Famous Escorts : Myth or Reality ?

One of the things that differentiated the escort agencies of Madrid from the agencies of the rest of Spain was the availability of celebrities who were also dedicated to this activity. Is it still the case ? Is it possible to be with a celebrity by paying or it is only an idyle to attract new client ?

Famous escorts

We all remember these reports talking about the spanish celebrities that offer their services as escort . Even if the majority were not that famous and since there this topic became very famous . These women were on the covers of the best magazines, attended to the best gala or parties and mostly have been with powerful men. According to the managers of these escort agencies, any man could have these girls , for a while, in exchange for a big number .

There were famous escorts and the public had no trouble deciphering the clues that were given to identify some of them.

The scandal was disastrous for those agencies but especially for these women . The famous ones , available in those famous magazines disappeared from the sector, because the agencies , had violated the first and most important rule : which is the absolute discretion. That happens because they had no previous filter and even without verifying the client in front of them, who was in reality a journalist , that presented himself as an entrepreneur.

Those videos also made clear the scam existing in these agencies, which is about the exorbitant prices. It was also very common that after taking the appointment with these celebrities, coincidentally, were no longer available when the client came. The gentleman, who had already made plans to have a good time with a famous woman , ended up accepting the “change” by a commun escort, beautiful, but that was not what he asked for.

And now ? Is it still possible to have relationships with a famous woman by paying ? The answer is yes, although circumstances have changed. Now, Instagram is the biggest exposure tool and that many women use to get more clients. The celebrities that men want nowadays are the girls with millions of followers on social networks.

We will confess you a secret : many escorts decide to use Instagram to become more famous and raise their notoriety inside their work . And we will confess you another one : some of our girls have they number of followers that increase each day a bit more , with almost more than 100,000 followers.

Discretion is the only thing that matters in this business, therefore, it is important that the agencies respect the identity of the escorts and do not talk about them with any client . And not presenting the celebrities to any man who push the door. Remember that agencies that do not respect the privacy of their escorts will not respect yours either.

Then , it is possible to find famous escorts? It may be expensive at the beginning , but with constancy, you will finish by reach one of them…

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