the attitude. In addition, luxury escorts are usually functional, polite and elegant by nature, so being affectionate is also part of the pack.

Within that logic, there are variants. Each escort has her personality. There are women colder than others. There are sweet escorts, because it is their character, while others are nice, but they remain somewhat more distant.

escort cariñosa puta cariñosa


We will not deny that the cultural difference also has a lot to do with whether an escort is affectionate or not. For example, South American women are much sweeter naturally than Russian women. Eastern European escorts have an undeserved reputation for cold women, which is not exactly true. They are simply less likely to show themselves openly with complete strangers. It is another type of education. So we must take this detail into account when looking for a loving escort.

As always, a high-level agency, which has a good variety of girls available, is the guarantee for success in this mission. In Sugar Girls we have so many escorts, with such different personalities, that we have no doubt that we can provide you with just what you are looking for, be it an affectionate whore, a dominant, a submissive, a woman with character … We have everything for you!

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