Enjoy your Meetings in Our Facilities

The accommodations are one of the most important details when evaluating the quality of an escort agency. In Sugar Girls Barcelona ​​we knew it. That’s why we do our best to create a little paradise for our customers. Do you want to know more?


Discretion is the number one standard in this sector. It’s normal. Our sex life is unique, private and nobody is interested. Gentlemen who use the services of an escort look for pleasure, beauty and, above all, privacy. It makes them repeat again and again.

This discretion does not just mean hiding this love for family members and friends. Luxury escort clients require that no one with no connection to this activity see their face. That’s why, at Sugar Girls Barcelona, ​​we decided to place our luxury and relaxation facilities in a discreet and spacious office building. This allows our guests to come in and out comfortably, without anyone knowing where they came from or what they did.

When you walk through the door, pleasure, indulgence and eroticism will welcome you warmly.


We all think about sex 24 hours a day. Therefore, Sugar Girls Barcelona never closes its doors. We are available to you 365 days a year, every day of the week. That means that, every time you come, our beautiful escorts will be waiting for you with open arms. We know that it is difficult to choose and that, often, choosing the ideal escort depends on the chemistry and what you feel when you look a woman in the eye for the first time.

To make your choice perfect, we will invite you to a comfortable room where we will serve you a free drink and you can watch an erotic video of our escorts while you wait for our girls to appear. They are very flirtatious and want to be perfect for you, so you may have to wait a few minutes while retouching makeup.


You have the right to see the escorts that are available in our facilities. So, after you’ve made yourself comfortable, maybe when you can no longer desire to take action, our girls will begin to parade before you, one by one. That is what is called presentation. They will all tell you his name and give you two kisses. There will be time for you to ask them for the details of their services.

Then, you will have to choose. Our managers will be there to help you in case you have doubts or to recommend you the best escort according to the whim you have, your tastes or whatever you want at that time.


Once you have chosen, the escort of your dreams and you will go to one of our spectacular luxury suites. We spent months working to offer you maximum comfort, without forgetting a single detail. For us it is important that you feel relaxed in a sensual and intensely erotic environment. We have low light, music … the rest, you and your girl can when you join in a unique and unrepeatable connection. Kisses, caresses, and the best experience of your life.

We love to tell you that you will leave Sugar Girls Barcelona just as you entered. No doubt, happier, satisfied and relaxed, but your outward appearance will remain the same. We have showers in all our suites for you to use once the service is over.





We had a hard time finding the perfect place, but after an arduous search, we made it. We are delighted with our luxury facilities and the opinion of the customers who have visited us is that they are spectacular, comfortable and 100% discreet. Some even assure us that, if they could, they would stay there for hours and hours, without worries and with our spectacular escorts.

If you haven’t visited us yet, what are you waiting for?

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