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Go out to Flirt or Call an Escort?

If you are new to this, you may wonder if it is worth hiring the services of an escort. Isn’t it easier and cheaper to go out to flirt? We explain where the difference is.

For people outside this world, the escort client uses this type of services because she has no other way to enjoy the charms of a beautiful woman if she is not paying.

We disassemble the first myth: that statement is totally false. Escort clients, like all men, do not have too many problems to flirt or to find a partner. In fact, many of our clients are married, have a stable partner, or are single men accumulating conquests on weekends.

But as usual, the process of conquering a woman is not easy. Therefore, calling an escort is the best way to avoid complications.


Both the man who hires the services of a professional and the one who is inviting drinks in a nightclub have a common goal: the two want to end the night accompanied by a beautiful woman. The difference between the two is that the former knows that he will achieve it, while the latter is not guaranteed the success of the mission. The woman has the last word. Imagine if all the men returned home with a girl after a simple night of walking and drinks! Everything would be very easy, but reality has nothing to do with it.

With an escort, the man has the guaranteed outcome, and even better. Being a professional, you save the typical problems of a relationship: tantrums, whims, jealousy, having to give explanations … An escort is like having a girlfriend, but without the complications that inevitably come when we have a partner.

Ligar con una Escort

With an escort you don’t have to explain anything. You don’t have to say where you’ve been or where you’ll be. You don’t have to talk about your personal life, if you don’t want to. And if you feel like talking about yourself, you will have an attentive companion who will know how to listen to you and who will even give you her point of view. You will not be judged or feel ashamed for needing sex without preamble or romanticism in between. With an escort, you can be the type of man you’ve always wanted to be. You will not have to pretend an interest that you don’t really feel. You will not have to say things you do not think or make promises that you have never intended to keep.


If you want to save yourself to “seducing” a girl who really isn’t going to mind you after a night or a few days, skip the procedure and enter our escort gallery. They are the same girls you can find on a Saturday night at any nightclub. Our escorts are students, professionals from different sectors, models and even housewives in search of strong emotions. You just have to go in, take a look, let your libido shoot and take the phone. Ask for the one you like best and tell us what time you want it to be available. It is not even necessary to book a hotel room as we have at your disposal impressive luxury facilities, located in the center of Barcelona and extremely discreet.If you have a fantasy, ask for it and your escort will make it happen. If you feel like trying some erotic game, your girl Sugar will be happy to participate.

When you need a sweet and passionate bed companion, you will have it. If you are dying to make love as if you were in a porn movie, we have girls specialized in that service. There is nothing we cannot provide.

InSugar Girls Barcelona you can enjoy authentic sex and passion without headaches and without anyone ever knowing that you have come to visit us. Forget about flirting: this is even better.

Do you still wonder why there are some men who are addicted to escorts? The question is, how could they not be?

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