How to Maintain the Distances with an Escort

We know that it is inevitable to have feelings for our girls. They are beautiful, sweet, intelligent and very, very special. We are human and we develop affection towards attractive and compatible people with us. But when it comes to an escort, the situation can become a problem. What can we do to maintain distances?

We believe that even the hardest heart cannot resist, immune to the charms of a spectacular woman. When it comes to a beautiful escort, it is even harder to keep your head in place. A beautiful and young woman, physical contact, hormones, kisses … If we think about it, the odd thing is precisely that: to maintain total indifference.


The first thing to do is analyze the situation coldly. Escorts are women who have their own life. You would be surprised to know how many girls are engaged in this activity and have a partner. Some are even married and have children.. Although working as an escort is something lucrative and fun for our girls, it is still a part that belongs to a life that they want to keep secret.

What does that mean? That this type of situation, in which it ends up developing an increasingly intense affection, the person who has the loses is the one who feels something. If that person is you, you will not get rid of getting a disappointment. No matter how lovely your escort is: in the long term, she won’t be able to be in your life.

During those years, we have seen many such situations. Obviously, they don’t end well. The only way to maintain distances with an escort is to be clear that these sensual and hot dates are part of a private, small, secluded sphere. Think of an isolated plot of the world. That is your corner, your little piece of paradise reserved for you and your escort. Let everything stay there, on that plot.

It goes without saying that another great way to prevent the situation from getting out of control is to see several escorts and not focus on one. We understand the need to repeat; It is normal. If you love an escort, be part of the natural instinct that you want to see her again. But remember that we have a spectacular variety of companions. There are women for all tastes and each escort has her audience, but all our girls are beautiful, sweet, accommodating and involved.

You are free, you have lots of options at your disposal. Every week, every month, other escorts, new sensations, new opportunities will arrive. Focus this secret part of your private life as it is: something fun that you will always remember with a smile. Out of dramas.

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