Tell us about your Experience with an Escort

Do you know that 90% of consumers seek opinions on Google before deciding to buy a product? They look for reviews on Amazon, opinion forums, comments … Even when it comes to acquiring a simple toaster. People do not trust manufacturers and much less merchants: they only believe in the criteria of other consumers, like them.


When we talk about something that costs such a high price and that we will not be able to change, like an hour with a luxury escort, having the opinion of another user is a huge advantage. In a sector where there are so many scams and promises that will never be fulfilled like this, knowing the previous experience of another person is a luxury.

From Sugar Girls Barcelona we are going to try to approach the issue of escort reviews in the most neutral way possible.

The first thing to clarify is that opinion forums are no longer as reliable as before. In another era, they were smaller, hard to find and had small groups of users. That made the opinions expressed in them more authentic and useful. Now, knowing the immense influence that these users have on potential customers, they have become an advertising source that many try to manipulate. Some men have a hard time saying something bad about an escort, knowing that the agency and the girl can read it, and the owners of the flats, clubs and agencies manage to camouflage themselves in the forums, posing as clients, to exalt themselves or try harm the competition.

Although forums strive to identify such manipulations, it is difficult to control. And when something is difficult to control, it is best to pay attention to instinct. If an opinion makes you suspicious or sounds like advertising, you may be wrong, but you may also be right.

As we like to think positive, at Sugar Girls we still think that escort forums are a great source of information that you should consult.

Keep in mind that each person is different and that there are escorts for all tastes. A user may think that a girl is not worth it. But you love it. We see it every day. There are men who love shy girls, while others prefer more fun escorts. Do not miss the woman of your dreams just because another client did not like it. But if you find different opinions that advise against an escort, surely there is a compelling reason behind.

Your money and your time are valuable, don’t let anyone play with them. And remember, you can also help other users. Tell the internet how your experience with an escort has been.

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