Escort’s boobs

The boobs of the escorts is very important characteristic when we talk about sex and pleasure. But you will be surprised when you will know the tastes of our customers … The boobs are an erogenous zone of the female body to which man, by biological instinct, is attracted in an irresistible way. That’s why women are very focus on their appearance, whether models or sex professionals, need to call attention to them to convey beauty and sensuality. Within that logical norm, there are obvious distinctions that we have to do …

Super Busty Escorts

The most usual is that a woman who is dedicated to providing sexual services has desirable boobs. All the agencies have one or more girls with a bra size of 100 or 120: they are those escorts with immense breasts with which most men want to be at least once. They are escorts that really awaken intense sexual desires and that make men turn on. The guys became so crazy and they will request for special practices such as “the Cuban” , which consists in masturbating the penis by placing it between the boobs of the woman.

In fact, the Cuban is something that the escorts of big boobs perform in each service, since the client, naturally, can not avoid requesting it …

The escorts with big boobs, are spectacular and attract a lot of attention. This is a big advantage for them, but can also be a big disadvantage when it comes to dinner services, business travel, GFE, escorting in the city… No matter how elegant and beautiful she will be, their amazing boobs will attract everyone , but the client is looking for a discreet woman that will draws less attention.

Escorts with fake boobs

Whether big or small, there is a condition for an escort’s breasts to please their clients: They have to be firm and beautiful ! Then , fallen breasts, with stretch marks or with the typical defects that appear after a woman suckles are a disadvantage to succeed as an escort. Some clients may not mind, but others will notice it. That is why it is also normal for escorts to do a set-up and undergo some cosmetic surgery to lift them and increase their beauty after having been mothers or losing weight.

They all want to be perfect and attractive to you !

Small Boobs Escorts

The escorts with small boobs have also no problem to succeed in the sector because, contrary to what many people think, they are very requested by our clients. The reason is that many men expect and even ask to be with an escort of natural boobs, because they do not like the touch of the fake ones. It’s very recurrent that a woman is very thin but has very big boobs, which is why most of the big tits escorts have undergone surgery.

As with nationality, hair and eyes color or skin tone, each man has his preferences. We have men who want big-breasted whores, and others who prefer a smaller ones .

The only way to satisfy our clients needs is to have a wide variety of escorts available. At Sugar Girls Madrid we have small , medium and big breasted escorts, natural and fake breasted ones, we also have the XXL size that will drive you totally crazy .

And you , what do you prefer?

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