How to be an Escort in Barcelona

You are a beautiful, intelligent and classy girl. The idea of being an escort has been around your head for a long time. You have doubts, then you forget the subject, but in the end, you always think about it again. You think the time has come. You know it is a fun and simple way to earn money and make contact with select gentlemen. You have a series of objectives to accomplish and you know that you will not reach your goals waiting for a miracle… that it will never come. The time has come to take charge of your life!

We have been in the sector for years and during all this time, we have met hundreds of escorts. Some were new to this business, others had been dedicated to this for many years. These experiences have allowed us to be clear about what is due and what not to do when you are a high-level companion. In the end, this activity is free and voluntary, you are the one who decides! Still, we hope our advice will help you.


Only you know the reasons why you have decided to become an escort in Barcelona. No one has to comment it, or say anything about it. But at Sugar Girls we like to advise our girls to set a specific goal. People who do not have set goals are often very lost and attract confusing situations. If this is so in everyday life, why shouldn’t it be in the world of escorts?

You have the right to offer luxury escort services just to live better and in a more comfortable way. But we believe that you will carry out this activity in a more successful way if you have a plan. For example, finish your university career, open your own business, study a difficult language or buy a home. We advise you to use the profits you will obtain to invest in yourself and your future.


If you plan to work as an escort in Barcelona, ​​you have to know that your physique must live up to the sector to which you are going to belong. It’s not just about hygiene, but about offering a careful image that conveys the message that you are a special woman who values ​​herself. Your customers will expect from you a series of attributes. We are not saying that it is literally about beauty. High level escorts do not always have stunning beauty! Sometimes, it is more a matter of attractiveness and class. Your hair, your makeup, your nails, your skin … all those details will have to be perfectly polished for your career as an escort to be a success. Your clients are distinguished men who will appreciate an impeccable personal arrangement.

Naturalness is important, as is the absence of artifice. A common mistake among escorts is to buy high-end perfumes, too intense and charged. That is something that customers hate, especially when they cannot afford to return home with the fragrance on another woman’s skin. Look for the freshness of naturally clean skin, and bet on discreet and soft aromas.


Being an escort in Barcelona will allow you to generate high income. Often, those figures will exceed the largest amount of money you have ever had. They say that escorts earn more than a minister, and we can assure you that it is true. That rain of bills makes many ladies lose their sanity and the notion of what money costs. It is a sector in which absurd whims are the order of the day, with terrible consequences. You would be surprised to know the amount of luxury escorts who, after years of dedicating themselves to this activity, have nothing in the bank.

You decide, but at Sugar Girls we advise girls to be careful about what they earn. In this sector, it is necessary to offer a certain image, but nobody is going to ask you to have a huge collection of designer shoes. If you work as an escort, you can buy everything you want, but it will not help you in the long term.

cómo ser una escort


A positive attitude is the key to success in life. This can also be applied to luxury escort services. If you are clear about what you want, you are sensible and you value yourself, being an escort will be an enriching experience that will change your life for the better. Never do anything you don’t want to do and feel free to cut with situations that you don’t like. You are responsible for your life. Being an escort is not going to change that.

Now, getting everything you’ve set for yourself can be a reality. Do you want to become an escort but you don’t know which agency to trust? In Sugar Girls we are at your disposal. We have a wide portfolio of clients and we can offer you unbeatable working conditions. Get in touch with us through our form and a person from our team will contact you as soon as possible. We will wait for you!

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