I’m in love with an Escort

Wow ! It is a difficult situation, there is no doubt. What started as a series of minor appointments has become a love story. At least, for you!

What do you do when you realize that you are in love with an escort?

Inside an escort’s arms

The luxurious escorts have all the characteristics of the ideal woman. They are beautiful, attractive, sweet, pleasant and have many sexual abilities. Which man does not dream of a girl who meets all these characteristics? It is completely normal to turn totally crazy. If there is an authentic connection, the situation becomes even more complicated. And what’s worse is that many escorts have an emotional intelligence that allows them to handle their customers as puppies.

They are professionals, they want to build a loyal clientele and seducing men became their source of income.

Speaking clearly: a good list of faithful customers (and lovers) of the escort is very lucrative.

Like any man, a client in love will do whatever to please and satisfy his escort . That translates into gifts, tips, extra money, loans, whims …

We also have not to forget that escorts are also women of flesh and blood. They are not immune to the caresses and attentions of an attractive, interesting and chivalrous man. That also happen that feelings wake up from time to time, although they are more adept at maintaining a cool head. When it comes to love, the person who feels the least is the one who has the power.

If you do not want to be that subjected person and have realized that you are already in love with her , the best thing you can do is keep your head cool and be aware that it is very possible that what you are living is a big scam. It is possible that your escort feels appreciation and attraction towards you, but nothing more. Do not forget that for her, the only thing that matter, is money! Stay away from the drama and do not let emotions interfere with such moments of pleasure.

Thanks to the escort agencies, millions of men have the opportunity to enjoy the charms of beautiful and passionate women without any kind of compromise

Why spoiling that privilege with absurd concerns? If you want to stay away from a situation that have nothing good to bring you, we advise you to not get involved emotionally with any particular escort. It is normal that you will feel affection for her , that you also will miss and want to repeat your moments with her . But, try to keep a cool head and keep your distance when you feel that the issue is getting out of control. And there is nothing better to forget a woman than taking refuge in the arms of another one.

With the number of spectacular escorts we have at your disposal at Sugar Girls Madrid it will be easy to forget the woman who is haunting your brain. Enjoy !

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