Luxury Escorts at Economic Prices

You’re not a big lover of saunas, road or streap clubs. The appearance of street prostitutes does not convince you , you also value the hygiene and the education of a woman . You want to experiment the charms of an erotical , pleasurable and beautiful escort but your economy dont allow you. What is the solution? SugarGirls was born in Barcelona with the aim of ending the abusive prices of the luxury escort sector. It seemed like a joke to pay 400, 600 and even 1000 euros for an hour with a young lady . But these agencies had created a kind of monopoly that push clients to pay this amount. Because they think that with a lower price the conditions and the girl will be very disappointing. It was very important fight for us to stop this calomnia , then we decide to establish the most competitive rate in the market ,which is 150 euros per hour.

Our escorts are sweet, beautiful, sensual and great lovers. They will treat you like a king , you will be her only preoccupation. With this established rate we avoid problems, we leave things clear and our girls are more satisfied because they have more clients. In addition ,150 euros is a sufficient to create a certain filter with the gentlemen who come to our facilities and know that they are all distinguished men, with little free time, educated and attentive, who want to spend a sensational time of pleasure with a beautiful woman. If you want to be with a luxury escort but you think you can not afford it, thanks to the agency Sugar Girls Madrid, you can make your dream come true. We have the best luxury escorts with the most affordable prices. We will wait for you!

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