We had time with the idea in mind, but for many months, it was just a fantasy that we glimpsed in the future and nothing more. Honestly, we were so busy with our new luxury facilities in the center of Barcelona that we couldn’t concentrate on other goals. But finally the time has come to make the leap and open another SugarGirls agency in Madrid. It is something that we began to consider at the suggestion of our own clients, executives accustomed to traveling throughout Spain and who missed having an agency like ours in other cities. Sugar Girls has established itself as the best escort agency in Barcelona thanks to an extremely competitive rate and a selection of escorts of the highest level. As we always say, our value for money has no equal.


Once the decision was made, we started. A person from our team traveled to the capital with two goals in mind: first, find the perfect facilities; and second, get in touch with beautiful, elegant and educated ladies. For us it is not an easy task. As we explain in the post about the characteristics of a high level escort, the luxury escort that we look for in SugarGirls is a very specific, special and different profile.

Chicas SugarGirls


In Sugar Girls we are as foodies with women as our clients are. We believe in the power of good energy. We like firm and confident girls, but with good character and a pleasant personality. We are looking for a desirable and attractive physique, but at all costs we avoid women who believe that this is the only weapon that is needed in life to succeed. We don’t want porcelain dolls that don’t transmit anything. We are attracted to the companions with a profession and some objectives apart from their activities as escorts, since we believe they are a much more interesting woman profile and with a more positive approach to what life is.

Many of our ladies are students in prestigious universities and some of them are already licensed and ready to enter the labor market. Others prefer to live life with more intensity and are not yet ready to establish themselves definitively, so they prefer to travel the world and have fun waiting to decide what they will do. And some already have a job that they love and for years, but they want to earn extra money by interacting with senior gentlemen like you. An extra nothing negligible that will help them achieve their goals much faster.

Chicas de compañia de alto standing

Our selection is very careful. We like to meet the girls in person, after evaluating the photographs they send us through our contact form. Obviously, these images allow us to get an idea of ​​something very important in this sector: beauty. Although as we have explained, it is not the only thing that counts. If the photographs show us a woman who does not fit exactly with the physical profile that interests us, we destroy all the information that has been sent immediately, to guarantee the privacy of any person who contacts us, whether selected or not. . In SugarGirls we value both the privacy of our clients and that of the young ladies who are engaged in this activity.

If what we see seems attractive, we will organize the personal interview. Our managers contact the escort via telephone and meet her at our facilities. In this way, the interested person can see first-hand the luxury apartment in which some of the agency’s private meetings will take place and have the first contact with the Sugar Girls Barcelona team.

Citas exitosas 100%

During the appointment, we observe how the escort is in person, how her manners are, her way of expressing herself and moving … We do not demand a stellar performance: we want our girls to be themselves. We have no problems with shyness and we don’t want anyone to show up in a way that isn’t. We are also interested in his goals and some details of his life, such as his profession and his personal goals, information that only serves to give us an idea of ​​his personality and that we never share with anyone. We like to know who we work with, just like we provide all the information that our escorts request.

It is also important for us to make it clear that the rate of services provided is set by the company. The meetings are private and organized with total discretion, and what happens during them is a personal decision between the escort and the client, who have been contacted through SugarGirls.

If the interview satisfies us … we have a new escort in Barcelona! In SugarGirls we take care of putting the company lady in contact with our clients and proceed to organize a session from which we will take the images that will appear on our page. High quality photographs and the best lighting, but without absurd touch-ups. In our agency we do not understand what is the sense of selling an image that does not correspond to reality, a hoax that customers soon discover! We are totally against the lies and false illusions so frequent in this sector.

Escorts en madrir una realidad a corto plazo

We assume that it will take us a few months to settle in Madrid, but we have no doubt that we will succeed. We already have a wide portfolio of clients who are looking forward to knowing our facilities in the capital and we know that our competitive price formula and beautiful high level escorts gives a result. Our success in the city supports us. Over four years of passion and effort, we have managed to change the luxury escort services sector in Barcelona and our goal is to do the same in Madrid.

In SugarGirls we are ready to face this new challenge, so if you plan to go to Madrid for business or pleasure, do not hesitate to call us. We know that what we have to offer you will love … as always.

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