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In Sugar Girls Barcelona we receive many emails from girls who ask us the million dollar question: what do you have to do to be an escort?

What few men know is that all women have ever thought or fantasized about engaging in luxury prostitution. They know that it is a world full of glamor in which money, gifts, travel, restaurants and luxurious places. What girl does not dream of enjoying the pleasures of life, of the finest things, of the company of high-level gentlemen?

The problem is that many of these women do not even know where to start.


To be an escort en Barcelona, ​​Madrid or any European or world city, the first requirement is to be of legal age and have a nice physique. Beauty helps, but it is not essential, especially if it is not accompanied by personal charm and good character. Instead of Girls we have rejected many beautiful women because they seem too cold or conceited. Do not forget that an escort is providing a service! Like anyone who works for the public, they must have a range of social skills to make a good impression.

Clothes are also important. Although the big brands are not indispensable, the escort has to be elegant and have a good collection of quality dresses, sandals and lingerie.

If you do not have financial means and do not have the right clothes, the escort agency will arrange to provide you with the right clothes. We advise you to use the compensation of your first service to make a fashion investment. Your image represents you!


The next thing you should understand is that an escort has to be a discreet and reserved woman. Remember that it is a world of mystery in which privacy is the number one rule, both for girls and for clients. Respect the anonymity of others and protect yours. Don’t get gossip about your partners or about the other men you meet. Save every information they give you as if it were a treasure that you cannot share with anyone. That will be the best way to gain the confidence of the gentlemen who choose you as a luxury companion, since the last thing they want is to be with a woman who talks more about the account.

In Sugar Girls Barcelona we advise you to keep your personal information with the same suspicion. A trusted agency will want to know who you are for legal reasons; It is normal, but never give personal information to escorts with whom you do not have confidence, or tell your clients real name.

Who knows? You may dedicate yourself to this for a long time, as long as you are happy and enjoy. But one day you may want to disappear without a trace, so the less the others know about you, the better is.


To work as an escort in Barcelona or anywhere else, it is not necessary to make love as a pornstar. Not all men want intense and wild service with practices like those seen in movies. These types of clients usually choose escorts that offer what is known in the sector as pornstar experience. These companions, in addition to beautiful and elegant, have sex as a porn actress, with risque conversations, facial cumshots, erotic toys or squirting. If you like it, great: you will have many clients and you will have a great time with them, but it is not a norm to be an escort.

The most common is to offer a girlfriend experience.The name clearly reflects its meaning: it consists in making love as you would with your partner. Intense kisses, caresses, sweetness, sensuality, looks, masturbation, oral sex … we don’t need to explain it to you! The more skills you have and the more sensual you are, the more addicted all your clients will be to you. And getting men to repeat with me will lay the foundation for your success in this sector.

We advise you to read a good book about sex or spend some time each day watching porn movies. You will stay with gestures, looks and skills that will be very useful to be the best escort in the city.>

quiero ser una escort

If you are beautiful, you have class and you are of good character, Sugar Girls Barcelona ​​we will be happy to meet you. To contact the agency, simply call us or fill out the form of our casting section, with your contact information and some recent photos.

Do you want to be a sugar girl? Then we are waiting for you!

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