Do you want to be an Escort? follow these tips

In Sugar Girls Madrid we incorporate three or four luxury escorts every week. Want to join our team?

Working as an escort may seem dangerous, but nothing is further from reality. In a suitable place and with all the guarantees, it is a lucrative, interesting and very fun activity that can change a woman’s life completely. Our philosophy is: if you want to do something, do it well. This applies to the decision to start working as a luxury companion in Madrid. Going to the inappropriate site can hinder and hinder your beginnings, making you make many beginner mistakes. Shorten the path: don’t start with the left foot.


Sugar Girls is an agency that started in Barcelona with the aim of ending the absurd rates of luxury escort agencies. These prices were a dead end for both customers and girls. They, felt cheated when they received a service that did not match what they obtained and because most of those super luxury escorts were then available in other portals for half the price. They, because after the stage in which they were the novelty of the agency, barely performed services. This is something sadly prevalent in these “big” agencies. These escorts are devalued quickly because, with these rates, fixed customers just want to pay to meet new girls.

We, by offering a more accessible and competitive rate, end that. Our clientele was only increasing and all our escorts were busy, they have been with Sugar Girls for a week as a whole year. Instead of being the new escort who works a lot for two months because all the fixed clients want to meet her, and then it’s over, our girls never stop being requested thanks to the large number of gentlemen who come to visit us every day.

Putas en Madrid


If you are not new to this and have already been part of one of those agencies, surely what we are telling you sounds. In Sugar Girls Madrid that is not going to happen to you. We are not going to introduce you to all our clients, making you perform many services and generate a large amount of income that you will then stop receiving as soon as you stop being the new face of the agency. With us, it will be as if you were always a novelty, because our client portfolio only grows.

Being a luxury escort in Madrid is a great experience that you deserve to live in all its splendor to meet interesting gentlemen and publicize your charms and qualities. There is nothing worse than standing and letting your beauty wither in the wrong places. Trust an agency like ours and let the night of Madrid be your travel companion in one of the most exciting adventures of your life … be a high level escort in your city!

f you are beautiful and you have class, get in touch with us through our casting. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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