Hard Sex With An Escort

Hard sex is intense, overwhelming and very pleasant. Who better than an escort to try it?

We will not discover America if we tell you that men love hard sex. It is known as rough sex and consists of being aggressive, practicing the act with force and with fast and intense movements. It is not exactly the same as sadomasochism or bondage, since it is not necessarily about hitting the other person (with your consent, obviously). Hard sex involves dominating and making love aggressively, with hair pulling, cachetones, wild thrusts, deep throat-like relationships with repetitive movements as if the penis were inside the vagina (fuck throat), pinches …

It is a natural instinct associated with biology and the desire for domination that is part of the masculine nature. Therefore, the most aggressive role is usually acquired by men, although women can also put their grain of sand. Hard sex, very frequently, is practiced equally aggressively by both parties

Escorts para Sexo Duro

Hard sex has a lot to do with what is known as pornstar experience. It is very similar to the type of relationships seen in porn movies, where strong thrusts, throat fucking, slapping and in general, an intense and fun aggressiveness that has the total consent of both parties abound.

Speaking of which: as usual, not all escorts agree with this practice and not all want to perform hard sex. Many prefer to have a passionate and affectionate encounter, but without aggressiveness. We advise you, if you are fond of hard sex and you love feeling like a real porn actor with your girl, let him know beforehand so that the escort does not get a scare and you do not waste your time.

If you are looking for an escort to do hard sex, we have great news: in Sugar Girls Madrid we have girls who love that practice and who are perfect to perform the act in the wildest way you can use. Call us and you can use them as you want … they are looking forward to it!

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