Work as an Escort Abroad

It seems that this is a frequent dilemma in the professional career of many luxury companions. After a while, some consider the possibility of traveling a week or two to some other country to work, meet new clients, make interesting contacts and earn money. But often, that adventure becomes a nightmare that has devastating consequences for girls, consequences that could affect their private sphere. Is it worth traveling to work as an escort abroad?

In Sugar Girls Barcelona we have been in this sector for years, so we have heard stories about this topic again and again. Sometimes, there is a circumstance that appointments are spacing, or a difficult time comes. Calls from the shift agency are becoming less frequent. There are no more services for several hours in a row. Fixed customers have disappeared. The escort mistakenly thinks that this means that she is stagnant and that she needs to renew herself and change her air to continue making money. She has spoken with a friend who has told her that he once went to Dubai or Qatar and that he did very well, and begins to consider doing the same. Why not? Maybe going to work as an escort abroad is the solution to your problems.


The story is always the same: the girl talks to a contact or an agency specialized in sending escorts to Arab countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and even Saudi Arabia. Those people sell them something that seems ideal. No, there is no risk of being arrested because we manage the meetings with great discretion and you will hardly leave the hotel. Yes, we have a fixed client portfolio so you won’t stop working. You will earn more than fifteen thousand euros in a week. The Arabs have a lot of money, so surely they give you many tips and give you gifts. No wonder the girl begins to fantasize about Arab sheiks who fill her hands with a thousand dollar bills and gold watches. Without a doubt, working as an escort abroad will change your life for good.

Those agencies and people just want one thing: convince the interested escort to make the trip.


Once in the Arab country on duty, the problems begin. The escort arrives at a hotel, usually four or five stars, where the discretion is supposed to be secured and where no one gets into anyone’s life. But what does not take into account is that the workers of these hotels are very suspicious of the young ladies who travel alone.It is completely normal. If you are young and beautiful, you don’t look like a business woman and you are alone, what are you doing in Dubai or in Qatar? And worst of all, you spend almost all day locked in the hotel room. They only see you go out for lunch or dinner, or to go to a mysterious place, again alone, made up and groomed, from which you will return in a couple of hours.

In a matter of a day or two, all hotel workers already know that you are practicing prostitution, an illegal occupation in those countries of strong Muslim morals. Three things can happen: do not do anything but spend the day muttering and laughing at you, that they throw you under threat of warning the authorities, or that they directly call the police. None of those options is too nice if you are a discreet girl who cares about her image.


In countries where offering sexual services in exchange for money is illegal, there are no euphemisms. If you are arrested, the reason for your arrest will not be described ambiguously. You will see the word prostitution in the most degrading sense, as a crime that you will have to report to. You will be arrested and taken to a jail in which the concept of what human rights are does not exist. You will be at the mercy of policemen who, culturally, do not hold women in too much esteem, so how do you think they will treat you if they know that you have come to your country to have relationships for money?

Not all arrested girls are beaten, but we have never heard a case of an escort detained in an Arab country that has not been raped. All are held for days and even months. Afterwards, they are allowed to return to Spain, although they are prohibited from entering the country of detention, where the records will be recorded. You will have gone to work as an escort abroad and you will return with the scarlet letter in your history.


If the girl is lucky and is not arrested, it does not mean that the experience of working as an escort abroad will work out well. From there, a succession of days begins in which you will have to attend to any man who enters your hotel room, without any filters. This is another problem faced by women who come to work as escorts in Arab countries. The agencies that take girls to these places often lie with the type of clientele they have. Yes, they have fixed clients, but nothing guarantees that those clients are in the country at the moment the escort travels. Not all gentlemen want the services of an escort every week. And the client portfolio is never so much to guarantee certain income.

That makes those agencies or people look for new clients through ads. The time to earn money at the expense of the escort is limited, because the girl is only going to stay a week or two, so they do not worry about verifying the men they call. All they want is to make as many appointments as possible, regardless of the security or privacy of the girl. To achieve this, they give the hotel room number of the escort to the first caller, or distribute the images of the girl without their consent, sending their photos to those clients who are not verified and with their faces uncovered.


Escorts who travel to Dubai, Qatar or Saudi Arabia complain that once there, Arab clients are a minority. Goodbye to the dream of seducing Sheikh Amir and becoming a princess. The men who parade through their hotel rooms are expatriates, foreign workers from third world countries. That is not bad, but the girls who live that experience complain about the immense difference in behavior and class between Arab clients and expatriate clients, much less distinguished and of a lower purchasing level. Is it worth working as an escort abroad for that?

Another big problem is the number of scammers, thieves and voyeurs who go to the girls’ hotels. In those countries, there is no access to porn pages, so escort ads are the only fantasy these men have. Knowing that the girls are exercising an illegal activity and that, therefore, they will not report any aggression suffered, these individuals take the opportunity to coerce, threaten or attempt to violate the escort. Many men enter the room and steal the girl’s money at knife point. Others ask for free sex in exchange for not calling the police and reporting it. And some come, take a look at the girl, ask her to show her boobs, and when it’s time to pay the fee, they leave.

trabajar como escort en el extranjero dubai qatar


The answer is no. While the escort is going through hardships in Dubai or Qatar, the contact person is quietly in Spain with a computer and a telephone. In those countries, the girl is alone, and as she has traveled voluntarily, she has nothing to report back. The agency just wants to make money. They are not responsible for anything that happens because, in addition, it is a temporary relationship. It’s not like working with a base agency, which has to take care of your escorts because the work is long term. Agencies that send girls to Arab countries will only have contact with them during the week of the trip. Then goodbye. That means they have no need to respect their conditions or worry about their safety.

And regardless of attacks or arrests, there are constraints and pressures. As we said, those agencies and contact people are desperate to make money thanks to the escort, and they don’t have much time. We have heard from agencies that, during the girl’s stay in the Arab country, insist that she lower her rates or perform services that she does not want to do. In addition to everything we mentioned above, such as not verifying any client or hanging their photographs on hundreds of escort portals and without their permission.

If you are thinking of working as an escort abroad or in Arab countries, we advise you not to do so. Not worth it. Your integrity and security are above all. Do not put yourself in danger for others to earn money. Do not trust unscrupulous people who will tell you a lot of lies to deceive and convince you to take a trip that will be one of your most bitter memories of your career as an escort.

Never stay away from legality. Trust an agency like ours, Sugar Girls Barcelona,Barcelona, where you will earn money every week and have a good time, without traveling to a dangerous place. With a good agency, you will never have the need to work as an escort abroad. For us, the safety and happiness of our girls comes first. We will wait for you!

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