Bisexual escorts, are they real?

If there are bisexual women, there are bisexual escorts. There are also lesbian escorts who decide to engage in this activity … with men. And they have no problem about it. That freedom is magnificent for men, who can see how it is possible to realize one of their greatest fantasies: to see two women making love. How to find authentic bisexual escorts?

The issue of bisexuality in the luxury accompaniment sector is also part of the industry’s great deceptions, such as photos or the age of the girls. Many escorts lend themselves to this service to earn money, but the experience is unsatisfactory and too fictional for the client. Again, the mistake of thinking that men are fools and do not realize anything. Wow All the escorts in the world are naturally bisexual, right? Well no, it is not so, and anyone can reach this conclusion.

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Of course there are bisexual escorts, and in Sugar Girls we have several. Naturally, this sector does not attract virgin girls, but sexually open and curious women. Women willing to experiment or who have already experienced a lot throughout their lives. But what we don’t do is say that all our girls are bisexual to use. We classify our escorts into different categories: bisexual, non-bisexual and curious. The curious, we can assure you, are magnificent to realize the dream of being with two women at the same time.

In Sugar Girls we have found that men, much more often than it seems, look for simplicity and naturalness. They want to enjoy the experience of being with two women at the same time, but they don’t want to feel they are in the middle of a porn movie. They want to see kisses, caresses, they want to see how at any given time, pleasure gets out of control and goes beyond, until the end. What they don’t want to see are fake orgasms, screams that would leave anyone deaf, and ultimately, a theater that nobody believes.


The “curious” companions are girls who at some point in their lives have been attracted to another woman; in some cases, going very far with such attraction. Girls who after the experience discover that they have obtained pleasure and that they have had fun, but that they continue to prefer men. They may feel ashamed of having made love with another woman. They may want to repeat, but may not find the right girl. In those cases, an intimate encounter with another escort is the best thing that can happen to them. They enjoy another woman as attractive and daring as they are, and everything is there, in secret and with the utmost discretion. A dream come true!

If we join a genuinely bisexual escort with a curious escort, fireworks are guaranteed. The bisexual escort will take the reins of the situation safely, while the curious escort gets carried away by the most immense pleasure ever experienced. And you will be there to see it.

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If you are looking for something really explosive, we also recommend that you look for the services of bisexual escorts that are couples or that have relationships in real life. That is the case of our girls, Rebeca y Victoria, two luxury escorts who are also close friends. Very, very intimate. They are friends since adolescence and began to give each other pleasure a few years later. They go out shopping together, go to dinner, have drinks and almost always, end up in the apartment of one of the two, where they know they can go as far as they want.

Each one knows the body of the other practically by heart.

Yes, in Sugar Girls we can turn your dream of being with two women into reality. Just call us: we will take care of everything. We have all the ingredients so that the result is the most explosive, decadent and delicious cocktail.

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