The Perfumes of the Escorts

Our escorts are beautiful and know very well how to get ready to get attention and make their clients go crazy. Perfumes are one of their main weapons of seduction. We have talked to them to tell us what their favorites are.


Perfumes are our personal seal. Finding the ideal fragrance is important: that aroma is what will represent us and make others think of us and remember us. It is proven that women never stop spending money on fragrances, whether they are in crisis or not, and perfumes are the best selling cosmetic at Christmas and Valentine’s Day.A perfume is a safe bet.

When it comes to seducing and making love, a woman’s perfume is one of those details that are etched in the mind of man forever. Whether it is good or bad, no man will ever forget the feeling that that perfume awoke inside.

our girls always look for their perfumes in the best fashion brands. Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent are your bets. They prefer to invest in a quality perfume and not buy cheap fragrances, which have more common odors and that also last a sigh on the skin. In order not to overwhelm others with the aroma, they prefer to put a few drops of perfume on the erogenous areas of the body and at the strategic points that perfume houses recommend: behind the ears, on the neckline, on the wrists and on the kneecaps .

All of them are very attentive to the tastes and needs of the gentlemen who visit them, so they also take into account their tastes. Men are attracted to sweet and floral aromas and detest overloaded fragrances, which make older women think. Others say they prefer the natural scent of a woman’s skin, so some of our escorts do not use perfume. As you can see, the theme of perfumes gives for many chapters.

If you are concerned that the fragrance of an escort remains stuck to your body persistently, we remind you that in Sugar Girls Barcelona we have spectacular luxury facilities so you feel at home. After your passionate encounter with the girl of your dreams, you can comfortably shower and leave our agency … as if you had never been there. No one will know where you came from or where you have been. It sounds good No?

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