Escorts with natural boobs

Boobs are a very important part of the erotic game. It is very normal for escorts to have large sizes to attract more clients. But what about natural breast escorts?

All men are very attracted to a woman’s breasts. They are the first thing they look at when they meet someone. It is an instinctive and deeply biological reaction. The reason is the reproductive impulse. The breasts are of enormous importance in the process of creating a new life, from conception to feeding after delivery. There is an immense link with motherhood and therefore with sex.

The breasts weigh around half a kilo and its size depends on the genetics and the weight of the woman. With age or because of an unhealthy lifestyle that affects collagen production and tissue quality, the breasts are decreasing.

escorts de pecho natural

The escorts attach great importance to their boobs. Therefore, most go through the operating room to increase its size and keep it firm. The result is sensational, with or without clothes. Men go crazy with big breasts because they think, unconsciously, that the woman is fertile, and therefore, the ideal partner.

But you would be surprised to know that many clients expressly ask for natural breast escorts. We have asked them and the reasons are several. Some say they don’t like the touch of operated tits. Others say that escorts who wear cosmetic surgeries are artificial for their taste, and they feel better with natural girls, who fit more with the la girlfriend experience. A few say that, as almost all escorts have their boobs operated, they are attracted to different escorts.

In Sugar Girls, thanks to the variety of girls we have, we can prepare a spectacular date with a beautiful natural boobs escort. You know what it is, we have it, so call us.

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