All About the Pornstar Experience

We have already explained to you what the girlfriend experience consists of, the most demanded service due to its delicious simplicity and eroticism, but today we are going to talk about the other extreme: the pornstar experience or PSE. What does it consist of? Worth it?

About tastes there is nothing written and no one should interfere in what two adults do in privacy, as long as they agree. Sex is pure fun and experimenting is lawful. Within the luxury escort sector, there is an increasingly requested service. At least, we can say that arouses great curiosity. Not all men are interested, but many are fascinated. Pornstar experience. His name says it all, but let’s find out what an hour of this wild experience consists of.


If, like everyone else, you are an occasional or frequent regulator of porn movies, you will know that most of the scenes reflect an intense, loud and very active sexual act. Many different postures are practiced, the language is dirty, there is some violence in the movements, loud moans or screams are emitted, toys can be used … and the party ends with the man ejaculating on the woman’s face or mouth. The pornstar experience is the antagonist of the girlfriend experience because it is a service that is the opposite. There is no sweetness, no romanticism.


NO! As the experience is more wild and explicit, not all escorts perform it; In fact, the luxury escorts that offer a pornstar experience are few, and those that do it specialize theirself in this service. They do it often, they have experience about it and specially like to do it. We can even say that escorts who like to practice sex as if they were porn stars feel uncomfortable with the caresses and intense kisses of the girlfriend experience.

There are also porn actresses who offer their services as escorts. They know that many men go crazy at the idea of ​​enjoying a wild sex session with the girl in the movies, and they want to make their dream come true. There are actresses who advertise with the same rate as the other escorts, and others who demand a plus for their popularity.

Be carefull with the agencies that ensure that all his escorts perform PSE services, because it is not true. They usually say it so that you choose any girl that catches your eye, thinking that it offers a porn experience. What will happen is that you will see an escort struggling to do something that she is not used to and that is not going deep down, and it will be you who will throw the money. Therefore, we advise you to discard beforehand those types of agencies and be explicit with the agency to give you good vibes. “I want a pornstar experience. Do you have escorts who do it?” As simple as that.

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