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What to talk to with an Escort I?

Not all men want to have sex just start the date with an escort. What to talk to a professional?

It may seem an awkward moment, but it is not. Although they are two strangers who have just met, the atmosphere between a client and an escort is very relaxed and intensely erotic. Perhaps the difference is because they are two people who have agreed to meet to live an intimate experience. That makes the time to break the ice different.

The two know what is going to happen, and that makes everything very exciting … It’s not like starting to talk to a stranger that you don’t know what will end up being for you.

Our escorts are open and pleasant. Some are more shy than others, but in general, they are young ladies with social skills and great emotional intelligence. They know they are there for you, so you can have a good time and leave with the feeling of having lived something wonderful. They are professionals and they know they have to fulfill a mission: to make you feel comfortable at all times.

Hablar con una Escort

Talking with an escort is very similar to talking to any woman you’ve met elsewhere: in a disco, in a cafeteria, walking … You can bring up the subject you want. The conversations of our girls with the gentlemen who book an appointment with them are very fluid and pleasant. It is not uncommon to talk about current affairs such as the political situation in the country … they even talk about philosophy! Sometimes they discover that they have hobbies and tastes in common and that the conversations are really interesting. And imagine what happens when they talk about sex and erotic fantasies …

If you are worried that the escort waste too much time talking, stay calm. We know that filling the unnecessary chattering date is a strategy that many girls use so that the sexual encounter lasts as little as possible, but in Sugar Girls Barcelona that does not happen. Of course you can talk, but there is a clear difference between talking a weirdo and forcing the talk endlessly. Our girls also love talking after making love, with your hands intertwined and sharing kisses and caresses post-coitus …

Let yourself go and you will discover that talking with an escort will be only a pleasant part of an unforgettable encounter.

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