I have a partner but I want to meet an Escort

This is another of the big dilemmas when it comes to hiring the services of a companion. You have a partner, you are married, you just started a relationship … and you don’t know if you’re doing the right thing. You are satisfied with your relationship. With your sentimental life. There is no problem. But still, you feel the pang of desire, the desire to be with a stranger, with a woman willing to provide you with a moment of pleasure without ties. What should you do?

It seems like a very complicated matter, but it has an easy solution. You just have to understand the impulse of biology. Men like variety; They are programmed for it. It is a biological trend. The experts are clear: the human being is not monogamous by nature. Being faithful to a single couple is not convenient from the evolutionary point of view. Men are still hunter-gatherers; that is, they continue to share the same DNA as that of the Paleolithic humans. The changes in the way of feeding and mating that came with the Neolithic could not change something more powerful: genetics.

In prehistory there was no property, and the man had a tendency to reproduce with multiple women.

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Monogamy came several million years later. It was a way to protect the offspring and ensure that everything was from the same man. The women were conservative choosing a partner so that their partner would be involved in raising children, who could not protect them alone. Man was also necessary to provide sustenance. With the abandonment of nomadic life and the construction of communities in which humans had to live following certain standards, the monogamous union with another person began to be something well seen and even necessary.

With these communities the hierarchy also arrived. The leaders of each group or tribe, seeing how promiscuity caused the spread of diseases, began to condemn those who had sex with multiple different people. The stable union or marriage guaranteed order and a social organization that provided great social and economic advantages.


More and more experts are aware that, deep down, we remain biologically identical to our Paleolithic ancestors. The human being has been a hunter-gatherer for millions of years, while he has been a farmer and rancher for only a few thousand. That means that we are not yet fully adapted to modern life. The theory seems evident when we think about the current diet and the amount of diseases that did not exist before. We are made to eat what the cavemen ate, not the shepherds; That is why there are so many intolerances, unexplained increases in weight and heart problems. The human being is not yet able to digest milk, bread and grains.

That maladjustment also extends to other habits. Sedentary life is not made for us, with the DNA of men accustomed to moving, taking long walks and running after animals to hunt them. And with sexuality, the exact same thing happens. If you are here because you have a partner but you want to be with an escort, you should know that your desire is a simple biological matter. Against which you will never be able to fight.

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You are older to know that you are free to do what you want. You work hard and deserve a treat. If you have a partner or are married, and want an appointment with an escort, you are not doing anything wrong. It’s just a little fun in your free time, a time that is worth gold. Do not waste it for an absurd morality that will not report anything good. If the idea is in your head, it will never disappear altogether. The impulse will always be there, in the back of your mind, occupying your thoughts.

We advise you to forget about morals. Do not think, absurdly, “What a bad person I am, going to whores in Barcelona when I have a partner!” Being a bad person implies other types of actions that have nothing to do with being with a professional in your leisure time.

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Of course not! Another reason that should encourage you to take the step is the discretion that prevails in this business. At Sugar Girls Barcelona and Sugar Girls Madrid we understand that our clients want to protect their privacy and forget about complications. Therefore, we take care of every detail so that the experience with us is extremely discreet. If you want an appointment at your hotel or address, the escort will be dressed in a way that does not attract attention in an inappropriate way. If on the contrary you prefer to have your meeting in our facilities, we have a luxury apartment in the best area of ​​the city. In addition, it is located in a large building full of offices where there are no private homes. If it happened that you met an acquaintance, I would have no way of knowing what you came to visit an escort agency.

Your intimacy is the most important thing for us, and you can be sure that nobody is going to find out that you have been with a luxury companion, unless you tell it, of course.

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