Escorts with the Uncovered Face

You are here because you want to see escorts with uncovered face. Guess what ? We have a good news for you : most of our Sugar Girls are showing their face .

This decision , is something very personal that always depends on the escort. It is her privacy and we do not interfere in any way with that choice.

We should be honest with you , and what we have noticed is the ones that show their face have more chances to be chosen . As we know , the face especially the eyes are the mirror of the soul and is a very important part of the sexual attraction that start from there… How to feel attracted if you don’t see what is more important for you .

Escorts that show their face

Anyway, that does not mean that the escorts that work hiding their face do not work or do not have success with our clients. The girls who did this choice also succeed because of the mystery they aspire . Sometimes, the hidden, that we can not see and what we can only intuit is exciting us because we will do everything to discover it . You’d be surprised how many men are immensely attracted to girls who hide their faces, or who show only their delicious lips.

Everything depends on the fear of the escort to be recognized. Indeed , it is very difficult for a a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”> Spanish escort to show her face. Because anyone can recognize her : colleagues, friends but also relatives.

Escorts sin Cara

Our SugarGirls show their face

If you enter to our escort gallery you will see that many of the girls have the face discovered. We also have others that show it partially, covering their eyes; and others that hide it completely. Each woman is unique and special for us , that’s why we give them the possibility to take the decision to show or not their face. This is will influence their ideas, their convictions but especially their desires . We have asked some of our beautiful escorts that had uncovered face about that choice, and all have admitted that they want to seduce and attract a bigger number of clients. They also want , that the man who has chosen them for an unforgettable sexual moments know exactly how beautiful they are, without any bad surprise. Then, they can go to the meeting feeling more comfortable to seduce and give an unforgettable moment.

Are you interested in escorts with the face uncovered ? With SugarGirls Madrid you will have very big choice.

Hablar con una Escort

Stay with your Escort in a Hotel

Departures to hotels are one of the most requested services in escort agencies. It is very normal for girls to have to go to hotels several times a week.

This fact that seems obvious is one of the most exciting encounters, both for escorts and for their clients. Depending on the chemistry and the place, it can become an unforgettable experience, full of morbidity and desire for both parties.

Imagine it, meet an unknown beautiful, elegant and very sexy, knowing that in a few minutes you will both be without clothes, enjoying each other’s bodies.


But not everything is roses and wine! Many of our clients do not have enough time to delight in the charms of our company ladies. They only have one hour to devote to passion and debauchery, but almost everyone is left with the feeling that they could have squeezed their private date much more with a luxury escort.

The escort will always adapt to your availability. Whether you want an entire night or if you only have one hour against the clock, she will take care of giving you pleasure and taking care of you until you say goodbye to her with a happy smile on her face. It is his occupation … and he loves it! But if you have a little more time … why not turn that hotel outing into an erotic experience that you can never forget?

Recibir a una Escort en mi Hotel

Some clients really enjoy the art of seduction. Although they know that the escort will end in their beds, they like to create a warm and sensual atmosphere with a couple of glasses of champagne, low light and a good conversation. Our girls are intelligent and some of them have even traveled all over the world, collecting experiences that they can now use to be the best high-class escorts in Barcelona. There will be no topic that they do not know how to talk about and they will live up to any conversation, however complicated. Others are specialists in listening to others, finding their weak points and making men feel as if they were the center of the universe.

Be careful with escorts: they are really addictive. You will have the feeling of being with an incredible woman that meets all the characteristics of the ideal girl. Beauty, abundant charm, sympathy, intelligence and availability for both of you to have a great time in privacy. What more could you want?


Our agency is available every day of the year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We never close and you will always find us, day and night. We have a wide gallery of escorts so you can choose the woman of your dreams: Latin, Catalan, blonde, brunette, tanned or snow-white skinned girls, eighteen-year-old escorts or over thirty… The variety of escorts that Sugar Girls offers is spectacular and aims to adapt to the tastes of all our customers. So no matter what time you want to call a luxury escort to come to your hotel: there will always be a perfect escort for you, waiting for you and more than willing to have a hottest date with you.

Don’t forget that our girls are extremely discreet. No one in your hotel will know that you have hired the services of an escort. In Sugar Girls we are specialists in that your private desires remain strictly in your privacy.

Take a look at our website, choose, fantasize, pick up the phone and let yourself be seduced. You will not regret.

Escorts con la Cara Descubierta

Escorts that show their face

Something that all men want: to see the escorts with their faces uncovered. What does it depend on girls to decide that option?

It is the great dilemma of any girl who starts working as an escort in Barcelona. Show her face in photographs or hide it?


The pages of luxury escorts have always been characterized by having really spectacular photographs of women with a blurred circle hiding the most important thing: their faces. That was something understandable and even necessary. Escorts do not want to expose themselves to the prejudices and consequences they may suffer if their family and friends discover that they are engaged in this activity.

The strictest escorts for privacy are national. In this case, getting Spanish or catalanas escorts that show their face openly on the internet is practically impossible. The reason is that they are the most exposed to problems and the ones that are most likely to be discovered. The network is a huge place with no limit; Once something is uploaded, it is practically impossible to erase your trail permanently and forever.

On the other hand, there are escorts that don’t give so much importance to negativity. They know they can be discovered, but they are also aware that the chances of that happening are minimal. Therefore, they prefer to take the risk and make the most of their decision to engage in high-level private services.

Fotos de Escorts Mostrando la Cara

Over the years, the tendency to hide the face has been disappearing. Barcelona escorts have followed the example of girls from cities like London, where the vast majority of high-class escorts must show their face if they want to work. The reason is that clients are demanding and do not want to risk hiring a woman’s services without even knowing what her face is like. This is understandable, since most of the attractiveness of a person resides in the face.

It is the first thing we see when we meet someone and what makes us decide if we like that person or not. Why would it be different in a business where physical attraction is the main requirement?


If you know our agency Sugar Girls Barcelona, ​​you will know that most of our girls show their face openly. That is a personal decision they make to increase the number of customers who are attracted to them. And that works. That is the reality: the escorts that are shown with the bare face make the task of choosing from the gentlemen much easier and faster. They feel an immediate desire and decide without further ado.

That does not mean that the escorts that hide your face are not successful. There are men who feel more intrigued by the discreet companions with their image. Others trust our criteria and decide thanks to the detailed description we make of the girls’ face. With trusted clients, we have the option to show the pictures of the escorts that appear on the web with their faces covered, with the consent of our girls and in our private facilities. Precisely, you also have the option to stop by our luxury apartment! There are many escorts available who do not want their photographs to be on the net. What better way to check if you want the girl and there is intense chemistry between the two?

Posting photos with their discovered face discovered on the internet is a very personal decision and the last word is always for the escorts. But as always, in Sugar Girls Barcelona we offer you all the options, even in a matter as peculiar as this.

Las Mejores Putas de Barcelona - Sugar Girls

Spend All Night with an Escort

One of the services most requested by the clients of Sugar Girls Barcelona is the one that consists of spending the whole night with an escort, from dinner time to dawn. Does the idea tempt you?


The idea is wonderful. Sometimes, an hour-long meeting knows little. Think about it: you miss part of the ritual of exchanging pleasure with another person. There is not much time for flirting, nor for exchanging glances, nor for gestures that are a promise of what will happen next. You will only have a few minutes to enjoy the body of your beautiful escort. And if you want to repeat and time is up, you will have to leave it for another day.

With a full night service, you will feel that you are living a seduction scene like the one seen in the movies. It will be a perfect night of dinner, laughter, complicity and lots of sex … and without the need to watch the clock.

There is also another profile regarding the full night service. It is the client who wants a march evening, a crazy party without stopping. In that case, it all starts with a dinner or a little later. The lucky man who has called Sugar Girls and his escort are going to have drinks, dance and listen to music, and then go to the hotel or to our spectacular luxury facilities in the center of Barcelona to continue with a type of party much more funny…

Toda la Noche con una Escort


As always, there are escorts specialists in both services. If you want a night of passion and romanticism, our expert girls in Girlfriend Experience will turn the full night service into one of the best memories of your life. They are girls who know perfectly how to reproduce the process of seduction that is normally lived with a partner. With them, you will feel that you are with a partner or with a possible partner, without thinking at any time that it is a service that you have hired. It’s that simple and that natural.

Some of our clients are more capricious and ask for fictional representations with the escort, in which the girl has to get to the bar of a hotel disguised as an executive, pretend she does not know him, impersonate a spy or a fatal woman … You would be surprised the number of fantasies that can come true with an escort. And our girls love getting into that kind of paper, of course.

For a night out, we have sociable escorts, full of energy and addicted to fun that will make our client have such a good time that he does not want the night to end. They are girls who love to party and who know the best places in Barcelona for an evening of fun without limits. They will endure what you throw at them and they will be full until you get tired.

As always, discretion is guaranteed, especially when it comes to going out in public. Your escort will be the prettiest and most elegant woman in the disco, but nobody will have a way of knowing that she is a true professional.

Catalan escorts, where to find them?

We know you are going crazy about Catalan escorts. But where can you find them?

If it is already difficult to find Spanish escorts, it is much more difficult for an agency to have Catalan luxury escorts. The reason is simple: the circle is much smaller and the chances of meeting someone you know are high. That is something that worries many women in Barcelona, ​​Lleida, Tarragona and Girona who dream of becoming a high level escort but do not want their surroundings to know what they do. What if they stumble upon someone who can put them in evidence? The matter is even more complicated for the people of Barcelona, ​​since all the important escort agencies are in the city.


The economic crisis made the number of Catalan girls dedicated to luxury escort services increase. Very requested when considered as something special and exclusive, Catalan escorts were, for the most part, university students seeking financial support to finish their studies. All found in this sector an exceptional opportunity to increase their income privately and discreetly, and without anyone knowing. Not only that, but working as an escort allowed them to choose the most interesting schedule for them and that would not affect their classes. The freedom to choose was total.

Today, we can say that it is not so difficult to find Catalan escorts. And it’s not just about students, as before. We have young people from Barcelona with normal jobs, successful careers or married looking for some extra fun … It is a much broader profile and less economically needed than a few years ago.

Many Catalan escorts feel an irresistible pleasure with this double life to which they soon become addicted. As everyone tells us, it is a simple, fun and untethered world.


One of the advantages of enjoying the charms of a beautiful Catalan escort is the closeness and complicity. You will never get along as well with anyone as with a person who is from the same place as you. You can discuss the current political situation, speak in Catalan, or share experiences and memories. If you are from another city of Spain and you are morbid to have a warm encounter with a Catalan escort, one of our girls will be your perfect hostess in Barcelona, ​​giving you a welcome that you can never forget.

What happens on your part will depend only on you, but on the part of the girl, you can be clear that your discretion is guaranteed. Catalan escorts take special care of their image and reputation. For that reason, it is extremely rare that they show their face in the photos, a decision that you must understand and respect. Without privacy, they will not be able to surrender to this activity with the necessary joy and carelessness …

Many foreign clients request Catalan escorts to take them to the best places in Barcelona, ​​the secrets of a city that you can only know if you have had the privilege of being born in it. In that, there is no escort better than a Catalan, who will know exactly what to do with you so that our city is engraved in your mind as one of the best memories of your life.

Our Catalan escorts are authentic, they are: pretty, elegant, accommodating and with an incomparable charm. We have several ones at your disposal, from different ages physical prototypes. With love, sweetness and all the implication you deserve. This will ensure that you return to Sugar Girls Barcelona again and again.

Do you dare to meet our spectacular Catalan escorts?

Escort’s boobs

The boobs of the escorts is very important characteristic when we talk about sex and pleasure. But you will be surprised when you will know the tastes of our customers … The boobs are an erogenous zone of the female body to which man, by biological instinct, is attracted in an irresistible way. That’s why women are very focus on their appearance, whether models or sex professionals, need to call attention to them to convey beauty and sensuality. Within that logical norm, there are obvious distinctions that we have to do …

Super Busty Escorts

The most usual is that a woman who is dedicated to providing sexual services has desirable boobs. All the agencies have one or more girls with a bra size of 100 or 120: they are those escorts with immense breasts with which most men want to be at least once. They are escorts that really awaken intense sexual desires and that make men turn on. The guys became so crazy and they will request for special practices such as “the Cuban” , which consists in masturbating the penis by placing it between the boobs of the woman.

In fact, the Cuban is something that the escorts of big boobs perform in each service, since the client, naturally, can not avoid requesting it …

The escorts with big boobs, are spectacular and attract a lot of attention. This is a big advantage for them, but can also be a big disadvantage when it comes to dinner services, business travel, GFE, escorting in the city… No matter how elegant and beautiful she will be, their amazing boobs will attract everyone , but the client is looking for a discreet woman that will draws less attention.

Escorts with fake boobs

Whether big or small, there is a condition for an escort’s breasts to please their clients: They have to be firm and beautiful ! Then , fallen breasts, with stretch marks or with the typical defects that appear after a woman suckles are a disadvantage to succeed as an escort. Some clients may not mind, but others will notice it. That is why it is also normal for escorts to do a set-up and undergo some cosmetic surgery to lift them and increase their beauty after having been mothers or losing weight.

They all want to be perfect and attractive to you !

Small Boobs Escorts

The escorts with small boobs have also no problem to succeed in the sector because, contrary to what many people think, they are very requested by our clients. The reason is that many men expect and even ask to be with an escort of natural boobs, because they do not like the touch of the fake ones. It’s very recurrent that a woman is very thin but has very big boobs, which is why most of the big tits escorts have undergone surgery.

As with nationality, hair and eyes color or skin tone, each man has his preferences. We have men who want big-breasted whores, and others who prefer a smaller ones .

The only way to satisfy our clients needs is to have a wide variety of escorts available. At Sugar Girls Madrid we have small , medium and big breasted escorts, natural and fake breasted ones, we also have the XXL size that will drive you totally crazy .

And you , what do you prefer?

I want to be an Escort

In Sugar Girls Barcelona we receive many emails from girls who ask us the million dollar question: what do you have to do to be an escort?

What few men know is that all women have ever thought or fantasized about engaging in luxury prostitution. They know that it is a world full of glamor in which money, gifts, travel, restaurants and luxurious places. What girl does not dream of enjoying the pleasures of life, of the finest things, of the company of high-level gentlemen?

The problem is that many of these women do not even know where to start.


To be an escort en Barcelona, ​​Madrid or any European or world city, the first requirement is to be of legal age and have a nice physique. Beauty helps, but it is not essential, especially if it is not accompanied by personal charm and good character. Instead of Girls we have rejected many beautiful women because they seem too cold or conceited. Do not forget that an escort is providing a service! Like anyone who works for the public, they must have a range of social skills to make a good impression.

Clothes are also important. Although the big brands are not indispensable, the escort has to be elegant and have a good collection of quality dresses, sandals and lingerie.

If you do not have financial means and do not have the right clothes, the escort agency will arrange to provide you with the right clothes. We advise you to use the compensation of your first service to make a fashion investment. Your image represents you!


The next thing you should understand is that an escort has to be a discreet and reserved woman. Remember that it is a world of mystery in which privacy is the number one rule, both for girls and for clients. Respect the anonymity of others and protect yours. Don’t get gossip about your partners or about the other men you meet. Save every information they give you as if it were a treasure that you cannot share with anyone. That will be the best way to gain the confidence of the gentlemen who choose you as a luxury companion, since the last thing they want is to be with a woman who talks more about the account.

In Sugar Girls Barcelona we advise you to keep your personal information with the same suspicion. A trusted agency will want to know who you are for legal reasons; It is normal, but never give personal information to escorts with whom you do not have confidence, or tell your clients real name.

Who knows? You may dedicate yourself to this for a long time, as long as you are happy and enjoy. But one day you may want to disappear without a trace, so the less the others know about you, the better is.


To work as an escort in Barcelona or anywhere else, it is not necessary to make love as a pornstar. Not all men want intense and wild service with practices like those seen in movies. These types of clients usually choose escorts that offer what is known in the sector as pornstar experience. These companions, in addition to beautiful and elegant, have sex as a porn actress, with risque conversations, facial cumshots, erotic toys or squirting. If you like it, great: you will have many clients and you will have a great time with them, but it is not a norm to be an escort.

The most common is to offer a girlfriend experience.The name clearly reflects its meaning: it consists in making love as you would with your partner. Intense kisses, caresses, sweetness, sensuality, looks, masturbation, oral sex … we don’t need to explain it to you! The more skills you have and the more sensual you are, the more addicted all your clients will be to you. And getting men to repeat with me will lay the foundation for your success in this sector.

We advise you to read a good book about sex or spend some time each day watching porn movies. You will stay with gestures, looks and skills that will be very useful to be the best escort in the city.>

quiero ser una escort

If you are beautiful, you have class and you are of good character, Sugar Girls Barcelona ​​we will be happy to meet you. To contact the agency, simply call us or fill out the form of our casting section, with your contact information and some recent photos.

Do you want to be a sugar girl? Then we are waiting for you!

The Best Escorts in Madrid

Our Sugar Girls are the best escorts in Madrid, because we make sure to meet them in person through our selection system: they are beautiful, hot and intelligent..

At Sugar Girls Madrid we are always delighted to incorporate new luxurious escorts that fit our requirements. We are looking for women with availability, attractiveness, personal charm, social skills, sensuality , with a lot of desire and envy. For us it is very important not to lower our guard and maintain our quality standards, those standards that have consolidated us as the best escort agency in Madrid and Barcelona.

Let us explain you why our escorts are the best in Madrid.

Our escorts in Madrid

Youth, beauty, sensuality.. these are some of the characteristics that represent our beautiful girls. All are unique and have their own weapons to charm and turn crazy their clients. That is their goal, there is always a competition between our girls but it is very healthy and stimulating one. We do not like pussy fights ! Our rates, are the most competitive in the current market, that allow us to have a better and large clientele. We also have a large choice of escort :

We have adorable young escorts in Madrid, between eighteen and nineteen years old, to offer an experience of incomparable sweetness and sensuality.

-Our escorts are coming from all over the world : from Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Venezuela …

-All our girls are very attractive physically , they take care of their beauty and body with a healthy diet and physical exercise. We invest a lot in them ! Although being honest, most do not even need it.

-To be the best escorts in Madrid, availability is paramount. The agenda of our girls allows us to be at your service every day of the week, 24 hours a day. We never close and we are always available to you. Our luxury escorts have different schedules, although they are flexible and can be adapted to the time that best suits you.

-The Sugar Girls Madrid escorts offer an incomparable service of sensuality and fun. They are skilled in the arts of love and each one has its special touch that will fit perfectly with what you are looking for. Do you want to make love as if you were with a porn actress? Do you prefer an experience similar to what you would have with a girlfriend? Do you fancy a threesome with two escorts or do you die to see a real lesbian duo? Everything you need, Sugar Girls Madrid will provide it to you . And without deception, lies or the false promises so common in this sector.

Still have doubts about why our girls are the best escorts in Madrid ? Then , we challenge you to take a look at their photos without getting horny…

Sex in Madrid: Do not complicate the situation and Call an Escort

Ok, you want sex in Madrid ? You are on vacation, on a business trip and you want to enjoy in our beautiful capital. We advise you to save time and call directly a Sugar Girl. Let us explain you why …

Having sex with an escort it’s easier

All men love sex and to get it, they lose their minds and a lot of time. And as we say : “It’s always better and easier with an escort”. That sentence summarizes the upward trend of sexual services provided by professionals.

There is nothing more pleasant, addictive and simple than resorting to an escort. You just have to call, choose the girl of your dreams and accept the conditions. From that moment, she will make your fantasy a delicious reality. And the best part is that you decide who, you decide when and you decide where, you are the only person that decide about everything. At the time that best suits you and in the place of your choice, the woman of your dream will be ready for you … to give you what you are looking for : an unforgettable sexual moment.

Having sex with an escort is very pleasant

Not all women can or have the possibility to work as an escort. The glamorous and luxurious escorts’ life , make many girls believe that they can dedicate themselves to high level accompaniment services. But, it is not the case, to be a luxury escort it is necessary to have social and sexual skills, that not everyone has. The charm is necessary, but sexual attractiveness is essential. That does not mean that escorts don’t behave like porn stars in bed , but it is not necessary either. There are also a lot of men that want the girlfriend experience which is symbolised by fun , complicity, love, sensuality, massage, caresses , kisses… All this with a beautiful and elegant woman who will only seek your pleasure and happiness. She will present you the heaven itself !

Sex with an escort is pleasurable

With an escort there are no dramas, problems, cries or bad faces, as unfortunately happens with most of the couple. A luxury escort is a woman who is at your disposal to make you happy and to give you everything you need. Escorts are professionals who can not and do not want to bother you with their concerns. It is a sexual relationship based on respect and attraction, but in which you are the king and the only person who take the decisions.

They perfectly know how to start a conversation, entertain and make you spend a relaxed and an unforgettable moment. With a professional you will have a great time in and out of bed, because they are lovely, irresistible and passionate women. That’s why they became escorts!

Having sex with an escort is not expensive

Sugar Girls Madrid is a very successful agency that was born with the idea of ​​ending the absurd prices of Spanish escort agencies. We wanted to end those 400 and 600 euros tariffs that did not fit what the client expected from those meetings. We knew that it was possible and necessary to enjoy the services of a beautiful, elegant and pleasant escort without the need to pay ridiculous amounts and we set out to change the market. And we finally got it and succeed !

At Sugar Girls, the fee is 150 euros, which is very affordable and reasonable price comparing to the quality of the service. An hour in which you will be able to touch the sky with your hands. Do you still thinking that calling an escort agency is not the best way to get the best sex in Madrid?

Return to the Routine, Return to the Arms of Your Escort

The holidays are over! Christmas is over and the time has come to return to the routine, to work, to boredom … but it is also the time to return to the maximum pleasure between the arms of your beautiful escort, the one that you have not seen for a while.


It is in the month of January when we propose new goals, objectives and dreams. The most common are losing weight and stop smoking.This is normal after a time of excess such as Christmas, with a multitude of meals, whims and alcohol. We all overdo it with the excuse of the celebrations and we are very sorry to end the holidays. Touch to go back to the gym and go on a diet.

The bad thing is that the return to work is very depressing for the population, and that return to the routine makes us soon leave aside the motivation, essential to achieve what we propose.

Our beautiful escorts have also returned to Sugar Girls after a few days pretending to be good girls with their families. They have been very bored and are looking forward to meeting their lovers again … Those who are from Latin America or Eastern Europe have been in their countries for a few days but have already returned to give themselves to their favorite activity: be the best companions of luxury of Barcelona! After the break, they could not stand another minute without the caresses of their favorite lovers.

Take a look at our website, delight yourself thinking about the spectacular woman you will soon have in bed and dream, fantasize about what you are going to do with her. Imagine the sexy lingerie you are going to wear, a lingerie that has bought especially for you. Think about what you are going to do with your hands and your tongue and savor the image of what she is going to do with you …

If you are shy and do not like to ask for what you want, but you prefer that your girl get ahead of your desires, talk a little with our managers and tell them what you expect from your encounter with your favorite escort. If they are tongue kisses, massages, an intimate and sweet girlfriend experience you know what it is, our girls will give it to you.

They are waiting for you. Do you dare to start the new year in a big way? With Sugar Girls you will welcome 2019 in the best way …

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the entire Sugar Girls Barcelona team! This has been a very intense year for us. First, we have opened our spectacular luxury facilities in the center of Barcelona, ​​after many months looking for the right place for our clients to enjoy their private meetings with our beautiful escorts with the privacy and discretion that the situation requires.


It was not easy, but we got it, thanks to the dedication and passion with which we like to achieve all our goals.

Second, we have managed to consolidate in Madrid, a market that we wanted to change just as we managed to change the one in Barcelona. We wanted to offer beautiful and elegant luxury escorts at competitive prices, so that nobody was left without the opportunity to enjoy the charms of the best professionals in the sector. We are very proud of the level of our girls and the success of our agency, and we wanted to have the same in the capital. The era of luxury escort agencies and their absurd prices is over!

This 2019 will be loaded with news, beautiful girls, sex and a lot of fantasy. Sugar Girls Barcelona wishes you a year full of success in which you can achieve all your goals and continue to have a great time with our escorts. They await you …

Happy 2019!

An Escort, your Best Christmas Gift

Christmas is coming, a time of generosity, love and lots of gifts for yours. But why don’t you think about your gift, the one you deserve so much? You have been working for many months and you deserve it. Yes, your best Christmas gift is an escort.

Sugar Girls Barcelona is an agency that adapts to the needs of its clientele. We know that, when it comes to forbidden pleasures, not everyone can organize in advance. Sometimes, appointments depend on last-minute gaps, the unexpected freedom that comes when we least expect it … That’s why we have girls available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Many of Our escorts take advantage of the holidays to travel to their countries. Latin American and Caribbean women are used to spending Christmas with little clothes and high temperatures. They miss their families and even the lovers they left behind to have a great time with solvent gentlemen and willing to pay for the pleasure of their companies in Spain. But they all need the warmth of home when these dates approach and return for a few days. Thus, then they return with the batteries charged and looking for an even better heat, that of the men who die for their charms and their erotic abilities.

Spanish escorts andCatalan escorts have more availability. «They meet» with their families on Christmas Eve and the rest of the days are waiting for the phone, waiting for our call. After a few hours pretending to be good girls with their loved ones, they are wishing to take off their mask, take out the nymphomaniacs they have inside and return to their favorite activity: give and receive pleasure from complete strangers.

Others have found in their clients true lovers and friends with whom they have a close relationship. Without love, because it is not a good idea that there is love between an escort and a client, but with a lot of affection, passion and chemistry in bed. Every Christmas, these escorts receive bouquets of flowers, chocolates and perfumes from those loyal customers who are crazy about them and always repeat.

Russian and Eastern European escorts celebrate the Orthodox Christmas that takes place on January 7. For them, the week of December 22 to 30 means nothing special.


How about you? We have no idea what your availability is, but we know that you have more free time to devote to the activity you like most of all your leisure moments. Your escorts are here, they are waiting for you. Make yourself the best Christmas gift of your life and book an unforgettable time with a beautiful, elegant, intelligent and passionate woman. A woman who will treat you like a king and won’t let you go until you have been 100% satisfied.

Those are our Sugar girls. Call us, they are available to you. Also at Christmas.

Famous Escorts : Myth or Reality ?

One of the things that differentiated the escort agencies of Madrid from the agencies of the rest of Spain was the availability of celebrities who were also dedicated to this activity. Is it still the case ? Is it possible to be with a celebrity by paying or it is only an idyle to attract new client ?

Famous escorts

We all remember these reports talking about the spanish celebrities that offer their services as escort . Even if the majority were not that famous and since there this topic became very famous . These women were on the covers of the best magazines, attended to the best gala or parties and mostly have been with powerful men. According to the managers of these escort agencies, any man could have these girls , for a while, in exchange for a big number .

There were famous escorts and the public had no trouble deciphering the clues that were given to identify some of them.

The scandal was disastrous for those agencies but especially for these women . The famous ones , available in those famous magazines disappeared from the sector, because the agencies , had violated the first and most important rule : which is the absolute discretion. That happens because they had no previous filter and even without verifying the client in front of them, who was in reality a journalist , that presented himself as an entrepreneur.

Those videos also made clear the scam existing in these agencies, which is about the exorbitant prices. It was also very common that after taking the appointment with these celebrities, coincidentally, were no longer available when the client came. The gentleman, who had already made plans to have a good time with a famous woman , ended up accepting the “change” by a commun escort, beautiful, but that was not what he asked for.

And now ? Is it still possible to have relationships with a famous woman by paying ? The answer is yes, although circumstances have changed. Now, Instagram is the biggest exposure tool and that many women use to get more clients. The celebrities that men want nowadays are the girls with millions of followers on social networks.

We will confess you a secret : many escorts decide to use Instagram to become more famous and raise their notoriety inside their work . And we will confess you another one : some of our girls have they number of followers that increase each day a bit more , with almost more than 100,000 followers.

Discretion is the only thing that matters in this business, therefore, it is important that the agencies respect the identity of the escorts and do not talk about them with any client . And not presenting the celebrities to any man who push the door. Remember that agencies that do not respect the privacy of their escorts will not respect yours either.

Then , it is possible to find famous escorts? It may be expensive at the beginning , but with constancy, you will finish by reach one of them…

Do we have to be very pretty to work as an escort?

One of the ideas that people have when they think of escorts is that they must be very beautiful. This is not entirely true. Beauty is important because it attracts attention, but in reality, what matters most is the attractiveness of companions.

Men who have never been with a luxury escort think that all girls who do it look like models. They think of a great whore dressed in high heels, 180 and red lips. It’s a cliché that has nothing to do with reality. The world of escorts adapts to the universal norm of the masculine palate: every man loves a type of woman. There are tastes for everything. When it comes to paying for a woman’s business, it’s exactly the same thing.

As an agency of luxury escorts, we can tell you that most customers have a predilection for very young girls. Others feel more comfortable with young escorts, but not so much, and prefer women of twenty-seven or twenty-eight. Then there are those who lose their heads for women over the age of forty, although they are less numerous. There are even real fanatical escorts, with huge breasts, huge insides and thighs.

Why not? With pleasure, there are no limits … We assume that it is the same as in any commercial sector. There will be colors that sell a lot more than others, but that does not mean that stores can do without other less salable tones.

If you are a girl who is thinking about working as an escort in Barcelona and you wonder if you need to be incredibly beautiful to succeed, the answer is: not necessarily. Being beautiful will open many doors, but the most important thing to be an excellent luxury companion is to be attractive. You don’t have to have a perfect body or a model face. Clients will appreciate your personal charm, an impeccable arrangement, your clothes, the perfume you use and your way of presenting yourself to others. You can be clear that there are escorts of impressive beauty that are not very successful because men find them boring, cold and little involved in intimacy.

We can even say that many flee especially from that kind of young lady because her experience with gorgeous escorts is very bad.

Beauty engages, arouses desire and causes excitement, but we like more the inner beauty that radiates thanks to the security in oneself and the personality of our escorts, who are beautiful, it is true, but they have other impressive qualities besides of beauty In Sugar Girls Barcelona we know perfectly what is the profile of each one of our girls thanks to the casting and the personal interview that we do before they start collaborating with us. In our agency there are no loose ends! We know all our beautiful luxury escorts very well.

Luxury Escorts at Economic Prices

You’re not a big lover of saunas, road or streap clubs. The appearance of street prostitutes does not convince you , you also value the hygiene and the education of a woman . You want to experiment the charms of an erotical , pleasurable and beautiful escort but your economy dont allow you. What is the solution? SugarGirls was born in Barcelona with the aim of ending the abusive prices of the luxury escort sector. It seemed like a joke to pay 400, 600 and even 1000 euros for an hour with a young lady . But these agencies had created a kind of monopoly that push clients to pay this amount. Because they think that with a lower price the conditions and the girl will be very disappointing. It was very important fight for us to stop this calomnia , then we decide to establish the most competitive rate in the market ,which is 150 euros per hour.

Our escorts are sweet, beautiful, sensual and great lovers. They will treat you like a king , you will be her only preoccupation. With this established rate we avoid problems, we leave things clear and our girls are more satisfied because they have more clients. In addition ,150 euros is a sufficient to create a certain filter with the gentlemen who come to our facilities and know that they are all distinguished men, with little free time, educated and attentive, who want to spend a sensational time of pleasure with a beautiful woman. If you want to be with a luxury escort but you think you can not afford it, thanks to the agency Sugar Girls Madrid, you can make your dream come true. We have the best luxury escorts with the most affordable prices. We will wait for you!

Bisexual Escorts … For real!

A trio with two escorts is one of the “special” services most requested by our clients. They reserve it as soon as they can or for a special occasion, even as a birthday gift! But that the experience is a success, only makes a single requirement: that the escorts are bisexual.


What man does not go mad at the idea of ​​making love with two women at the same time? It is the great male sexual fantasy. They say that the man who doesn’t do it is because he can’t. Either your partner is not willing, or you have no way of finding two women who want to sleep with him at the same time, or you have no means to use the easiest and most satisfactory route: hire the services of two professionals.

But even with professionals, the trio can be a real fiasco. The big complaint of the clients who want a duplex with two escorts is that it shows that the girls are pretending. Let’s not fool ourselves, there is nothing worse for a man than being with a woman who simulate. Imagine if there are two who are simulating!


The only way to avoid that disaster is to rely on the services of an escort agency that has genuinely bisexual girls. Many agencies make the mistake of thinking that all the ladies can make a lesbian duo, but it’s not true. The result is rare and artificial, and customers realize that they are facing a total “fake.” There are even cases in which girls pretend they are making love to each other, without being true. They cover their faces with their hair and instead of practicing authentic oral sex with their partner, they pretend to do it kissing the English, and so on. Imagine the face of the customer who has paid for a special service that, in reality, is not getting it.

At SSugar Girls Barcelona, ​​we have several girls who are really bisexual. When a client wants a threesome, we recommend the most appropriate escorts according to their wishes. Some are authentic beasts that devour each other as if there were no tomorrow. This service is more raw, wild or whatever you want to call it. Other clients want a more sensual trio, in which the girls make love, but in a romantic and gentle way. A girlfriend experience applied to a threesome.

Seal whatever your choice, you’ll love it. If you want a spectacular trio with two beautiful escorts, Sugar Girls is your guarantee of success. That is why we have established ourselves as the best escort agency in Barcelona, ​​because we give our clients exactly what they ask for.

The Sweetness of a Loving Escort

What man does not yearn to enjoy the charms and caresses of a beautiful woman? When it comes to the paid sex sector, the situation is complicated, because there is fear that the service will be cold, or worse, meloso in an artificial way. How to find an affectionate escort?

Kisses, caresses, looks … many escort clients seek a relationship as natural as possible. They do not want to feel that they are receiving a dry service. They want to make love with a pretty woman who knows how to please them and give them what they need. They do not seek a mechanical and emotionless act, and they hate cold and distant professionals.


Unfortunately, the difference is usually in the price. The more economical the service, the less desirable “extras” the escort will give us. Logically, if we have paid 30 euros for a 15-minute encounter, little affection we will receive. And although we reserve an hour, if the girl is part of the medium-low level sector, she will not be willing to sweeten the experience with sweetness and affection. Professionals who charge low amounts tend to get straight to the point, and are unlikely to seek privacy. There are no kisses, no complicity. There is distrust and coldness. They know that they are fast services, and that the client will probably not return. So, why try too hard?



This is so. A high level escort is more versatile, and aware that she has to offer a satisfactory and quality experience, she will be accommodating as part of her job. The quality of the service is much higher, and the difference is not only in the sexual services offered by the high-level companion, but in the details, the appearance … and the attitude. In addition, luxury escorts are usually functional, polite and elegant by nature, so being affectionate is also part of the pack.

Within that logic, there are variants. Each escort has her personality. There are women colder than others. There are sweet escorts, because it is their character, while others are nice, but they remain somewhat more distant.

escort cariñosa puta cariñosa


We will not deny that the cultural difference also has a lot to do with whether an escort is affectionate or not. For example, South American women are much sweeter naturally than Russian women. Eastern European escorts have an undeserved reputation for cold women, which is not exactly true. They are simply less likely to show themselves openly with complete strangers. It is another type of education. So we must take this detail into account when looking for a loving escort.

As always, a high-level agency, which has a good variety of girls available, is the guarantee for success in this mission. In Sugar Girls we have so many escorts, with such different personalities, that we have no doubt that we can provide you with just what you are looking for, be it an affectionate whore, a dominant, a submissive, a woman with character … We have everything for you!

Enjoy your Meetings in Our Facilities

The accommodations are one of the most important details when evaluating the quality of an escort agency. In Sugar Girls Barcelona ​​we knew it. That’s why we do our best to create a little paradise for our customers. Do you want to know more?


Discretion is the number one standard in this sector. It’s normal. Our sex life is unique, private and nobody is interested. Gentlemen who use the services of an escort look for pleasure, beauty and, above all, privacy. It makes them repeat again and again.

This discretion does not just mean hiding this love for family members and friends. Luxury escort clients require that no one with no connection to this activity see their face. That’s why, at Sugar Girls Barcelona, ​​we decided to place our luxury and relaxation facilities in a discreet and spacious office building. This allows our guests to come in and out comfortably, without anyone knowing where they came from or what they did.

When you walk through the door, pleasure, indulgence and eroticism will welcome you warmly.


We all think about sex 24 hours a day. Therefore, Sugar Girls Barcelona never closes its doors. We are available to you 365 days a year, every day of the week. That means that, every time you come, our beautiful escorts will be waiting for you with open arms. We know that it is difficult to choose and that, often, choosing the ideal escort depends on the chemistry and what you feel when you look a woman in the eye for the first time.

To make your choice perfect, we will invite you to a comfortable room where we will serve you a free drink and you can watch an erotic video of our escorts while you wait for our girls to appear. They are very flirtatious and want to be perfect for you, so you may have to wait a few minutes while retouching makeup.


You have the right to see the escorts that are available in our facilities. So, after you’ve made yourself comfortable, maybe when you can no longer desire to take action, our girls will begin to parade before you, one by one. That is what is called presentation. They will all tell you his name and give you two kisses. There will be time for you to ask them for the details of their services.

Then, you will have to choose. Our managers will be there to help you in case you have doubts or to recommend you the best escort according to the whim you have, your tastes or whatever you want at that time.


Once you have chosen, the escort of your dreams and you will go to one of our spectacular luxury suites. We spent months working to offer you maximum comfort, without forgetting a single detail. For us it is important that you feel relaxed in a sensual and intensely erotic environment. We have low light, music … the rest, you and your girl can when you join in a unique and unrepeatable connection. Kisses, caresses, and the best experience of your life.

We love to tell you that you will leave Sugar Girls Barcelona just as you entered. No doubt, happier, satisfied and relaxed, but your outward appearance will remain the same. We have showers in all our suites for you to use once the service is over.





We had a hard time finding the perfect place, but after an arduous search, we made it. We are delighted with our luxury facilities and the opinion of the customers who have visited us is that they are spectacular, comfortable and 100% discreet. Some even assure us that, if they could, they would stay there for hours and hours, without worries and with our spectacular escorts.

If you haven’t visited us yet, what are you waiting for?

The Perfumes of the Escorts

Our escorts are beautiful and know very well how to get ready to get attention and make their clients go crazy. Perfumes are one of their main weapons of seduction. We have talked to them to tell us what their favorites are.


Perfumes are our personal seal. Finding the ideal fragrance is important: that aroma is what will represent us and make others think of us and remember us. It is proven that women never stop spending money on fragrances, whether they are in crisis or not, and perfumes are the best selling cosmetic at Christmas and Valentine’s Day.A perfume is a safe bet.

When it comes to seducing and making love, a woman’s perfume is one of those details that are etched in the mind of man forever. Whether it is good or bad, no man will ever forget the feeling that that perfume awoke inside.

our girls always look for their perfumes in the best fashion brands. Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent are your bets. They prefer to invest in a quality perfume and not buy cheap fragrances, which have more common odors and that also last a sigh on the skin. In order not to overwhelm others with the aroma, they prefer to put a few drops of perfume on the erogenous areas of the body and at the strategic points that perfume houses recommend: behind the ears, on the neckline, on the wrists and on the kneecaps .

All of them are very attentive to the tastes and needs of the gentlemen who visit them, so they also take into account their tastes. Men are attracted to sweet and floral aromas and detest overloaded fragrances, which make older women think. Others say they prefer the natural scent of a woman’s skin, so some of our escorts do not use perfume. As you can see, the theme of perfumes gives for many chapters.

If you are concerned that the fragrance of an escort remains stuck to your body persistently, we remind you that in Sugar Girls Barcelona we have spectacular luxury facilities so you feel at home. After your passionate encounter with the girl of your dreams, you can comfortably shower and leave our agency … as if you had never been there. No one will know where you came from or where you have been. It sounds good No?

I’m in love with an Escort

Wow ! It is a difficult situation, there is no doubt. What started as a series of minor appointments has become a love story. At least, for you!

What do you do when you realize that you are in love with an escort?

Inside an escort’s arms

The luxurious escorts have all the characteristics of the ideal woman. They are beautiful, attractive, sweet, pleasant and have many sexual abilities. Which man does not dream of a girl who meets all these characteristics? It is completely normal to turn totally crazy. If there is an authentic connection, the situation becomes even more complicated. And what’s worse is that many escorts have an emotional intelligence that allows them to handle their customers as puppies.

They are professionals, they want to build a loyal clientele and seducing men became their source of income.

Speaking clearly: a good list of faithful customers (and lovers) of the escort is very lucrative.

Like any man, a client in love will do whatever to please and satisfy his escort . That translates into gifts, tips, extra money, loans, whims …

We also have not to forget that escorts are also women of flesh and blood. They are not immune to the caresses and attentions of an attractive, interesting and chivalrous man. That also happen that feelings wake up from time to time, although they are more adept at maintaining a cool head. When it comes to love, the person who feels the least is the one who has the power.

If you do not want to be that subjected person and have realized that you are already in love with her , the best thing you can do is keep your head cool and be aware that it is very possible that what you are living is a big scam. It is possible that your escort feels appreciation and attraction towards you, but nothing more. Do not forget that for her, the only thing that matter, is money! Stay away from the drama and do not let emotions interfere with such moments of pleasure.

Thanks to the escort agencies, millions of men have the opportunity to enjoy the charms of beautiful and passionate women without any kind of compromise

Why spoiling that privilege with absurd concerns? If you want to stay away from a situation that have nothing good to bring you, we advise you to not get involved emotionally with any particular escort. It is normal that you will feel affection for her , that you also will miss and want to repeat your moments with her . But, try to keep a cool head and keep your distance when you feel that the issue is getting out of control. And there is nothing better to forget a woman than taking refuge in the arms of another one.

With the number of spectacular escorts we have at your disposal at Sugar Girls Madrid it will be easy to forget the woman who is haunting your brain. Enjoy !