High Standing Escort, Why Choose One?

When it comes to choosing a young lady to enjoy an unforgettable moment of pleasure, fun and laughter, one of the most frequently asked questions is: Should I choose a high standing escort, or does any type of escort serve?

Obviously it is a very personal decision. There will be who thinks that any woman serves, that paying a lot ofmoney for an escort is absurd. At Sugar Girls we believe that quality is paid, although that does not mean that excessive rates are justified. In our agency we defended from the beginning that it was not necessary to establish a very high price. You can enjoy the company of a high level companion without paying large amounts. At the same time, we are aware that cheap is often expensive. That is why it is important to choose well, so as not to waste time with a lady who will not be liked by her client. In the end, in this way, you only lose time and money.


A high standing escort is usually an attractive lady, who is not necessarily beautiful or stunning. As in real life, a woman can have a lot of charm and be irresistible, without having to have a perfect face. In Sugar Girls we have a good eye to find ladies of those who get men to go crazy, in a way that not even a runway model could get.

In the same way, in our agency we have rejected escorts with spectacular faces. Simply, because they did not give the profile we are looking for. They transmitted coldness, closeness and arrogance.


To summarize our tastes, we will say that in our opinion, a high level escort is an attractive, elegant and classy lady. A woman who feels very proud of her physique without believing that it is the only weapon she has to succeed in life. A lady who takes care of her appearance to always be impeccable, knowing that the image that others see is a representation of how she sees herself. Someone who conveys warmth, sympathy and a pleasant character.

Exclusivity is also important to ensure the discretion of meetings in public. It is important to understand this point to avoid unpleasant situations. For example, if you need an escort to go out for dinner or have a drink, or if you want a high-level escort to accompany you to an important event, it is always better to go to an agency like Sugar Girls. We are used to such requests. We know well what are the right escorts so that your demands are met perfectly.


If you want a perfect encounter, trust quality agencies like ours. A high level escort will give you everything you need. You will not have to worry about their appearance. It will always be perfect for you. In public and in private. It will be a perfect company. You will leave your encounter feeling in the clouds and eager to repeat. Call us!

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