My first client

The first agency I worked for was in the center of Barcelona. Very well located and very elegant looking. It was located on the top floor of an office building. Getting through the door completely changed the idea I had of these kind of places. By the entrance, on the right hand side, there was a very smiley girl with a kind face. She welcomed us and explained the rules and recommendations of the place. I felt very happy and reassured to see that things were very organized and that they gave confidence and total freedom to all the girls just arrived. One has always heard strange stories about girls who wanted to work in this industry but had problems. I arrived in an unknown city, very far from my house and without knowing what I would find.

As I said, the treatment I received was very respectful and kind. So I decided to stay and start there. I was no longer nervous about where I was going to be. Now I was imagining what my first client would be like, my first experience in this world. I left my suitcases in the place provided for this and started to get prepared. Make up, comb my hair, and make myself beautiful to wait anxiously and nervously for my first appointment.

All the girls were already prepared, made up, combed and perfumed. Waiting to be introduced. That’s what it’s called when a client arrives and we go out as models. We pass one by one introducing ourselves and waving. Well, I think the first day I arrived was my lucky day. I was in the break room imagining what my first client would be like, and if I was going to be able to behave and live up to it. You never know how you will react when the time comes. Then the doorbell rang at entrance of the agency, a client entered and the light that led to the presentation came on.

I was one of the last girls. My turn came, I went to the room where the client was sitting and, looking him straight in the eyes I said: – Nice to meet you, my name is Anastasia -. I kissed him on each the cheek, had a flirtatious laugh, and left the room. Here, in order for the client to feel at home, we must be very courteous and polite. They advise us to greet with kindness and give a kiss on each cheek, which is how people usually greet and say goodbye here in Spain. It took me a while to get used to this protocol because in my country we only kiss once and this sometimes led to very funny situations hahaha.

When I left the room, I kept thinking about that client. He was tall, thin, with a kind look, well dressed, a long nose and brown hair. I don’t know if it’s a movie of mine, but I think the moment we caught each other’s eye and said hello, there was a connection. Despite being nervous because it was my first time, I thought I wouldn’t mind if it was going to be with him hahaha, I definitely liked him and made me feel calm and confident.

All the girls finished passing and we waited for the manager on duty to tell us if the client had liked any of us.

Let me write a short paragraph to explain this point better. Remember that when I arrived at the agency there was a girl on the right hand side at the entrance door that received us? She is called: manager. Her job is to welcome the client, invite him into the room where the presentations will be, offer him a drink to relax and finish the presentation, she is in charge of asking the client which girl he liked the most.

Finally the manager came to inform us about the client’s decision and told us that he’d immediately said: Anastasia, without a doubt hahaha. I did not know whether to run away so nervous I was, or jump with happiness for making my first money, just arrived. They invited the client into one of the rooms where he waited for me. Before a girl goes to a (service), she has to bring a towel and all that is necessary for the appointment. I collected those things and went to the room.

I opened the door, took a deep breath, came in and saw him sitting on the bed. He stared at me and said: – Hello Anastasia -. He had a deep and sensual voice. I was somewhat shy and had a small smile on, I returned the greeting. We hugged as if we already knew each other. He took off his coat and said to me: – Sit here next to me -. I sat as an obedient girl that I am haha. He started kissing me slowly from the tip of my toes to my thighs, going through my knees that were shaking a little. I took off my high heels one after the other.

He did everything looking at me in the eyes. I got excited and very hot with that deep and penetrating look. Who doesn’t like to be stared at while having good sex ?. I took off the white shirt he was wearing, I remember that he looked very good. I kissed his neck gently. He put his hands on my hip, turned me around, threw me on the bed, and pulled my dress up violently. That delicious violence that every woman wants to see happen. I was on my back and the client kissed my ear, my neck and went down my back, I loved his kisses.

I turned around, let go of my hair, put my hands on my head and kneeled down, all timidity disappeared at that moment. I undid the button and zipper on his pants. He looked at me ecstatically and said: – Anastasia, I want you -. Those words lit me up inside, I took off his pants and then I started to stick out my tongue and gently licked in the middle of his balls, going up to the tip of his penis, making a circular moves at the tip. I opened my mouth and passed my lips from side to side. Finally I put his penis in my wet mouth. I made slow and concise movements, but we couldn’t hold it any longer.

He grabbed my hair with both hands and applied force and pressure, I loved it. He lifted me up, pushed me onto the bed. I opened my legs and let him watch me while I touched myself, I put one hand on my chest and the other stroked my clitoris. I grabbed his head and put it in my vagina, that man, my God, that man knew how to move his mouth and tongue well. He licked my pelvis, abdomen and breasts. He moved his tongue in a circular way biting my nipples and at the same time my skin erected. I felt like I was in heaven, finally he penetrated me putting his hand on my neck. I moved my hips up and down gently but deeply, because I love feeling he’s all the way inside me. Feeling that little pain is very exciting.

Letting go with the excitement, I climbed on top of him, put his fingers in my mouth, and while I licked his fingers, he fucked me with intensity. With such intensity, I felt we’d reached heaven for a few wonderful minutes. I forgot that I was in Spain, that I was working and that time was running out with that spectacular man. I closed my eyes and let myself go. We both had an extraordinary orgasm. I did not want time to end, but sadly it did and so I thought: – If this is work every day, I don’t want to ever stop working hahaha -.

Finally we got dressed, he said goodbye with a kiss and said: – Thank you very much for making this such a wonderful afternoon. I can tell you that I can still picture him and that he is one of the men who knew how to fuck me best as well as being a great gentleman.

My debut in the world of high class escorts

Hello, how are you?

Today I’ve come to tell you how and why I decided to enter the world of high-class escorts and how getting to Barcelona has been. The city where I decided to go and start my activity.

I started working selling candy at the age of 15, I liked to earn my own money so I sold the candy at school and then went on to sell it in college. At the time, I was babysitting, I worked as a waitress in a restaurant, and sometimes covered some shifts in other bars. I always wanted be independant and help my family.

I started to expand my social circle of friends. I’m not sure it happens to all women, but at some point in our lives we meet someone that offers us to do this work, and even more so in my country, where girls from quite a young age begin to look for a “Sugar daddy” ( Person who can support them financially) to live comfortably. My case was different, I did not want anyone to support me financially. I wanted to earn my own money. At that time I met a girl who worked in the same bar as me. We became friends and she told me that her sister worked as an escort in Barcelona. She gave me her sister’s details so I could call her so she explains me how things worked. I was very hesitant at first but I thought it through and decided to go ahead, talk to the girl and get everything ready to start that adventure 9000 km away from my home.

I had a lot of pressure at that time, I was helping my family financially, paying for my personal expenses and also for the university. But it was getting more difficult, so I saw the path of working as a high-class escort as a way out, a solution to earn money quickly and be able to afford all my expenses.

My friend’s sister, whom we will call Daniela, had already been and returned to work in Spain 3 times. She only did it for only 3 months each time and came back with enough money, so I trusted her and decided to go to Spain with her the next time. I borrowed money, sold a few things too, and managed to get enough money for the plane ticket and a little more.

Daniela explained me that when leaving the airport in our country, they asked various questions to find out the reasons for the trip. Not to have any problems, we decided to go each our own way. We would meet again inside the plane, because of course she was traveling with me. He also told me that when we would get to the airport in Barcelona, we had to show 1000 euros to support our holidays financially and say that we were going on a tourism trip. I was very nervous because it was the first time I was going to leave the country. I’m not very good at telling lies, so I could already see myself arrested by the airport police.

I couldn’t sleep the night before the trip, I was very nervous. In addition, I told my family that I traveled to work taking care of elderly people and to do housecleaning.

In the end the moment came. The flight was leaving at 8 in the morning. My mother accompanied me to the airport, we arrived a little early so we decided to have breakfast, I had some water to calm my nerves and I ate some bread as I couldn’t have anything else. 20 minutes later, they called for boarding, but before we had to go through the baggage security checks, and cross over to international flights. I said goodbye to my mother, she gave me a kiss on the forehead, I turned around and walked without looking back, I tried not to look too much at my cell phone as the police could notice something suspicious using airport CCTV cameras.

I got to the check-in desk, there was a line in front of me with about 5 people. Daniela was ahead and already at the check-in desk, they asked for her passport, asked her a few routine questions, she put the suitcase through and went through without any problem. So I relaxed a little. When my turn came, the same happened. They asked for my passport, asked me some routine questions, I passed the suitcase and went through too. Daniela was already in the departure lounge waiting. We agreed that we would meet there once through and I was heading there.

But it turned out that just before entering the room, a policeman approached me, asked for my passport and told me to wait for a moment. He took my passport and did not come back for about 15 minutes. My legs were shaking you can’t imagine how much, and I was sweating cold. I wanted to run away.

After these neverending 15 minutes, the policeman came back, who was very handsome by the way , which made me even more nervous hahaha. The policeman looked at me from top to bottom and said: – Miss, come over here … – To which I replied: – why? Is something wrong? – And he replied: – No, it’s just a routine check, come with me please -. He walked in front of me, I was praying so nothing happened to me, I was already thinking someone had put something in my suitcase, although at no time did I lose sight of it. Although you know you’re not carrying anything illegal, in these kind of situation, it is very difficult not to start seeing ghosts everywhere haha. We walked and got to a dark grey door, he opened the door and there was this super long labyrinth-like corridor. This scared me even more, it looked like a horror movie. The entrance looked very very deep. I thought something was wrong.

Finally we got to a room, with a big machine in the middle, there was just myself and him, and he said: – Take off your shoes and jacket and step onto the machine looking straight ahead. I did immediately what he ordered. While he checked my suitcase. It was an X-ray machine So big it covered my entire body. There was a platform at the bottom, which moved from side to side. I stopped by the platform twice and he told me to put on my shoes again and sign a consent form. He gave me my passport back and asked me: – What’s in your stomach? , I laughed nervously and replied: – A few minutes ago I ate some bread with cheese -. It had not been digested yet and still was in my stomach, so this made a lump in there. He looked at me again and his face changed. He laughed and said to me: – Young lady, you can take your things and go -.

I walked out happily but slowly. I got to the departure lounge and saw Daniela. I told her what had just happened. I was still scared but we laughed about the situation for a long time, we laughed about the fact that in our country’s airport, young girls traveling alone are often suspected of carrying drugs and there are always many searches as a result. We finally got on the plane. The journey to Barcelona took a few hours, and I was already wondering if the same thing would happen to me in Spain and thought about the answers I would give about the reason for my trip. How stressful hahahaha.

Foto anastasia

Anastasia’s Diary

Good morning, everyone. My name is Anastasia, although as you may suppose, this is not my real name. Anastasia is my code name at work and I chose this one because it seems to me like a queen or a princess name, and that’s what I am hahaha, a little princess.

As we are quarantined because of this damn virus and really miss our gentlemen a lot, I have been offered to write this blog as if it were my diary. As you can imagine, I have happily accepted. I love to talk about myself and my life, and I have no problem telling my experiences. Of course, I have been told that I can not give names because the privacy of customers is essential hahaha, what a pity, I would have loved to boast of my most famous clients hahaha.

Well, in this diary, I am going to tell you all my experiences from now on. As we are currently confined at home, I have few interesting things to tell. So we will start by talking a little about myself and telling some of my most interesting past experiences. I hope I can start working again soon, to tell you newer things and especially to earn money, as it is running out. And I have to buy clothes now!

Today I am going to explain how I entered the glamorous world of high-standing escorts and what I plan to do with my life. Firstly, I am a 23 years old girl, I am very hot, as I am beautiful. I’m 1.65m high, I’m not very tall, but with high heels and black clothes I look like it :). I am brunette, straight hair and I have a great impressive body. What I like the most about my physique is my ass and tits, which I had surgery on now 1 year ago.

I try to take good care of myself, I go to the gym and to the beauty salon often and I try not to eat too badly, although at work that is sometimes difficult. I may have a very hard day at work and eat and sleep badly, or they may invite me to eat seafood and I’ll eat like a seal. But in the end, my body and my beauty is the most important thing for my work and I try to take care of it a lot, a lot.

I have a bit of a special character. Very sweet, hot and affectionate with my clients, but beware that no one messes up with me, i have a strong temperament… At home they always say I’m unbearable, a little spoiled, but my loves do not think the same hahahaha. I suppose it is because of the money and because I like to meet people, but with some exceptions, I feel good when I do services and sometimes I even enjoy them a lot.

If you want to know more about how this beautiful and hot little woman is, you will have to come and check it yourself one day. I come from an upper-middle class family. I’m from Madrid, but I’ve been living in Barcelona for 7 years. I am currently studying law at Pompi. I love to party with my friends boys and girls. I like animals and food. I love sleeping 40 hours in a row, but what I like the most is shopping.

When it comes to sex, I would say that I’m a bit of a slut, some tell me that I’m a bit of a nymphomaniac, I guess that’s why I like my job, although not always. If the person fits me well and I feel like having sex, I have no problem with anything, I like it when they make me enjoy myself and I can tell you, I do know how to satisfy. The truth is that I often get carried away by passion and sometimes I even have an orgasm during a date. But in many others I have to pretend, it is what it is. A woman doesn’t always feel like it and sometimes guys I get are kind of jerks.

I don’t have a boyfriend, and I don’t think I will anytime soon. I like to enjoy my friends and my freedom. I love meeting interesting people. And although sometimes I lose my mind a little, I try to keep my distance carefully and not fall in love with anyone. With what I currently do it would be very difficult to make it work.

Men have offered me more than once to go live with them for a monthly money. Sometimes a lot of money. But I don’t think I’m ready for it yet. I love my freedom and I don’t want to be dependant on anyone. I earn a lot of money, more than what they offer me and at the moment I am ok this way. Better be free than in a golden prison. I want to get my law degree and then we’ll see.

Surely when I get my law degree, I will continue to work as a whore for a while, earn much more than any other job so I can buy what I want and even expensive, clothes, shoes, bags … that otherwise would be impossible. Or maybe I combine it, I don’t know, I don’t want to think about it now, it will come. For now, I want to have fun and do whatever I want.

Well this has been my first page of this diary. I don’t know if you are going to like it or not, I hope so. See you soon, I’m going to bed alone 🙁 to think about what to write next time and how to write it. I love talking about myself and remembering my best moments, but I don’t know if I shall dare explaining everything, especially the most spicy and sexual moments hahaha. Ugh I’m starting to get horny hahahaha

Kisses and see you soon.

Sugar Girls, las Mejores Putas de Barcelona

Exchanging numbers with Escorts

That a customer and a girl exchange phone numbers seems like a tempting idea at first, but is it a good idea?

It is clear that we, as a luxury escort agency in Barcelona, ​​only have one opinion about it, but we will present the matter in the most objective way possible to make it clear that doing something like this can end badly for both parties. That is, for both the man and the girl.

The main reason why customers and companions give each other phones is to have meetings outside the agency. This usually interests the man more, because it allows him to obtain two advantages: direct contact with the escort and access to his personal information, and to save the agency commission.


The girl accepts because she believes that by giving her phone number, she will get more appointments with the client and in the long term she will obtain a greater economic benefit. But by doing this, you risk your professional relationship with the agency, which, as usually happens, sooner or later you will discover that the telephone exchange has taken place. That will cause him to lose confidence in the girl and stop giving him work.

Teléfono de una Escort

It’s normal: the agency gets a benefit because it makes a series of expenses. He agrees to employ the girl by mutual agreement and the result of an agreed decision among adults. Pay for advertising, promote the photographs of the escorts, make available facilities for you to perform your services quietly and without problems, and puts them in contact with the clientele. An escort agency is not an evil company that takes advantage of your work. It is a team of people who work hard to achieve your economic goals and care about your well-being and safety. This would be different, of course, if it were an agency that was not respectful of the privacy and security of its girls and exposed them to all kinds of risks to try to earn more money.

That is why it is important to trust a company that offers guarantees.

Giving a gentleman’s phone number is disrespectful and honest. Integrity is the key to success, as an escort and as a professional in any field.

Another reason why it is not a good idea for an escort to give a telephone number to a client is because, over time, the man usually loses interest. Clients like variety and sooner or later they end up wishing to meet new girls. Why risk losing the trust of a good agency in exchange for a few appointments that are not going to provide you with anything, or are they going to provide you with so little that it will not be worth it?


Discretion is another reason why an escort should never give her phone to anyone. With the agency as an intermediary, the girl is never exposed and will only reveal the details of her life that she wants to give. If you give your number and start dating outside the agency, it is easier for you to end up revealing more information than you should. It is practically impossible to keep the identity secret with a client with whom you have a “normal” relationship, especially if there are trips, hotel or plane reservations …

The agency is the best filter for discreet escorts who in no way want clients to have access to their private information.

Another important reason is that customers respect much less the companions who go for free. This is a frequent problem that many independent escorts have. Men know that they are alone and that it is easier to manipulate them to get discounts, more time than is due… With the support of an agency that cares about your appointments, you will not have to worry about the duration of your appointments or money. Everything will be clear from the beginning and we will always be aware of you so that everything happens as it has to happen.

If there are departures at home and hotel, we will verify the information and our private driver will take you and bring you at the agreed time so that you are totally safe during your intimate appointment.

As always, the key to enjoying working as an escort in Barcelona lies in safety, trust and fun. Do not risk unnecessarily!

Que es una Escort de Lujo

What exactly is a luxury escort?

All the answers to the million-dollar question: what is a luxury escort and what differentiates high-level escorts from other professionals?

Let’s not waste time: a luxury escort is a professional who charges a special fee for accompanying a man, a couple and even another woman. Escort is an English word that literally means “companion”  and that is her main and official function. The rate you request applies only for your time and what happens within during this date is a consensual decision between two adults who know what they want and agree on how to get it.

The luxury escort always has certain attributes that allow her to move in high-level circles: she is attractive, has class, notoriously know how to behave and attracts attention in a pleasant and not vulgar way.

The luxury escort can have a spectacular physique, but she knows how to show it with elegance and discretion, being aware that vulgarity and an excessively provocative way of dressing are the last thing her clients want to see in her. A high-level companion prefers to keep her clothes and most daring accessories for privacy, when only she and her man, in low light, are in the room, ready to join in a moment of unique pleasure.

Barcelona las Mejores Putas

Another feature of a luxury escort is her absolute discretion. She knows that clients value privacy above any other quality and expect and even request to keep secrecy around their private meetings. An escort never talks about her clients and what happens between them is something that stays in her memory as a beautiful memory, nothing more. She also values ​​her own intimacy since her rhythm of life implies that her double life is under the strictest secrecy.

Tempted? Let yourself get overwhelmed by your wishes and go for the beauty, discretion and diversity of the girls of . agency. If you are looking for an unforgettable luxury escort, one of those that make a change for you forever, we have her.

Whores and History PART I

We all know it: that ofwhores, is the oldest trade in the world. Humans find immense pleasure in reproduction, something designed to perpetuate the species. But how was this work practiced in ancient times?

The first reports on the sex trade date from the thirteenth century BC, where there was already talk of the exchange of favors between men and women as a regulated trade with their own laws. Supply and demand were too large and common to leave the matter hidden in a dark corner, as if it did not really exist.


In Babylon they went further and saw prostitution as something divine, associated with female deities. Sex was the direct path to happiness and they saw nothing wrong with a woman selling her body. At the opposite chastity was considered unnecessary and poorly regarded. The Greek historian and traveler Herodotus said: “the most infamous Babylonian custom is that every woman prostitutes herself once in a lifetime with some outsider.”

In ancient Rome, debauchery regarding whores was even greater. In a difficult place where women needed to maintain their chastity at all costs, it seemed that the only two ways to prosper were marriage or prostitution.

The patrons lost their rights as citizens as they plunged into the sex business, something they could not hide because they needed a permit called licentia stupri to exercise. They could not marry free men and could not write or receive inheritance. For the rest, the authorities were willing to look the other way with something that, in most cases, was a voluntary agreement between conscious people. Prostitutes attracted customers from the doors and shop windows of brothels, dressed in suggestive clothes and holding illuminated phallus-shaped lamps.

There was no sexual practice that was not carried out in Ancient Rome. Even some that today were considered paraphilias in our society were practiced happily and without any stigma. Oral sex, although considered disgusting within the decency of the home, was one of the most claimed pleasures in love of payment. There were even prostitutes specialized in fellatio, who came to serve more than fifty men a night. The relationships between the whores and their clients did not always have to be carried out inside the brothels, but were carried out in hot springs, alleys, theaters and even in temples. There were also patrons who were dedicated only to attend to the sexual needs of travelers who were passing through the Empire and who were known as forariae.

For Roman whores, the easiest and most economical way of exercising their trade was in the middle of the street, which exempted them from paying the corresponding mandatory tax. Many taverns also offered sexual services in addition to performing their work serving cheese, meat or wine.

luxury escorts are not something of this era, but also existed in ancient Rome. As now, they were more beautiful, refined women who started from a situation much less desperate than that of the whores they exercised in the street or in the brothels. They became known as delicate and attended to senators, merchants, generals and rich men of all kinds. Their lives were more comfortable and safe and they had it easier to get married.

It was important for the authorities to separate decent women from prostitues; Therefore, the harlots of the Empire had to dress in a certain way. They could not or wear long dresses, they had to always move on foot and were not allowed to mix with the rest of the believers in the temples.

Although there were always stigmas and problems, we can say that prostitution was well seen, as if it were a necessary evil that preserved the decency of homes and that it satisfied a need from which it was impossible to escape.

las putas en el imperio romano

One of the texts of the time, destined for newcomers and explaining the concept of prostitution in Rome is famous:

“Nothing prevents you from going to the pimp’s house or buying what is for sale … As long as you do not venture into a private territory, do not touch a married woman, a widow, a virgin, or children, love whoever you want!”

In the next post we will continue talking about whores and history.

Give Private Information to an Escort

Blind trust or prevention?

The idea of trusting an escort seems, at first glance, something not recommended. In a world where everyone wants to go unnoticed and maintain privacy,should we discuss the topic further? The number one rule of tariffed pleasure places is discretion. Silence. Look the other way and pretend it is the first time we see someone we have actually met before. We all do it, but the escorts are specialists in this game. They are the first to protect their privacy better than anyone.

A woman can get involved in many social, personal and work problems if her environment discovers that she offers services as a luxury companion. It does not matter if you do it in a high standard agency, that you hardly have appointments or that you have done it only a few times. Stigma exists and is hard and difficult to overcome once the truth has been revealed. Escorts know it and learn quickly that discretion is paramount.

Girls can get to see many things, as we all unveil ourselves in intimacy. They get to know weaknesses, secrets, identities, ins and outs, problems, complicated situations and explosive news. They meet powerful, married, important and rich men, whom they treat with the same passion and affection with which they serve more ordinary gentlemen. For them, all men are equally special and all deserve the same respect, discretion and trust when it comes to protecting their private information.

We can never be too careful, but our advice is that you stay calm with regards to your privacy. If you trust an escort agency like ours, all your secrets are kept. Will you keep ours?

Cold is coming but we are hotter than ever

Temperatures drop across the country but remain higher than ever at
Sugar Girls.

Are you looking for the most beautiful escorts in Madrid? Are you interested in high-quality escorts but don’t want to pay silly prices? Are you worried about being cheated with fake photos? Then you have reached the right place: Sugar Girls is the leading agency in the sector of high-level pleasures in Madrid. Which means that we have the most attractive, elegant and hot ladies at a price that has no competition in the entire market.

Satisfaction of our customers is paramount for us and this is the reason why we decided to bring change to a sector that was stagnant and rusty because of many issues: poor pictures reliability, excessive prices, poor quality in terms of services …

Our girls are chosen through a rigorous selection process that seeks to choose the best luxury escorts in Madrid, to meet all your expectations and make you return home with a smile of pleasure on your face… until the next time.

They are waiting for you…

Luxury Escorts from Eastern Countries

They are beautiful, they have wonderful skins, they look like models … what is the secret of these escorts?

Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Polish … the escorts of Eastern Europe are the bane of many men. It is completely normal, since they have many characteristics that make it so. The main one is that they have an unusual beauty, which makes many women in these countries professional models from a very young age. A tall stature, kilometric legs, slanted eyes, high cheekbones … The feeling one has when walking through the capitals of those nations is to be watching a live fashion show.

Another advantage is that they are particularly elegant and refined, even those that come from middle or lower class environments. They seem to possess a knowledge of how to be delicate and natural, that makes them very desirable for distinguished gentlemen who love having a high-level woman by their side.

In Sugar Girls we have escorts of different nationalities of Eastern Europe, such as Russia and Poland. They are usually the most discreet companions and many of them are available for a limited time, so if the photos of one of them have fascinated you … do not miss the opportunity!

Putas Calientes

The envy the come back ?

If you have been away all summer and are looking forward to going back to Sugar Girls, we have good news: our escorts are waiting impatiently for you.

There is nothing more irresistible for a man than having at his disposal a group of pretty women willing to satisfy all their fantasies. Who doesn’t yearn to have a variety of young beauties, available with just a call or a message? That is the dream that Sugar Girls makes come true every day, 24 hours, every month of the year.

If you haven’t really been available, if commitments have kept you away from your girls, do not worry: they have not gone anywhere. All have returned from their vacations with more desire than ever to continue demonstrating why they are the best escorts in Barcelona, thanks to their sensuality, elegance, interpersonal gift  and joy.

They are a careful selection of jewels that we keep for you so that you come to feel delighted with their brightness and beauty.

Putas 24 horas

A new season begins and the time has come to return to routine, pleasure and mystery. Are you ready for our luxury companions to seduce you again and leave you annihilated with their charms?

Sugar Escorts Love Passion

There is nothing worse than a cold and mechanical service. You may wonder … where can I find really passionate escorts? Are all girls hot with all the gentlemen they serve, or just with a few?

Well, it all depends on the chemistry and connection, very important factors when establishing an erotic base between a girl and a client, but we can tell you that all escorts in our agency are naturally passionate about sex and pleasure. That’s why they are with Sugar Girls! We have girls of all kinds, from authentic submissive geisha, to the best GFE escorts in Madrid, to magnificent beasts that make love as if they were in a porn movie, which is known as PSE. Everyone is passionate about sex and especially seduction and everything that surrounds the climax between a man and a woman.

Of course, her passion is not limited to just a lucky few. It’s something they offer to all lucky gentlemen who knock on her door. Imagine what it would be like to hire an escort who claims to be passionate and hot, and find an ice floe! That kind of false promises are the ones that ruin the reputation of escort agencies in Madrid, however we care a lot about ours! We take care of it as if it were gold, so we will always offer you what is written and what is visible on our website.

Will you dare to enjoy like you never have before with our hot high standard companions ?

Do you want to live passion for real … is it possible?

Some of the Hottest Summers

Our escorts in Madrid have had a very intense and hot summer …

How have you spent the summer? Our beautiful luxury escorts have been very, very busy. Most have taken a few days off to visit their friends and family. They had a great time in fashionable places like Ibiza, Mykonos, Capri or Saint Tropez. All have made a sensation with their mind blowing bodies and tiny bikinis. They have attracted all eyes in nightclubs with their short dresses and high heels. The heat in Madrid has been hellish and our girls were willing to take a break and escape on the most famous beaches in the world. They really wanted to tan their perfect bodies in the sun.

But they have returned and are hotter than ever. They have been very envious when they hearing anecdotes of the escorts who stayed in Madrid, having a lot of fun with our clients. They are eager to catch up and return to the candlelight dinner routine, sexy lingerie, mysterious knights and endless adventures …

Yes: they’ve missed you. They are dying to see you again and to know how you spent your holidays. They will not ask you, but they are also curious to know if you have also missed them, the best luxury escorts in the capital. Do we guess the answer? We bet on a resounding and forceful yes.

August is the month during which everything seems to stop. Without a doubt, the most boring month of the year. Cities are empty and only tourists about. Escorts seem to have evaporated. There is hardly any news. Truth? No. At Sugar Girls Madrid we always have new, elegant and beautiful young girls with such amazing attributes that you will have no choice but to succumb to those charms and fall asleep. Take a look at our image gallery and take the opportunity to visit our Barcelona website in case you plan a trip to Barcelona and you want to get the most out of it.

Life awaits you …

New Escorts in Sugar Girls Madrid

Check out the irresistible news of our escort agency.

Pleasure is in variety, and we know that our clientele is demanding. Novelty is important in a luxury escort agency: many gentlemen prefer seeing their favorite girls again, with whom they know they can enjoy unbeatable quality sex and passion, but a large majority cannot resist the temptation of the arrival of a new luxury companion. The temptation of a new and unknown woman … is an impulse that very few men can ignore. It is an uncertainty and a temptation that arouses great desires in male sex.

At Sugar Girls Madrid, we welcome new escorts practically every week. Sometimes, these are young ladies who are part of the Barcelona team and decide to travel to the capital to meet new men and change of scenery in an exciting adventure. Others are companions who live in Madrid and want to take the opportunity to join one of the best escort agencies in Spain.

If you want to be 100% up to date with the new escorts who come to our agency willing to drive men crazy in Madrid, we made it very easy for you. You just have to call us, take a look at our website, which we always keep updated with recent photos and without digital tweaks, so you can see that what you are going to select is fair and exactly what you will see when you open the door. Welcome to one of the best sexual experiences of your life and meet our overwhelming luxury escorts. You won’t find anything like it in any escort agency in Madrid.

Escorts Available 24 Hours in Madrid

Ready to enjoy!

If you have visited our website, you will have seen in numerous sections that Sugar Girls is an escort agency that offers attention 24 hours a day, every day of the week. We are always available, day and night, and we don’t close any day of the year. This detail was important to us because we know that when it comes to private pleasures, it isn’t always possible to organize appointments in time. On many occasions, it is a last minute outburst. Will it be easy for the girl I like to be available? This is the question many gentlemen ask themselves before picking up the phone and calling.

Our answer is: you can challenge us!

Some of our girls, especially Catalan and Spanish escorts, have other occupations that prevent them from being ready 24 hours a day. But the truth is that almost all have a wide and surprising availability. They know how to organize and let us know daily to know when we can count on them and plan their appointments with the most distinguished gentlemen in the city. Our escorts are available for dinners, hotel and apartments visits, parties, whole weekends, trips and quick meetings in our luxury facilities. Some of them settle there for several hours a day and will be waiting for you, hot and sweet, to take care of you and give you everything you want.

You still don’t know us? Call us and surprise yourself!

Putas 24 horas

Your Escorts Wait for You in August

The holiday period has already begun … but the Sugar Girls do not go anywhere!

As the best escort agency in Barcelona, ​​we understand the need to be available to our clients and their schedules. With Sugar Girls everything is fast, easy and accessible. We adapt to your conditions and circumstances and we have a team in charge of managing your appointments effectively and with a lot of discretion. All we want our customers to do is enjoy and forget everything. We take care of the rest.

Sugar Girls Barcelona does not close in August, nor in September, nor in December, nor ever. We have escorts available 24 hours and our lovely managers attend the phone and WhatsApp at any time of the day. Appointments planned in advance are always exquisite (we never tire of repeating it), but impromptu meetings can be just as exciting. With us, you will not be able to say that we were absent, that we did not give up your request and that you lost a while that you had reserved for the most sublime of pleasures because there was no one on the other side of the phone.

During the month of August, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, the Sugar Girls Barcelona team is at your complete and complete disposal. And our beautiful escorts even more. They wait impatiently to relieve this intense heat.

How much do you have to pay for an escort?

One of the greatest questions of the universe of payment pleasures. What is the appropriate rate?

If you have been a regular at luxury escorts for years, congratulations! You are a lucky guy who is sure to have enjoyed a great time for a long time and have meeting amazing and beautiful women. Think that not everyone can say the same. That means that you have also seen many things, not always positive. Although it is a luxury and distinguished sector, there are also problems too in agencies of high-level ladies.

Establishing the appropriate rate is one of them. The concept of luxury has always been unbalanced and this has made many agencies think that they could ask for exorbitant amounts from their clients, who felt they had no choice since paying less means going down in terms of the
beauty of the girls, quality of the services, discretion and elegance of the facilities.

Fortunately, we worked very hard to change just that. We knew that most, if not all, of the luxury escorts who asked for a lot of money for their company were easy to find on other pages for less and even half the money. This is normal: it is not always easy to find gentlemen so naive as to pay 500 euros for an hour with a stranger!

For Sugar Girls, 150 euros is the ideal amount. It is a high figure, but not ridiculous, and it is more accessible. It guarantees to find a distinguished and different escort, relax in our luxury apartment and enjoy the services of an agency that operates with maximum discretion. Remember that the price is paid in exchange for the escort company and that what happens during that meeting is a consensual decision between two adults.

We will wait for you !

Hablar con Putas

What to talk about with an Escort II?

If you are shy and you feel like staying with an escort, you might wonder what to talk about with her? What to tell her? The matter is easier than you think.

The first thing you should understand is that an escort is a normal woman, just like her concerns and her character. You will find fun and open companions and other more reserved. As we always say, they all succeed because the magnitude of personal tastes is something that has no limits. Even really shy escorts have lovers going totally crazy with them.

Most girls are educated and have social skills. Do not expect any uncomfortable tense moment: they are here to accompany you and make you have a fun time. Don’t worry thinking that you must be witty and interesting, all you have to do with a professional is be yourself. Whether you want to laugh out loud or prefer a sensual and quiet evening, the girl of your dreams will adapt to your tastes with skills that will surprise you.

copas con una escort

Just talk to your escort as you would with any girl. You can bring up current issues and check their concerns, ideas and projects. Do not take the conversation to a personal level, asking questions about her identity or asking for information that would identify her. Remember that their intimacy is as valuable as yours and that the escorts are discreet people who deserve the same privacy back, as a reward.

The best of all is that, unlike a woman you want to flirt with and with whom you cannot be too direct,  you can quickly direct the conversation towards the sexual field with an escort. You can tell her how much she turns you on, what you imagine she is wearing under that tight dress, what you want to do with her as soon as you take off your clothes …

Don’t worry too much about the conversation: you can be sure that they will be as fluid and natural as what will happen when you two stop talking.

Latin Escorts in Madrid

It is no secret that Latin escorts are very desired. Want to get to know our hottest luxury escorts better?

Latin American women have a very, very deserved reputation for being hot, passionate and really fantastic in bed. They are extremely sweet and know how to treat men with care and love. Many gentlemen become authentic addicts as soon as they meet one and have a hard time dating women of other nationalities thereafter. They are fascinated for life!

For this reason, Latin escorts are always coveted and claimed. It is impossible to find an escort agency that does not have a majority of Latin American escorts in its gallery. Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Cuba, Mexico, Argentina … Virtually all nationalities of this great continent full of exotic and fiery beauties! Isn’t it as if it were paradise itself?

At Sugar Girls, we cannot tell you where the best escorts are, because they are all wonderful and have something in common: a great passion for this activity, which they perform with real enthusiasm and ardor. What our clients tell us about them (those who want to talk about the subject, since others are very discreet and just enter, enjoy and leave) is that they are incredibly affectionate, sweet and active between the sheets. In addition, another thing that men love is that Latin escorts have very feminine figures, with curves, narrow waists and bulky backs. Who would not turn around onto such figures?

If you want to enjoy the charms and sexual ability of the best Latin escorts in Madrid, call us and discover for yourself the reason why they are so famous.