The hottest escorts in Madrid.

Our luxury companions are ardent, passionate and naturally addicted to sex. In Sugar Girls Madrid there is no space for theater or fiction: in our luxury escort agency, we know that sex has to be real and the result of authentic desire between two adults who know what they want.

It may be because of the impressive variety of escorts we have. We have Latin American hot women from all corners: sophisticated Argentines, passionate Brazilians, fiery Colombians, sweet Ecuadorians like honey, Chileans dedicated to passion and desire. We have girls from Russia and Ukraine female and with the beauty that has made women from that part of the world famous.

And of course, we have beautiful Spanish escorts who have decided to join this fascinating world, which allows them to have a double life and experience and enjoy more than ever.

Putas Españolas

The best thing is that all that variety of beauty is at your disposal for the most competitive rate in the market: 150 euros per hour. It is not necessary to pay huge amounts of money for a spectacular luxury escort and we have proven it. It is not necessary and that is the reason for our success. For that price, you will have at your disposal a sexual and intimate, warm and unforgettable accompaniment service that you will leave as new.

In Sugar Girls we want to be your whim, your space for evasion and absolute pleasure. We want to be synonymous with joy and fun for you. So, every time you think of the girls in our agency, a smile dances on your lips, that smile that precedes that moment that we already know how it will be. We will wait for you. Or rather, they await you: the hottest escorts in Madrid.

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