Beauty Tips For Escorts

You have finally fulfilled your dream: you already work as an escort in Barcelona. You had time with the idea in your head and in the end you decided to follow your instinct and do what you’ve always wanted to do. You are part of an agency that has all your trust and manages your meetings efficiently. You are making more money than you ever imagined that you were going to win, but you know that your image has to live up to the services you offer and the gentlemen with whom you have appointments. We have a few beauty tips for escorts that can be very useful.

If you are in this sector, there is no doubt that you have to be a special woman. Or at least, that you have something out of the ordinary. If you work in a good escort agency, it means that you are attractive and that you have a desirable figure. Parts of a good base. That’s great for you to get even better results as soon as you start taking care of your physique seriously, if you’re not already doing it. You are committed to what you do and the last thing you want is for men to feel disappointed to see you, thinking that you are not as spectacular as it looks in the photos. A true nightmare that would cause a lot of damage to your self-esteem!


The first thing that you should be clear before we start talking about beauty tips for escorts is that a certain disbursement of money will be necessary. We are not saying that you have to spend hundreds of euros a week at the hairdresser, but there are certain details that you have to take care of. Unless you are extremely skilled at fixing yourself, you will need the help of cosmetic professionals. You may know how to put on makeup very well, but that you are not so attached to your hair, or that you do not know how to do your manicure. That’s normal. If this is the case, identify your weak points and go to beauty centers where they are in charge of your set-up and your weekly maintenance.

The most basic details when it comes to having a good image are hair, nails and teeth. Make sure you have clean, loose and shampoo-scented hair. Find the hair style that suits you and don’t make too many changes. Get a full manicure and pedicure, and from there, go to the beauty salon to be perfect as always.


We continue with more beauty tips for escorts. It seems obvious, but you would be surprised to know the number of escorts in Barcelona that are neglected as soon as they start working. Many begin to drink; something normal if in the agency there are bottles of champagne available to customers. That is not bad and provides a fun environment, very beneficial for the girl and the client. Remember that these meetings are fun, intimate, a way of escape. If you don’t feel like drinking, don’t do it, but if you want, then you have to find a way to compensate for the calories so that the drink doesn’t take its toll.

We recommend a diet based on fruits and vegetables, with a high protein intake. Forget about express diets that will only make you tired and look emaciated. Do not radically suppress any food, such as the dreaded carbohydrates, an error that causes the dreaded rebound effect to come later. Eat everything, but in moderation.


Even if you are a voluptuous escort, you need to do sports to tone the body and maintain the muscles. The absence of exercise makes even thin bodies look limp and skin in poor condition. If you work as a companion, you should not neglect that detail. Even if you have exceptional genetics, your metabolism will begin to slow down to measures that you approach at the end of the twenties, and then you will see the consequences of never taking care of yourself. If you are worried about the passage of time, sign up for a gym you like and ask a personal trainer for help. No need to spend money with many sessions, just a few to teach you what you have to do. Then you can continue on your own, thanks to everything you’ve learned with him.

In addition, doing sports will release tensions and you will be much more relaxed and rested when having your meetings. And remember, don’t get obsessed. There are many escorts that have bodies similar to those of professional fitness models, but that greatly limits the number of clients they obtain. Not all men like too marked abs or very muscular legs, although they love escorts with round and very developed buttocks. Keep that in mind!

consejos de belleza para escorts


If most women need makeup to look good at work, a high-level escort is almost obliged to do so. Escorts cannot show up for an appointment with emaciated, uniform skin and dark circles. They need to offer an image that gives off class, beauty and safety, and that is not always achieved with a washed face. Let’s face it, who has perfect skin? Therefore, you will have to invest in the right makeup products: base, concealer, profilers, eyebrow pencils. From there, send your own tastes. No agency will say anything about the type of makeup you feel beautiful with, unless you like the drag queen or queen carnival style.

Do not forget a very important detail: if you are attractive, it is very likely that you have more than one appointment the same day. If you only dedicate yourself to making exits, the number of meetings is reduced, but if you are more available, you will work several times in a row if that is what you want. Be smart and buy waterproof makeup. Do not fall into an excess of shadows or lipstick that will make you a disaster when the service ends and you have to put on makeup again. When we talk about beauty tips for escorts we also have to use logic.

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If you work as a companion, you will spend more time with little clothes than with a lot. Whether in hotels or apartments, nobody will see you too warm, because you will go with light clothes. Then, in privacy, you will not wear anything. You can be sure that customers look at the skin and value its quality and appearance above anything else. If you have it rough, with excess hair or with a bad color, be sure that this will make the gentlemen with whom you meet have a bad concept of you and do not want to see you again. We advise you to exfoliate the skin of the body once a week and to discolor and depilate the hair, never neglecting. Choose the hair removal system that is most comfortable for you, although in Sugar Girls we advise our girls to opt for the laser. It is permanent and allows them to forget the hair during a good season, instead of the slavery of the wax, which also requires the hair to grow back and be visible to be able to remove it again. That is a gigantic NOT for your private appointments! Beauty tips for escorts are of no use if you neglect those important details.

We hope that these beauty tips for escorts have been useful to you. They are something of great importance. Do not forget that a good part of your success as an escort in Barcelona will depend on your appearance. Your physique is your letter of introduction in society and says a lot about how you see yourself and how you want others to see you. If you want to succeed, invest in your beauty … you will not regret it!

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