The Schedules of our Escorts

You already know that we have a wide gallery of beautiful escorts available, but what is the girls’ schedule?

Sugar Girls Madrid, like the Barcelona delegation, is an escort agency available 24 hours a day. We never close: we are at your disposal every day of the year, from Monday to Sunday, holidays and designated days. That means that if you need to enjoy the charms of a beautiful paid woman at 3 in the morning, at 7 in the morning on a Monday or on the night of the end of the year, we will always be ready to assist you.

This flexibility, together with our dedication, has established us as one of the best sexual services and support agencies in Madrid.


Adapting to the daily madness of our clients was one of our goals. Obviously, without neglecting the quality of our services. If one day you want to stop by our luxury facilities in the center of Madrid at dawn, you will not find yourself with exhausted or half asleep escorts. They will be as impeccable and perfect as you can find at five in the afternoon.

That does not mean that all our escorts are available 24 hours a day. They are high standing companions with other occupations and objectives that they have to take care of. Many study, have successful careers and some are even mothers who are looking for some secret fun with the gentlemen of this city. Why wouldn’t they do it? To be an escort, you only need attractiveness, willingness and determination …

The nationality of the girls also has a lot to do with their availability. A foreign girl who lives in Madrid may not have too many friendships or commitments. He has more free time, while Spanish escorts have a life made in the city; and therefore, much less easily schedule.

On the other hand, our married escorts are not usually available on weekends.

Putas con buen Culo en Madrid


Advance is the best advice we can give you to catch your favorite escort. In Sugar Girls Madrid we try to get your ideal girl at the most appropriate time for you, but it will always be she who has the last word. It is quite difficult for a student to be available in the mornings, but if you let us know in time, it will be easier for the luxury companion of your dreams to organize to clear her schedule and meet you wherever you tell her.

But who knows? Life is random and, sometimes, the most passionate encounters are the result of a luckier chance. It has happened to us several times that a client calls at the most inappropriate moment asking for one of our most inaccessible escorts … and surprise! The girl was free right then.

As we always tell you, call us. We will always have wonderful girls, ready, willing and prepared for you.

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