Work as an Escort Abroad

It seems that this is a frequent dilemma in the professional career of many luxury companions. After a while, some consider the possibility of traveling a week or two to some other country to work, meet new clients, make interesting contacts and earn money. But often, that adventure becomes a nightmare that has devastating consequences for girls, consequences that could affect their private sphere. Is it worth traveling to work as an escort abroad?

In Sugar Girls Barcelona we have been in this sector for years, so we have heard stories about this topic again and again. Sometimes, there is a circumstance that appointments are spacing, or a difficult time comes. Calls from the shift agency are becoming less frequent. There are no more services for several hours in a row. Fixed customers have disappeared. The escort mistakenly thinks that this means that she is stagnant and that she needs to renew herself and change her air to continue making money. She has spoken with a friend who has told her that he once went to Dubai or Qatar and that he did very well, and begins to consider doing the same. Why not? Maybe going to work as an escort abroad is the solution to your problems.


The story is always the same: the girl talks to a contact or an agency specialized in sending escorts to Arab countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and even Saudi Arabia. Those people sell them something that seems ideal. No, there is no risk of being arrested because we manage the meetings with great discretion and you will hardly leave the hotel. Yes, we have a fixed client portfolio so you won’t stop working. You will earn more than fifteen thousand euros in a week. The Arabs have a lot of money, so surely they give you many tips and give you gifts. No wonder the girl begins to fantasize about Arab sheiks who fill her hands with a thousand dollar bills and gold watches. Without a doubt, working as an escort abroad will change your life for good.

Those agencies and people just want one thing: convince the interested escort to make the trip.


Once in the Arab country on duty, the problems begin. The escort arrives at a hotel, usually four or five stars, where the discretion is supposed to be secured and where no one gets into anyone’s life. But what does not take into account is that the workers of these hotels are very suspicious of the young ladies who travel alone.It is completely normal. If you are young and beautiful, you don’t look like a business woman and you are alone, what are you doing in Dubai or in Qatar? And worst of all, you spend almost all day locked in the hotel room. They only see you go out for lunch or dinner, or to go to a mysterious place, again alone, made up and groomed, from which you will return in a couple of hours.

In a matter of a day or two, all hotel workers already know that you are practicing prostitution, an illegal occupation in those countries of strong Muslim morals. Three things can happen: do not do anything but spend the day muttering and laughing at you, that they throw you under threat of warning the authorities, or that they directly call the police. None of those options is too nice if you are a discreet girl who cares about her image.


In countries where offering sexual services in exchange for money is illegal, there are no euphemisms. If you are arrested, the reason for your arrest will not be described ambiguously. You will see the word prostitution in the most degrading sense, as a crime that you will have to report to. You will be arrested and taken to a jail in which the concept of what human rights are does not exist. You will be at the mercy of policemen who, culturally, do not hold women in too much esteem, so how do you think they will treat you if they know that you have come to your country to have relationships for money?

Not all arrested girls are beaten, but we have never heard a case of an escort detained in an Arab country that has not been raped. All are held for days and even months. Afterwards, they are allowed to return to Spain, although they are prohibited from entering the country of detention, where the records will be recorded. You will have gone to work as an escort abroad and you will return with the scarlet letter in your history.


If the girl is lucky and is not arrested, it does not mean that the experience of working as an escort abroad will work out well. From there, a succession of days begins in which you will have to attend to any man who enters your hotel room, without any filters. This is another problem faced by women who come to work as escorts in Arab countries. The agencies that take girls to these places often lie with the type of clientele they have. Yes, they have fixed clients, but nothing guarantees that those clients are in the country at the moment the escort travels. Not all gentlemen want the services of an escort every week. And the client portfolio is never so much to guarantee certain income.

That makes those agencies or people look for new clients through ads. The time to earn money at the expense of the escort is limited, because the girl is only going to stay a week or two, so they do not worry about verifying the men they call. All they want is to make as many appointments as possible, regardless of the security or privacy of the girl. To achieve this, they give the hotel room number of the escort to the first caller, or distribute the images of the girl without their consent, sending their photos to those clients who are not verified and with their faces uncovered.


Escorts who travel to Dubai, Qatar or Saudi Arabia complain that once there, Arab clients are a minority. Goodbye to the dream of seducing Sheikh Amir and becoming a princess. The men who parade through their hotel rooms are expatriates, foreign workers from third world countries. That is not bad, but the girls who live that experience complain about the immense difference in behavior and class between Arab clients and expatriate clients, much less distinguished and of a lower purchasing level. Is it worth working as an escort abroad for that?

Another big problem is the number of scammers, thieves and voyeurs who go to the girls’ hotels. In those countries, there is no access to porn pages, so escort ads are the only fantasy these men have. Knowing that the girls are exercising an illegal activity and that, therefore, they will not report any aggression suffered, these individuals take the opportunity to coerce, threaten or attempt to violate the escort. Many men enter the room and steal the girl’s money at knife point. Others ask for free sex in exchange for not calling the police and reporting it. And some come, take a look at the girl, ask her to show her boobs, and when it’s time to pay the fee, they leave.

trabajar como escort en el extranjero dubai qatar


The answer is no. While the escort is going through hardships in Dubai or Qatar, the contact person is quietly in Spain with a computer and a telephone. In those countries, the girl is alone, and as she has traveled voluntarily, she has nothing to report back. The agency just wants to make money. They are not responsible for anything that happens because, in addition, it is a temporary relationship. It’s not like working with a base agency, which has to take care of your escorts because the work is long term. Agencies that send girls to Arab countries will only have contact with them during the week of the trip. Then goodbye. That means they have no need to respect their conditions or worry about their safety.

And regardless of attacks or arrests, there are constraints and pressures. As we said, those agencies and contact people are desperate to make money thanks to the escort, and they don’t have much time. We have heard from agencies that, during the girl’s stay in the Arab country, insist that she lower her rates or perform services that she does not want to do. In addition to everything we mentioned above, such as not verifying any client or hanging their photographs on hundreds of escort portals and without their permission.

If you are thinking of working as an escort abroad or in Arab countries, we advise you not to do so. Not worth it. Your integrity and security are above all. Do not put yourself in danger for others to earn money. Do not trust unscrupulous people who will tell you a lot of lies to deceive and convince you to take a trip that will be one of your most bitter memories of your career as an escort.

Never stay away from legality. Trust an agency like ours, Sugar Girls Barcelona,Barcelona, where you will earn money every week and have a good time, without traveling to a dangerous place. With a good agency, you will never have the need to work as an escort abroad. For us, the safety and happiness of our girls comes first. We will wait for you!

Travel with an Escort, Success Insured

You have money and a few days off, and you fancy a little fun without ties. You consider the possibility of hiring the services of a professional to accompany you, but you are not sure that it will be a good idea. You want to travel with an escort, but you’ve never done it before and you don’t know if it’s going to work out. What if a bad decision spoils your vacations? Here we will try to clear some of your doubts.

Not all encounters with an escort consist of a one-hour appointment. Every day there are services of two or three hours, even more. In addition, we attend requests for entire nights, something that is very satisfactory for both the girl and the client. We also get messages asking for escorts for short and long trips, to Milan, Paris, Dubai and even the Maldives. In those cases, we notice that customers are a little more hesitant. Is it worth it? They ask us. How do I know that the escort and I will have a good time if we know each other? Are there any girl specialists in this type of services?


It all depends on your intentions. If you want to visit a special site with good company, either option is useful. If you want to visit a special site with good company and also, you are looking for privacy -you understand us-, hiring the services of an escort will guarantee the success of your mission. You know how the world works. You can travel with a friend you know but with whom you still do not have much realization, but once in your destination, you do not know what will happen. Maybe he wants to make it difficult. You may not be sure you like it at all. I may not be willing to go to bed with you whenever you feel like it. That is, you can do exactly what you want, and there will be no way you can do to direct the situation in your favor, because each person is free.

With an escort, things change, because it is a professional, and a woman willing to please you. Within mutual respect, you command, and she will be delighted to make all your wishes come true. Let’s not fool ourselves: sex is a very important part of your leisure. And the best way to be clear about how it will be as you wish is to hire a luxury escort.

viajar con una escort puta

What if I get bored?

How are you going to get bored? Our escorts are girls with great social skills. Some of them are really funny and crazy, not forced, but totally authentic. With the wide variety of escorts we have, it is impossible that the choice of traveling with an escort is wrong. In addition to good character, many have an impressive formation and carry out studies of the highest level. There are several that speak several languages, which may be helpful if you do not defend yourself too well in that regard. And with them, the conversation will never decline. You will be jumping from one subject to another while feeling that time flies by. No strange situations or awkward silences.

Do not forget that luxury escorts develop great intuition thanks to this activity. They know a lot of people, and that makes them constantly learning and evolving. We believe that escorts are the most complete women in the world. They have everything!


That is one of the great concerns of gentlemen who want to travel with an escort: the girl’s clothes. It doesn’t surprise us. We have all heard stories of companions who wear a miniskirt and high boots, embarrassing the client who has hired their services. There are escorts that are excessively made up, who wear their nails too long and even wear wigs, making it clear what they do. When it comes to a service that will be performed in part in public, elegance and discretion are indispensable. No man wants to have a woman next to him that makes others think “that’s a whore!”

The shame is immense and we understand your concern, but with Sugar Girls, you won’t have that problem. Our girls are perfectly dressed every time, and we have some with a catwalk model physique, so not only will you not be embarrassed, but you will be proud that everyone else sees you with such a hottie next door.

If you want to travel with an escort,, we recommend that you hire some appointments with several different girls to further cement your decision. It is a good way to check in person if there is good chemistry and sexual connection. We are sure that your trip with one of our girls will be one of the most wonderful experiences of your life. Count on our professionalism so that everything goes perfectly.

Beauty Tips For Escorts

You have finally fulfilled your dream: you already work as an escort in Barcelona. You had time with the idea in your head and in the end you decided to follow your instinct and do what you’ve always wanted to do. You are part of an agency that has all your trust and manages your meetings efficiently. You are making more money than you ever imagined that you were going to win, but you know that your image has to live up to the services you offer and the gentlemen with whom you have appointments. We have a few beauty tips for escorts that can be very useful.

If you are in this sector, there is no doubt that you have to be a special woman. Or at least, that you have something out of the ordinary. If you work in a good escort agency, it means that you are attractive and that you have a desirable figure. Parts of a good base. That’s great for you to get even better results as soon as you start taking care of your physique seriously, if you’re not already doing it. You are committed to what you do and the last thing you want is for men to feel disappointed to see you, thinking that you are not as spectacular as it looks in the photos. A true nightmare that would cause a lot of damage to your self-esteem!


The first thing that you should be clear before we start talking about beauty tips for escorts is that a certain disbursement of money will be necessary. We are not saying that you have to spend hundreds of euros a week at the hairdresser, but there are certain details that you have to take care of. Unless you are extremely skilled at fixing yourself, you will need the help of cosmetic professionals. You may know how to put on makeup very well, but that you are not so attached to your hair, or that you do not know how to do your manicure. That’s normal. If this is the case, identify your weak points and go to beauty centers where they are in charge of your set-up and your weekly maintenance.

The most basic details when it comes to having a good image are hair, nails and teeth. Make sure you have clean, loose and shampoo-scented hair. Find the hair style that suits you and don’t make too many changes. Get a full manicure and pedicure, and from there, go to the beauty salon to be perfect as always.


We continue with more beauty tips for escorts. It seems obvious, but you would be surprised to know the number of escorts in Barcelona that are neglected as soon as they start working. Many begin to drink; something normal if in the agency there are bottles of champagne available to customers. That is not bad and provides a fun environment, very beneficial for the girl and the client. Remember that these meetings are fun, intimate, a way of escape. If you don’t feel like drinking, don’t do it, but if you want, then you have to find a way to compensate for the calories so that the drink doesn’t take its toll.

We recommend a diet based on fruits and vegetables, with a high protein intake. Forget about express diets that will only make you tired and look emaciated. Do not radically suppress any food, such as the dreaded carbohydrates, an error that causes the dreaded rebound effect to come later. Eat everything, but in moderation.


Even if you are a voluptuous escort, you need to do sports to tone the body and maintain the muscles. The absence of exercise makes even thin bodies look limp and skin in poor condition. If you work as a companion, you should not neglect that detail. Even if you have exceptional genetics, your metabolism will begin to slow down to measures that you approach at the end of the twenties, and then you will see the consequences of never taking care of yourself. If you are worried about the passage of time, sign up for a gym you like and ask a personal trainer for help. No need to spend money with many sessions, just a few to teach you what you have to do. Then you can continue on your own, thanks to everything you’ve learned with him.

In addition, doing sports will release tensions and you will be much more relaxed and rested when having your meetings. And remember, don’t get obsessed. There are many escorts that have bodies similar to those of professional fitness models, but that greatly limits the number of clients they obtain. Not all men like too marked abs or very muscular legs, although they love escorts with round and very developed buttocks. Keep that in mind!

consejos de belleza para escorts


If most women need makeup to look good at work, a high-level escort is almost obliged to do so. Escorts cannot show up for an appointment with emaciated, uniform skin and dark circles. They need to offer an image that gives off class, beauty and safety, and that is not always achieved with a washed face. Let’s face it, who has perfect skin? Therefore, you will have to invest in the right makeup products: base, concealer, profilers, eyebrow pencils. From there, send your own tastes. No agency will say anything about the type of makeup you feel beautiful with, unless you like the drag queen or queen carnival style.

Do not forget a very important detail: if you are attractive, it is very likely that you have more than one appointment the same day. If you only dedicate yourself to making exits, the number of meetings is reduced, but if you are more available, you will work several times in a row if that is what you want. Be smart and buy waterproof makeup. Do not fall into an excess of shadows or lipstick that will make you a disaster when the service ends and you have to put on makeup again. When we talk about beauty tips for escorts we also have to use logic.

maquillaje putas


If you work as a companion, you will spend more time with little clothes than with a lot. Whether in hotels or apartments, nobody will see you too warm, because you will go with light clothes. Then, in privacy, you will not wear anything. You can be sure that customers look at the skin and value its quality and appearance above anything else. If you have it rough, with excess hair or with a bad color, be sure that this will make the gentlemen with whom you meet have a bad concept of you and do not want to see you again. We advise you to exfoliate the skin of the body once a week and to discolor and depilate the hair, never neglecting. Choose the hair removal system that is most comfortable for you, although in Sugar Girls we advise our girls to opt for the laser. It is permanent and allows them to forget the hair during a good season, instead of the slavery of the wax, which also requires the hair to grow back and be visible to be able to remove it again. That is a gigantic NOT for your private appointments! Beauty tips for escorts are of no use if you neglect those important details.

We hope that these beauty tips for escorts have been useful to you. They are something of great importance. Do not forget that a good part of your success as an escort in Barcelona will depend on your appearance. Your physique is your letter of introduction in society and says a lot about how you see yourself and how you want others to see you. If you want to succeed, invest in your beauty … you will not regret it!

I have a partner but I want to meet an Escort

This is another of the big dilemmas when it comes to hiring the services of a companion. You have a partner, you are married, you just started a relationship … and you don’t know if you’re doing the right thing. You are satisfied with your relationship. With your sentimental life. There is no problem. But still, you feel the pang of desire, the desire to be with a stranger, with a woman willing to provide you with a moment of pleasure without ties. What should you do?

It seems like a very complicated matter, but it has an easy solution. You just have to understand the impulse of biology. Men like variety; They are programmed for it. It is a biological trend. The experts are clear: the human being is not monogamous by nature. Being faithful to a single couple is not convenient from the evolutionary point of view. Men are still hunter-gatherers; that is, they continue to share the same DNA as that of the Paleolithic humans. The changes in the way of feeding and mating that came with the Neolithic could not change something more powerful: genetics.

In prehistory there was no property, and the man had a tendency to reproduce with multiple women.

novia putas barcelona


Monogamy came several million years later. It was a way to protect the offspring and ensure that everything was from the same man. The women were conservative choosing a partner so that their partner would be involved in raising children, who could not protect them alone. Man was also necessary to provide sustenance. With the abandonment of nomadic life and the construction of communities in which humans had to live following certain standards, the monogamous union with another person began to be something well seen and even necessary.

With these communities the hierarchy also arrived. The leaders of each group or tribe, seeing how promiscuity caused the spread of diseases, began to condemn those who had sex with multiple different people. The stable union or marriage guaranteed order and a social organization that provided great social and economic advantages.


More and more experts are aware that, deep down, we remain biologically identical to our Paleolithic ancestors. The human being has been a hunter-gatherer for millions of years, while he has been a farmer and rancher for only a few thousand. That means that we are not yet fully adapted to modern life. The theory seems evident when we think about the current diet and the amount of diseases that did not exist before. We are made to eat what the cavemen ate, not the shepherds; That is why there are so many intolerances, unexplained increases in weight and heart problems. The human being is not yet able to digest milk, bread and grains.

That maladjustment also extends to other habits. Sedentary life is not made for us, with the DNA of men accustomed to moving, taking long walks and running after animals to hunt them. And with sexuality, the exact same thing happens. If you are here because you have a partner but you want to be with an escort, you should know that your desire is a simple biological matter. Against which you will never be able to fight.

estoy casado pero quiero irme de putas


You are older to know that you are free to do what you want. You work hard and deserve a treat. If you have a partner or are married, and want an appointment with an escort, you are not doing anything wrong. It’s just a little fun in your free time, a time that is worth gold. Do not waste it for an absurd morality that will not report anything good. If the idea is in your head, it will never disappear altogether. The impulse will always be there, in the back of your mind, occupying your thoughts.

We advise you to forget about morals. Do not think, absurdly, “What a bad person I am, going to whores in Barcelona when I have a partner!” Being a bad person implies other types of actions that have nothing to do with being with a professional in your leisure time.

tengo pareja pero quiero a una escort


Of course not! Another reason that should encourage you to take the step is the discretion that prevails in this business. At Sugar Girls Barcelona and Sugar Girls Madrid we understand that our clients want to protect their privacy and forget about complications. Therefore, we take care of every detail so that the experience with us is extremely discreet. If you want an appointment at your hotel or address, the escort will be dressed in a way that does not attract attention in an inappropriate way. If on the contrary you prefer to have your meeting in our facilities, we have a luxury apartment in the best area of ​​the city. In addition, it is located in a large building full of offices where there are no private homes. If it happened that you met an acquaintance, I would have no way of knowing what you came to visit an escort agency.

Your intimacy is the most important thing for us, and you can be sure that nobody is going to find out that you have been with a luxury companion, unless you tell it, of course.

The Best Agency for an Escort

If you want to work as an escort in Barcelona, ​​one of the first steps is to find the right agency. It has to be the best agency, one that suits your needs, that understands where your limits are, and that helps you reach your economic goals. It sounds simple, but it is not. In this sector, as in all those related to leisure and eroticism, there are many unscrupulous people who lose all ethics for money. Normally, the consequences are paid by the escort, who ends up realizing that she has wasted time trusting the wrong place. How to avoid such problems?

Offering high level accompaniment services is an intense, satisfying and fun activity. It allows you to interact with distinguished gentlemen, while generating high incomes, income that very few professions can offer. It is an experience that will also provide you with social and personal tools that will be very useful for your professional life and your social environment. You will become an extraordinarily intuitive, intelligent and insightful woman. But for this adventure to evolve in a positive way, you need to find the best agency.

Escort Barcelona


At SugarGirls we respect the individual freedom of the escorts, but we believe it is much safer for girls who are backed by one of the best agency, a consolidated agency. That allows the companion to focus only on the services she provides, without worries. All she has to do is go to the appointment and be herself. Working as an independent, we must support the process of answering calls, enduring possible bargaining proposals, managing the reservation, looking for a hotel … We believe that appointments are more satisfactory for both parties when the escort leaves the most tedious part of her work to an agency.

Throughout our years of experience we have also verified that escorts are less exposed when clients know they are backed by an agency. An independent escort attends to men who know she is alone and who has to manage on her own if something goes wrong. There may be deceptions, scam attempts and even attacks. It is logical when they engage in private meetings with strangers.


Risks are minimized when new clients know that escorts are protected by a solid agency. In Sugar Girls we have a wide portfolio of clients, although we also serve gentlemen who call us for the first time. It’s normal, all regular customers have ever been new. We have extensive facilities in the best area of ​​Barcelona so that the meeting takes place in the best environment. If it is a home or hotel visit, our private driver is responsible for taking and waiting for the escort until the meeting ends. Although being honest, since we started offering relaxation services in Barcelona, ​​we haven’t had a single problem.

We know that many agencies, given the possibility of making money, forget that the security and tranquility of the escort comes first. They send their girls to appointments at homes or hotels without verifying the caller, they are the ones who have to go to the appointment on their own, or tell them that they are known clients when it is not. Normally, it is the girl who pays the consequences of this irresponsibility.

If you want to work as an escort in Barcelona, Sugar Girls offers you all the guarantees so that you can enjoy your new occupation without any stress. We are the best escort agency to earn money while having fun and make interesting contacts. With us, you will not have to worry about anything, because we will take care of everything. You will feel at ease and backed by a serious agency that understands that the welfare of your girls is paramount.

Send us your information, along with a couple of recent photographs, and a member of our team will contact you to arrange a personal interview. We are here for you. We will wait for you!

Bisexual escorts, are they real?

If there are bisexual women, there are bisexual escorts. There are also lesbian escorts who decide to engage in this activity … with men. And they have no problem about it. That freedom is magnificent for men, who can see how it is possible to realize one of their greatest fantasies: to see two women making love. How to find authentic bisexual escorts?

The issue of bisexuality in the luxury accompaniment sector is also part of the industry’s great deceptions, such as photos or the age of the girls. Many escorts lend themselves to this service to earn money, but the experience is unsatisfactory and too fictional for the client. Again, the mistake of thinking that men are fools and do not realize anything. Wow All the escorts in the world are naturally bisexual, right? Well no, it is not so, and anyone can reach this conclusion.

escort bisexual


Of course there are bisexual escorts, and in Sugar Girls we have several. Naturally, this sector does not attract virgin girls, but sexually open and curious women. Women willing to experiment or who have already experienced a lot throughout their lives. But what we don’t do is say that all our girls are bisexual to use. We classify our escorts into different categories: bisexual, non-bisexual and curious. The curious, we can assure you, are magnificent to realize the dream of being with two women at the same time.

In Sugar Girls we have found that men, much more often than it seems, look for simplicity and naturalness. They want to enjoy the experience of being with two women at the same time, but they don’t want to feel they are in the middle of a porn movie. They want to see kisses, caresses, they want to see how at any given time, pleasure gets out of control and goes beyond, until the end. What they don’t want to see are fake orgasms, screams that would leave anyone deaf, and ultimately, a theater that nobody believes.


The “curious” companions are girls who at some point in their lives have been attracted to another woman; in some cases, going very far with such attraction. Girls who after the experience discover that they have obtained pleasure and that they have had fun, but that they continue to prefer men. They may feel ashamed of having made love with another woman. They may want to repeat, but may not find the right girl. In those cases, an intimate encounter with another escort is the best thing that can happen to them. They enjoy another woman as attractive and daring as they are, and everything is there, in secret and with the utmost discretion. A dream come true!

If we join a genuinely bisexual escort with a curious escort, fireworks are guaranteed. The bisexual escort will take the reins of the situation safely, while the curious escort gets carried away by the most immense pleasure ever experienced. And you will be there to see it.

escorts bisexuales barcelona


If you are looking for something really explosive, we also recommend that you look for the services of bisexual escorts that are couples or that have relationships in real life. That is the case of our girls, Rebeca y Victoria, two luxury escorts who are also close friends. Very, very intimate. They are friends since adolescence and began to give each other pleasure a few years later. They go out shopping together, go to dinner, have drinks and almost always, end up in the apartment of one of the two, where they know they can go as far as they want.

Each one knows the body of the other practically by heart.

Yes, in Sugar Girls we can turn your dream of being with two women into reality. Just call us: we will take care of everything. We have all the ingredients so that the result is the most explosive, decadent and delicious cocktail.

How to be an Escort in Barcelona

You are a beautiful, intelligent and classy girl. The idea of being an escort has been around your head for a long time. You have doubts, then you forget the subject, but in the end, you always think about it again. You think the time has come. You know it is a fun and simple way to earn money and make contact with select gentlemen. You have a series of objectives to accomplish and you know that you will not reach your goals waiting for a miracle… that it will never come. The time has come to take charge of your life!

We have been in the sector for years and during all this time, we have met hundreds of escorts. Some were new to this business, others had been dedicated to this for many years. These experiences have allowed us to be clear about what is due and what not to do when you are a high-level companion. In the end, this activity is free and voluntary, you are the one who decides! Still, we hope our advice will help you.


Only you know the reasons why you have decided to become an escort in Barcelona. No one has to comment it, or say anything about it. But at Sugar Girls we like to advise our girls to set a specific goal. People who do not have set goals are often very lost and attract confusing situations. If this is so in everyday life, why shouldn’t it be in the world of escorts?

You have the right to offer luxury escort services just to live better and in a more comfortable way. But we believe that you will carry out this activity in a more successful way if you have a plan. For example, finish your university career, open your own business, study a difficult language or buy a home. We advise you to use the profits you will obtain to invest in yourself and your future.


If you plan to work as an escort in Barcelona, ​​you have to know that your physique must live up to the sector to which you are going to belong. It’s not just about hygiene, but about offering a careful image that conveys the message that you are a special woman who values ​​herself. Your customers will expect from you a series of attributes. We are not saying that it is literally about beauty. High level escorts do not always have stunning beauty! Sometimes, it is more a matter of attractiveness and class. Your hair, your makeup, your nails, your skin … all those details will have to be perfectly polished for your career as an escort to be a success. Your clients are distinguished men who will appreciate an impeccable personal arrangement.

Naturalness is important, as is the absence of artifice. A common mistake among escorts is to buy high-end perfumes, too intense and charged. That is something that customers hate, especially when they cannot afford to return home with the fragrance on another woman’s skin. Look for the freshness of naturally clean skin, and bet on discreet and soft aromas.


Being an escort in Barcelona will allow you to generate high income. Often, those figures will exceed the largest amount of money you have ever had. They say that escorts earn more than a minister, and we can assure you that it is true. That rain of bills makes many ladies lose their sanity and the notion of what money costs. It is a sector in which absurd whims are the order of the day, with terrible consequences. You would be surprised to know the amount of luxury escorts who, after years of dedicating themselves to this activity, have nothing in the bank.

You decide, but at Sugar Girls we advise girls to be careful about what they earn. In this sector, it is necessary to offer a certain image, but nobody is going to ask you to have a huge collection of designer shoes. If you work as an escort, you can buy everything you want, but it will not help you in the long term.

cómo ser una escort


A positive attitude is the key to success in life. This can also be applied to luxury escort services. If you are clear about what you want, you are sensible and you value yourself, being an escort will be an enriching experience that will change your life for the better. Never do anything you don’t want to do and feel free to cut with situations that you don’t like. You are responsible for your life. Being an escort is not going to change that.

Now, getting everything you’ve set for yourself can be a reality. Do you want to become an escort but you don’t know which agency to trust? In Sugar Girls we are at your disposal. We have a wide portfolio of clients and we can offer you unbeatable working conditions. Get in touch with us through our form and a person from our team will contact you as soon as possible. We will wait for you!

Sugar Girls finally opens in Madrid

Finally came the day.

Sugar Girls Madrid has finally decided to settle in Madrid. It has been a few months of comings and goings, planning, adjustments … but in the end it was worth it. The best high standing escort agency in Barcelona finally lands in Madrid. And it does it with all the experience and knowledges that in recent years they have placed us as one of the sector reference agencies, not only at the local level, but also at the national level. Well, we were pleasantly surprised that during our last visits to the capital of Spain, we have been told that our company is known in the city.

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Le client favoris de l’escorte

Parfois, il est normal de demander s’il existe un moyen d’augmenter les chances de succès d’un rendez-vous avec une escorte. Et si oui, ce serait quoi? Il est naturel d’essayer de rendre la réunion inoubliable, non seulement pour le client, mais également pour la dame qui offre ses services. Il y a des hommes qui cherchent une satisfaction, pas seulement la leur, mais aussi celle de leur partenaire. Comment l’obtenir, quand il s’agit d’un rendez-vous avec une escorte de haut standing? Quelles sont les caractéristiques du client préféré d’une escorte?

La différence entre un rendez-vous avec une fille “dans la rue” et une escorte, c’est que dans le premier cas, rien ne garantit que la nuit se terminera … vous savez comment. Avec un professionnel, le résultat est plus évident. La seule façon dont la réunion ne se termine pas bien est que la femme vous déçoive physiquement ou qu’il y ait une absence absolue de chimie. Bien que ce ne soit pas très fréquent; Du moins, pas à l’agence Sugar Girls. Au cours des quatre dernières années, nous avons développé une grande intuition qui nous permet d’éviter de telles situations.


Une façon d’augmenter le taux de réussite est d’organiser le rendez-vous le plus tôt possible. Chez Sugar Girls, nous comprenons que vous êtes un homme occupé. Vous ne pouvez pas toujours planifier votre temps libre avec une telle précision. Nous nous adaptons toujours à votre situation. Néanmoins, nous pensons que si l’escorte est informée à l’avance qu’elle a un rendez-vous, elle le suivra avec une meilleure attitude. Vous ne serez pas pressés, pas de stress et vous aurez passé un bon moment à vous préparer et à être parfaits pour vous-même.

Cette anticipation fait également penser à l’escorte. Oui, c’est ça. Nous avons vérifié et c’est quelque chose que beaucoup d’entre eux confessent. Un rendez-vous bien organisé fait en sorte que l’escorte vous considère comme quelqu’un de spécial, méticuleux, qui organise ses rencontres avec le plus grand soin. Vous sentirez la curiosité et l’émotion. Elle se demandera qui vous êtes. Elle vous verra comme quelqu’un d’intéressant.


Attention: nous ne parlons pas de bijoux ou de sacs coûteux! Nous ne pensons pas non plus qu’il soit nécessaire d’apporter des cadeaux pour l’escorte, surtout s’il s’agit de votre premier rendez-vous. Mais s’il y a un lien et que vous envisagez de la revoir, c’est une bonne idée de lui donner quelque chose pour qu’elle se rappelle de vous. Cela n’a pas besoin d’être quelque chose de coûteuse. Cela peut être une note affectueuse ou des fleurs. Elle l’aimera et lui fera voir en vous le gentleman distingué et différent des autres que vous savez que vous êtes. Le sourire qui sera dessiné sur votre visage sera quelque chose dont vous vous souviendrez pendant des jours. Sans aucun doute, la générosité est l’une des caractéristiques du client préféré de l’escorte.


Chez SugarGirls, nous vous encourageons à commander exactement ce dont vous avez besoin. Avez-vous envie d’un rendez-vous sporadique? Mais si vous rêvez d’une rencontre inoubliable et recherchez une véritable connexion avec l’escorte de vos rêves, pourquoi ne pas planifier une soirée un peu plus longue? Imaginez simplement: vous, elle, un endroit magnifique, une bougie, une bonne bouteille de vin. Ou quelques verres dans un endroit branché. Ceci est particulièrement recommandé si vous êtes passionnée par ce que l’on appelle l’expérience de petite amie. Rire, flirter, augmenter le désir … sont des détails importants pour que l’intimité qui s’ensuit soit parfaite.

Le client favori d’une escorte n’a pas à demander un service de huit heures d’affilée, mais réfléchissez-y. Ce sera une expérience agréable que ni l’un ni l’autre ne peut oublier.

el cliente favorito de una escort


Les escortes ont une grande intuition. C’est normal. Ils apprennent à interagir avec les autres à une vitesse incomparable dans tout autre secteur. Ils savent lire dans les yeux et le visage des autres. Mais ce sont toujours des femmes comme tout le monde. Ils sont sensibles aux compliments et peuvent mener leur activité de manière plus simple si vous leur dites ce que vous aimez. N’ayez pas peur de parler clairement de ce que vous voulez. Dis lui. Elle vous remerciera. Être honnête avant et après votre réunion fera de votre rendez-vous un succès garanti. Le client préféré d’une escorte est concis et direct!

High Standing Escort, Why Choose One?

When it comes to choosing a young lady to enjoy an unforgettable moment of pleasure, fun and laughter, one of the most frequently asked questions is: Should I choose a high standing escort, or does any type of escort serve?

Obviously it is a very personal decision. There will be who thinks that any woman serves, that paying a lot ofmoney for an escort is absurd. At Sugar Girls we believe that quality is paid, although that does not mean that excessive rates are justified. In our agency we defended from the beginning that it was not necessary to establish a very high price. You can enjoy the company of a high level companion without paying large amounts. At the same time, we are aware that cheap is often expensive. That is why it is important to choose well, so as not to waste time with a lady who will not be liked by her client. In the end, in this way, you only lose time and money.


A high standing escort is usually an attractive lady, who is not necessarily beautiful or stunning. As in real life, a woman can have a lot of charm and be irresistible, without having to have a perfect face. In Sugar Girls we have a good eye to find ladies of those who get men to go crazy, in a way that not even a runway model could get.

In the same way, in our agency we have rejected escorts with spectacular faces. Simply, because they did not give the profile we are looking for. They transmitted coldness, closeness and arrogance.


To summarize our tastes, we will say that in our opinion, a high level escort is an attractive, elegant and classy lady. A woman who feels very proud of her physique without believing that it is the only weapon she has to succeed in life. A lady who takes care of her appearance to always be impeccable, knowing that the image that others see is a representation of how she sees herself. Someone who conveys warmth, sympathy and a pleasant character.

Exclusivity is also important to ensure the discretion of meetings in public. It is important to understand this point to avoid unpleasant situations. For example, if you need an escort to go out for dinner or have a drink, or if you want a high-level escort to accompany you to an important event, it is always better to go to an agency like Sugar Girls. We are used to such requests. We know well what are the right escorts so that your demands are met perfectly.


If you want a perfect encounter, trust quality agencies like ours. A high level escort will give you everything you need. You will not have to worry about their appearance. It will always be perfect for you. In public and in private. It will be a perfect company. You will leave your encounter feeling in the clouds and eager to repeat. Call us!