Escorts con la Cara Descubierta

Escorts that show their face

Something that all men want: to see the escorts with their faces uncovered. What does it depend on girls to decide that option?

It is the great dilemma of any girl who starts working as an escort in Barcelona. Show her face in photographs or hide it?


The pages of luxury escorts have always been characterized by having really spectacular photographs of women with a blurred circle hiding the most important thing: their faces. That was something understandable and even necessary. Escorts do not want to expose themselves to the prejudices and consequences they may suffer if their family and friends discover that they are engaged in this activity.

The strictest escorts for privacy are national. In this case, getting Spanish or catalanas escorts that show their face openly on the internet is practically impossible. The reason is that they are the most exposed to problems and the ones that are most likely to be discovered. The network is a huge place with no limit; Once something is uploaded, it is practically impossible to erase your trail permanently and forever.

On the other hand, there are escorts that don’t give so much importance to negativity. They know they can be discovered, but they are also aware that the chances of that happening are minimal. Therefore, they prefer to take the risk and make the most of their decision to engage in high-level private services.

Fotos de Escorts Mostrando la Cara

Over the years, the tendency to hide the face has been disappearing. Barcelona escorts have followed the example of girls from cities like London, where the vast majority of high-class escorts must show their face if they want to work. The reason is that clients are demanding and do not want to risk hiring a woman’s services without even knowing what her face is like. This is understandable, since most of the attractiveness of a person resides in the face.

It is the first thing we see when we meet someone and what makes us decide if we like that person or not. Why would it be different in a business where physical attraction is the main requirement?


If you know our agency Sugar Girls Barcelona, ​​you will know that most of our girls show their face openly. That is a personal decision they make to increase the number of customers who are attracted to them. And that works. That is the reality: the escorts that are shown with the bare face make the task of choosing from the gentlemen much easier and faster. They feel an immediate desire and decide without further ado.

That does not mean that the escorts that hide your face are not successful. There are men who feel more intrigued by the discreet companions with their image. Others trust our criteria and decide thanks to the detailed description we make of the girls’ face. With trusted clients, we have the option to show the pictures of the escorts that appear on the web with their faces covered, with the consent of our girls and in our private facilities. Precisely, you also have the option to stop by our luxury apartment! There are many escorts available who do not want their photographs to be on the net. What better way to check if you want the girl and there is intense chemistry between the two?

Posting photos with their discovered face discovered on the internet is a very personal decision and the last word is always for the escorts. But as always, in Sugar Girls Barcelona we offer you all the options, even in a matter as peculiar as this.

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