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Exchanging numbers with Escorts

That a customer and a girl exchange phone numbers seems like a tempting idea at first, but is it a good idea?

It is clear that we, as a luxury escort agency in Barcelona, ​​only have one opinion about it, but we will present the matter in the most objective way possible to make it clear that doing something like this can end badly for both parties. That is, for both the man and the girl.

The main reason why customers and companions give each other phones is to have meetings outside the agency. This usually interests the man more, because it allows him to obtain two advantages: direct contact with the escort and access to his personal information, and to save the agency commission.


The girl accepts because she believes that by giving her phone number, she will get more appointments with the client and in the long term she will obtain a greater economic benefit. But by doing this, you risk your professional relationship with the agency, which, as usually happens, sooner or later you will discover that the telephone exchange has taken place. That will cause him to lose confidence in the girl and stop giving him work.

Teléfono de una Escort

It’s normal: the agency gets a benefit because it makes a series of expenses. He agrees to employ the girl by mutual agreement and the result of an agreed decision among adults. Pay for advertising, promote the photographs of the escorts, make available facilities for you to perform your services quietly and without problems, and puts them in contact with the clientele. An escort agency is not an evil company that takes advantage of your work. It is a team of people who work hard to achieve your economic goals and care about your well-being and safety. This would be different, of course, if it were an agency that was not respectful of the privacy and security of its girls and exposed them to all kinds of risks to try to earn more money.

That is why it is important to trust a company that offers guarantees.

Giving a gentleman’s phone number is disrespectful and honest. Integrity is the key to success, as an escort and as a professional in any field.

Another reason why it is not a good idea for an escort to give a telephone number to a client is because, over time, the man usually loses interest. Clients like variety and sooner or later they end up wishing to meet new girls. Why risk losing the trust of a good agency in exchange for a few appointments that are not going to provide you with anything, or are they going to provide you with so little that it will not be worth it?


Discretion is another reason why an escort should never give her phone to anyone. With the agency as an intermediary, the girl is never exposed and will only reveal the details of her life that she wants to give. If you give your number and start dating outside the agency, it is easier for you to end up revealing more information than you should. It is practically impossible to keep the identity secret with a client with whom you have a “normal” relationship, especially if there are trips, hotel or plane reservations …

The agency is the best filter for discreet escorts who in no way want clients to have access to their private information.

Another important reason is that customers respect much less the companions who go for free. This is a frequent problem that many independent escorts have. Men know that they are alone and that it is easier to manipulate them to get discounts, more time than is due… With the support of an agency that cares about your appointments, you will not have to worry about the duration of your appointments or money. Everything will be clear from the beginning and we will always be aware of you so that everything happens as it has to happen.

If there are departures at home and hotel, we will verify the information and our private driver will take you and bring you at the agreed time so that you are totally safe during your intimate appointment.

As always, the key to enjoying working as an escort in Barcelona lies in safety, trust and fun. Do not risk unnecessarily!

Que es una Escort de Lujo

What exactly is a luxury escort?

All the answers to the million-dollar question: what is a luxury escort and what differentiates high-level escorts from other professionals?

Let’s not waste time: a luxury escort is a professional who charges a special fee for accompanying a man, a couple and even another woman. Escort is an English word that literally means “companion” or “escort” and that is its main and official function. The rate you request applies only for your time and what happens within that appointment is a consensus decision between two adults who know what they want and agree on how to get it.

The luxury escort always has certain attributes that allow her to move in high-level circles: she is attractive, has class, has a notorious know how to be and attracts attention in a pleasant and not vulgar way.

The luxury escort can have a spectacular physique, but she knows how to show it with elegance and discretion, being aware that vulgarity and an excessively provocative way of dressing are the last thing her clients want to see in her. The high-level companion prefers to keep her clothes and accessories more daring for privacy, when only she and her man, in low light, are in the room, ready to join in a moment of unique pleasure.

Barcelona las Mejores Putas

Another feature of the luxury escort is its absolute discretion. He knows that his clients value privacy above any other quality and expect and even demand to keep the secrecy of their private meetings. The escort never talks about her clients and what happens between them is something that stays in her memory as a beautiful memory, nothing more. She also values ​​her own intimacy since her rhythm of life implies that her double life is under the strictest secret.

Tempted? Let yourself be carried away by your wishes and bet on the beauty, discretion and fun of the girls of the a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener” aria-label=”Sugar Girls Barcelona (abre en una nueva pestaña)”>Sugar Girls Barcelona. agency. If you are looking for an unforgettable luxury escort, of those that mark a before and after, we have it.

Whores and History PART I

We all know it: that ofwhores, is the oldest trade in the world. Humans find immense pleasure in reproduction, something designed to perpetuate the species. But how was this work practiced in ancient times?

The first reports on the sex trade date from the thirteenth century BC, where there was already talk of the exchange of favors between men and women as a regulated trade with their own laws. Supply and demand were too large and common to leave the matter hidden in a dark corner, as if it did not really exist.


In Babylon they went further and saw prostitution as something divine, associated with female deities. Sex was the direct path to happiness and they saw nothing wrong with a woman selling her body. At the opposite chastity was considered unnecessary and poorly regarded. The Greek historian and traveler Herodotus said: “the most infamous Babylonian custom is that every woman prostitutes herself once in a lifetime with some outsider.”

In ancient Rome, debauchery regarding whores was even greater. In a difficult place where women needed to maintain their chastity at all costs, it seemed that the only two ways to prosper were marriage or prostitution.

The patrons lost their rights as citizens as they plunged into the sex business, something they could not hide because they needed a permit called licentia stupri to exercise. They could not marry free men and could not write or receive inheritance. For the rest, the authorities were willing to look the other way with something that, in most cases, was a voluntary agreement between conscious people. Prostitutes attracted customers from the doors and shop windows of brothels, dressed in suggestive clothes and holding illuminated phallus-shaped lamps.

There was no sexual practice that was not carried out in Ancient Rome. Even some that today were considered paraphilias in our society were practiced happily and without any stigma. Oral sex, although considered disgusting within the decency of the home, was one of the most claimed pleasures in love of payment. There were even prostitutes specialized in fellatio, who came to serve more than fifty men a night. The relationships between the whores and their clients did not always have to be carried out inside the brothels, but were carried out in hot springs, alleys, theaters and even in temples. There were also patrons who were dedicated only to attend to the sexual needs of travelers who were passing through the Empire and who were known as forariae.

For Roman whores, the easiest and most economical way of exercising their trade was in the middle of the street, which exempted them from paying the corresponding mandatory tax. Many taverns also offered sexual services in addition to performing their work serving cheese, meat or wine.

luxury escorts are not something of this era, but also existed in ancient Rome. As now, they were more beautiful, refined women who started from a situation much less desperate than that of the whores they exercised in the street or in the brothels. They became known as delicate and attended to senators, merchants, generals and rich men of all kinds. Their lives were more comfortable and safe and they had it easier to get married.

It was important for the authorities to separate decent women from prostitues; Therefore, the harlots of the Empire had to dress in a certain way. They could not or wear long dresses, they had to always move on foot and were not allowed to mix with the rest of the believers in the temples.

Although there were always stigmas and problems, we can say that prostitution was well seen, as if it were a necessary evil that preserved the decency of homes and that it satisfied a need from which it was impossible to escape.

las putas en el imperio romano

One of the texts of the time, destined for newcomers and explaining the concept of prostitution in Rome is famous:

“Nothing prevents you from going to the pimp’s house or buying what is for sale … As long as you do not venture into a private territory, do not touch a married woman, a widow, a virgin, or children, love whoever you want!”

In the next post we will continue talking about whores and history.

Cold is coming but we are hotter than ever

Temperatures drop across the country but in Sugar Girls they remain higher than ever.

Are you looking for the most beautiful escorts in Madrid? Are you interested in high-quality escorts but don’t want to pay absurd prices? Are you worried about being cheated with fake photos? Then you have reached the right place: Sugar Girls is the leading agency in the sector of high-level pleasures in Madrid. Which means that we have the most attractive, elegant and hot ladies at a price that has no competition in the entire market.

The satisfaction of our customers is the most important for us and for that reason we decided to change a sector that was stagnant and rusty because of many problems: poor image reliability, excessive prices, poor quality in terms of services …

Our girls are chosen through a rigorous selection process that seeks to choose the best luxury escorts in Madrid, to meet all your expectations and make you return home with a smile of pleasure on your lips … until next time.

They are waiting for you…

Putas Calientes

The envy the come back ?

If you have been away all summer and are looking forward to going back to Sugar Girls, we have good news: our escorts are waiting impatiently for you.

There is nothing more irresistible for a man than having at his disposal a group of pretty women willing to satisfy all their fantasies. Who doesn’t yearn to have a variety of young beauties, available with just a call or a message? That is the dream that Sugar Girls makes come true every day, 24 hours, every month of the year.

If your availability has not been so enormous and the obligations have kept you away from your girls, do not worry: they have not gone anywhere. All have returned from their vacations with more desire than ever to continue demonstrating why they are the best escorts in Barcelona, thanks to their sensuality, elegance, gift of people and joy.

They are a careful selection of jewels that we keep for you so that you come to delight yourself with their brightness and beauty.

Putas 24 horas

A new season begins and the time has come to return to routine, pleasure and mystery. Are you ready for our luxury companions to seduce you again and leave you annihilated with their charms?

Putas 24 horas

Your Escorts Wait for You in August

The holiday period has already begun … but the Sugar Girls do not go anywhere!

As the best escort agency in Barcelona, ​​we understand the need to be available to our clients and their schedules. With Sugar Girls everything is fast, easy and accessible. We adapt to your conditions and circumstances and we have a team in charge of managing your appointments effectively and with a lot of discretion. All we want our customers to do is enjoy and forget everything. We take care of the rest.

Sugar Girls Barcelona does not close in August, nor in September, nor in December, nor ever. We have escorts available 24 hours and our lovely managers attend the phone and WhatsApp at any time of the day. Appointments planned in advance are always exquisite (we never tire of repeating it), but impromptu meetings can be just as exciting. With us, you will not be able to say that we were absent, that we did not give up your request and that you lost a while that you had reserved for the most sublime of pleasures because there was no one on the other side of the phone.

During the month of August, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, the Sugar Girls Barcelona team is at your complete and complete disposal. And our beautiful escorts even more. They wait impatiently to relieve this intense heat.

Hablar con Putas

What to talk to with an Escort II?

If you are shy and you feel like staying with an escort, you might wonder what to talk about with her? What to tell him? The matter is easier than you think.

The first thing you should understand is that an escort is a normal woman, like her concerns and her character. You will find fun and open companions and other more reserved. As we always say, they all succeed because the magnitude of personal tastes is something that knows no bounds. Even really shy escorts have completely crazy lovers with them.

Most girls are educated and have social skills. Do not expect a moment of uncomfortable tension: they are there to accompany you and make you have a fun time. Don’t worry thinking that you must be witty and interesting, all you have to do with a professional is be yourself. Whether you want to laugh out loud or prefer a sensual and quiet evening, the girl of your dreams will adapt to your tastes with a skill that will surprise you.

copas con una escort

Just talk to your escort as you would any girl. You can bring up current issues and check their concerns, ideas and projects. Do not take the conversation to the personal field, asking questions about your identity or asking for data that can identify you. Remember that their intimacy is as valuable as yours and that the escorts are discreet people who deserve the same privacy as a reward.

The best of all is that, unlike a woman you want to flirt with and with whom you cannot be too direct, with the escort you can quickly direct the conversation towards the sexual field. You can tell her how hot she puts you, what you imagine she is wearing under that tight dress, what you are wanting to do with her as soon as you take off your clothes …

Don’t worry too much about the conversation: you can be sure that they will be as fluid and natural as what will happen when you stop talking.

Escorts Universitarias

Very Hot University Escorts

The university escorts have finished classes and are waiting for you.

The term “college escorts” began to be heard often in the wake of the economic crisis of the past decade. Newspapers, magazines and television reports gave wide coverage to what the media considered a failure and proof of the desperation of some people: young students advertising on sex portals.

We can tell you that that was just a myth. The university escorts did not start to emerge as a result of the crisis: the university escorts have always been there.

Students who perform private escort services are very common in this sector. These are young girls, between 18 and 24 years old, who start a career they want to dedicate themselves to completely. They do not want to lose several hours of the day with part-time jobs as many of their colleagues do to stay and pay for their studies. If they are beautiful and have something special, it is normal for them to think about the option of temporarily dedicating themselves to being luxury companions. Hourly flexibility and high income are a great temptation for the most ambitious students.

ligar o escort

Another important factor is the excitement that awakens the fact of having a double life. Many university escorts are very attracted to the idea of ​​being good girls by day and seductive at night. They find it fun and stimulating. Really, they have a great time. They enjoy imagining the surprise of their classmates if they find out what they do when nobody sees them …

The only disadvantage of college escorts is that they are available for a limited time. Most are very clear about what they want and how to get it, which means that once they have finished their studies, or have achieved the relaxed economic position they are looking for, they stop providing services to the lucky gentlemen who have enjoyed them during that glorious time. They are clear that the decision to be an escort in Barcelona or in any other city has a certain duration and they mark their future plan, which they do not skip in any case. So our advice is that you enjoy the charms of our beautiful university escorts without getting too fond of them because … when they finish their studies they will be good girls again 24 hours!

Do you dare to meet the Sugar Girls Barcelona?university escorts? Ask for them and … don’t let them escape!

Escorts Casadas

Married Escorts, the Most Morbid Experience

Do you want to know how the experience of being an escort in Barcelona lives a woman who is married? We tell you.

Many men feel an irresistible morbidity towards married escorts. They are greatly excited to think that the beautiful woman they are enjoying as never legally belongs to another man. There is nothing more seductive for them.

When it comes to luxury escorts, almost all have a double life that they lead with discretion and mischief. Many are students, which means they study during the day and have fun with the knights of the city at night, or when they have a free afternoon. They have a naive appearance but they are authentic wolves full of passion. Something similar happens with married escorts. By day, they are serious, discreet and responsible women. His friends, family and acquaintances think that they are faithful and that they are dedicated only to their family and their home. Few know what they are up to, to say no one.

That makes married escorts convey a unique and special sensuality.

Escorts Con Novio

If you are interested in married escorts in Barcelona, ​​ask at Sugar Girls, we have them and they are irresistible. But obviously, they are women who need great discretion, as much as you expect and demand. Do not expect to be told many details about your private life. He thinks that it is a game, an intimate part of a secret facet that they carry with great elegance and class. It’s about having fun and having fun, without ties, weird stories or dramas.

That is the grace of enjoying sex with an escort. There are no headaches, neither for you nor for she.

Escorts Guapas

Get horny with the Hottest Escorts

Summer is coming.

The hottest stage of the year is approaching and what better way to celebrate it than enjoying some moments of wild passion with the most beautiful escorts in Barcelona, ​​the luxury escorts of Sugar Girls!

Life is too short to miss the opportunity to do what you want. Do you have less workloads? Does the family start planning vacations and do you know that you will be left alone for more than one day? Are you coming to Barcelona and just thinking about having a great time, without worries and zero obligations? Then it is time to enter our gallery of images of escorts and start fantasizing. Or rather, nothing to fantasize about, because being with one of our girls is not an impossible dream, but a reality available and within your reach. Being with an escort of high standing, beautiful, elegant and fun is not an impossible luxury, it is a whim that you have just around the corner. What you see is just what you will get.

With Sugar Girls Barcelona, ​​your sexual and erotic dreams will come true.

Our hot escorts await you willingly and eagerly in our luxury facilities located in the center of Barcelona, ​​in a large office building where you will spend 100% unnoticed. Think about how much fun it is for others to think that you are going to a business meeting when you are actually going to enjoy a warm and intimate encounter with a beautiful woman. Doesn’t it sound exciting, even decadent? The secret, the discretion, the intrigue … are the luxury accessories in a 100% pleasant, unique and perfect experience.

At Sugar Girls Barcelona we are available every day of the year, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We never rest with the aim of providing you with the best sexual experience in Barcelona, ​​an intimate date that you will never forget and that will make you addicted. Our girls are the best; We select them with great attention and care to offer our customers the “creme of the creme”.

We will wait for you!

We are at your disposal so that pleasure is just relaxation, fun and fantasy. The hottest girls in Barcelona are waiting for you …

Big Tits Escorts

Do you love busty escorts? In Sugar Girls Barcelona we have many.

There is nothing more delicious than the breasts of a beautiful woman. Remember the touch in your hands, the softness, that tempting fleshyness that appears above the clothes. It is not surprising that the breasts are one of the most important details when choosing an escort, but you will see that there are tastes of all kinds.

What abounds, as usual, are men who prefer escorts with very big tits. In addition, they are specific when ordering. Others simply choose by observing our gallery of images of luxury escorts in Barcelona: a picture is worth a thousand words. Our photos are always recent and without touch-ups beyond lighting or polishing the skin, so you will always see what you will get. Our girls do not use bra fillings or resort to visual tricks to make it look like they have something that is not real.

If you see a big breasted escort, she has them.

Sexo Duro Barcelona

We also have the greatest within the great; Escorts with breasts of size 100 and size 120 with which you can enjoy as never before. Her huge tits will be ready for you to touch them, play with them, rub them against your body, suck them … We know that men who love huge breasts go crazy before a powerful forward woman.

Let yourself be carried away by temptation and do not cut yourself when it comes to selecting what really makes you hot. Ask for that mouth, and you will have everything you want. We will make it possible.

Enjoy with our busty escorts!

Sexo Putas en Barcelona

Escorts Available 24 Hours

Do you know what is one of the secrets of our success? We are available 24 hours a day.

Sex is spontaneous and unpredictable. We never know when we are going to feel the sting of desire, when we are going to notice an almost uncontrollable erotic impulse. And there is nothing worse than wanting to enjoy passion with a beautiful escort and see that the phone is not available. Until next time, we will not know when it may be.

In Sugar Girls we don’t want that. Opportunities have their peak and cannot be missed. Therefore, we make the decision to always be available. No, we never close. We have escorts available every day of the year and week, from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day, at any time and at all hours.

Whenever you call us, you will find us.

Barcelona las Mejores Putas

Not all the availability of our escorts in Barcelona is the same: everything depends on their professions. Many are students and have classes that cannot skip. Others are married and only have a few hours a day to enjoy intimate encounters with the gentlemen of the city. At Sugar Girls we always advise you to plan your dream meetings with our luxury escorts in advance, so there are no surprises and make sure everything is ready, from your girl to the chosen place.

However, do not worry: even if the call is spontaneous, even if you only have a moment to escape and make a quick stop in the paradise of pleasure, we will be at your disposal to plan your appointment, quickly and efficiently.

Just visit our gallery of images of escorts and start imagining what will happen when the doors close …

Sexo en Barcelona

My Favorite escort is not available, what iam suppose to do?

You are hot and your favorite escort is not available, what can we do?

One of the big differences between the luxury escorts and the professionals available in clubs and flats is the schedule. A high-level companion has special characteristics that allow her to practice her profession in a more elitist environment.

Flexibility in availability is one of the advantages. Unlike other women in the sector, the escort does not have to cover a 21-year-old position, nor fulfill a schedule of several hours a day, nor should she, so to speak, “sign” upon entering and leaving.

The escort performs this activity for money, of course, but also for pleasure and fun. He has goals and a career that complements with being available to distinguished gentlemen, in order to have a fun time …

Putas de lujo Barcelona

That means that your favorite escort will not always be available.

The girls adapt to be available to their lovers but their commitments prevent them from being available 24 hours a day. More than once you will want to call that escort and you will find that she is out, has a new schedule or simply disappears. Remember that in this sector the smoke curtains are frequent and when the companions decide that they no longer want to be available, they do not always feel the need to say goodbye.

Our advice is never to tie yourself to anyone. It is good that you have a favorite escort with whom you have a special connection and with which you like to repeat. But with so much variety at your disposal, why not take advantage of the opportunities that life offers you? If your favorite escort is not available, do not turn off your desire: you just have to satisfy it with another. In Sugar Girls we have such a variety of beauties that you will feel that there is always a perfect woman ready for you. Call us!

Escorts Cachondas


Horny escorts … are they a myth or do they really exist?

There is a belief that escorts are very elegant and therefore stretched. Many men think that because of the relationship between luxury and the air of greatness that seems to have to go hand in hand, inevitably. They believe that a companion of high standing is cold, distant and excessively professional, like a pretty vase that has no emotion inside.

Is not true. Horny escorts exist and most are by nature. They wouldn’t do this if they didn’t love sex.

A high standing escort is like the ideal woman, we always say so. She has a beautiful physique, she is elegant, she knows how to be, she makes you look great when you go out with her out there and in bed she adapts to your needs with enthusiasm, involvement and passion. While with the lowest quality professionals you cannot get the complete pack. Quite the opposite. The less standing the girl whose services you hire, the less response you will get from her. What should I strive for?

Therefore, clients of luxury escort agencies no longer go back. With the professional companions there is an unequaled quality, and the experience is much more than a simple penetration without any heat.

Sugar Girls, las Mejores Putas de Barcelona

The good thing about Sugar Girls is that we have prices that make it much easier to enjoy the passion and fierceness of horny escorts. We have the most competitive rate in the market, which allow you to access beautiful, classy and very hot women at a price that has nothing to do with the usual in the sector. It is not necessary to pay large amounts of money to enjoy the charms of the best sex professionals in Barcelona.

They are our girls, some horny escorts, and also beautiful, elegant, affectionate, fun, sociable and unforgettable. They wait for you at Sugar Girls to do all those things you have been dreaming about for so long …

Putas en Barcelona

Hot Moments with an Escort

Life has to be enjoyed to the fullest, so hiring the services of a luxury escort agency will be one of the best decisions of your life.

Imagine the feeling of being able to choose. You have at your disposal an image gallery full of beautiful young people of all nationalities, physical prototypes and ages. It’s like the catalog of paradise, full of photos of sensual women so you can choose the one you like best. And you know the best of everything? That all will be available to you with just one phone call. Only that is what separates you from pleasure.

This is how the best service in the world works: the one that involves sex and fun without ties and without commitment. Why do you think escorts are so successful? You just have to search the internet to see how many agency banners there are. Even the newspaper ads section, which is increasingly obsolete due to free internet press access, is still full of advertisements for luxury whores, apartments, clubs and flats.

The reason is that paid sex is a trend that never goes out of style.

Escorts en Barcelona

The question is, how will something that offers so many advantages, fun and pleasure go out of style? It is the best way to spend hot moments with the woman of your dreams. You can change girls when you feel like it and you decide the time and place. If you have had a stressful day, you can relieve it with the caresses of the most beautiful escorts in Barcelona. If you are tired of conventional sex and you are looking for a wild encounter, one of our escorts specialized in the porn star experience service will make you enjoy the most intense pleasure, without limits.

Sex is important and, for a man, there is no better or more pleasant feeling. Men are made for sexual variety and to be unable to resist the charms of a beautiful woman. So it doesn’t matter if you have a partner or that you don’t feel that you should not resort to the services of a professional: hot moments with an escort are something you should not give up.

In Sugar Girls we wait for you to spend an unforgettable time in a place that we know you will always return. Our clients always repeat and become addicted to the best luxury agency of whores in Barcelona. We invite you to check why …


Do you want to feel that you are having sex with a porn star? An escort specialist in this type of services is a dream come true.

Although most men opt for what is known as girlfriend experience, many feel weaknesses on the contrary: hard and wild sex, like the one practiced in adult movies. It is the porn experience or pornstar experience; and with that name, we don’t need to explain so much, no?

Are you looking for a pornstar experience in Madrid? You are in the right place: we have very horny and open minded luxury escorts who go crazy for making sex as if they were in the dirtiest porn movie.

It is an intense service that includes all the acts you see in cinema X. The service is wilder, so to speak. The escort behaves and acts exactly like a porn actress and is open to more fetishes and extras. It’s not like the girlfriend experience service, reminiscent of a passion session with a partner. In this, they are two adults doing what the porn actors do in the movies.

Putas con buen Culo en Madrid

Although it is a fun service that drives the escorts who practice it crazy, not all girls fit the profile of escort / porn actress. Most do not do it, although that does not mean they are not hot or passionate. It is simply another type of performance, less sensual and more raw.


If you want to feel that you are making love with a porn star, in Sugar Girls Madrid we have the ideal girls for an unforgettable pornstar experience.

Sexo Duro Barcelona

Sex with an Escort, The Best one

If you live in Barcelona and want to enjoy the best sex, we tell you something: the easiest way to get it is to hire the services of an escort.

It is normal for many men to be a bit bored and sexually frustrated. That has nothing to do with them, but with their circumstances and with the little inventiveness and daring of their sexual relations. Men are visual and biologically made so that we like variety. We cannot, even if we try, live satisfied if we have sex with only one woman. It goes against our nature, what are we going to do!

Within that irrefutable reality, there is the desire to experiment in bed and fulfill fantasies. Sexual desire clouds our judgment: when we are hot, we are excited by things that then surprise us when the moment of passion has passed. If one day we die of wanting to have sex like the one practiced in porn movies, in a wild and violent way, how are we going to propose it to our partner, if we know perfectly well that they are not doing that roll? It is an awkward situation but we do not want and should not give up our sexual desires.

Sexo con una Escort

Sex with an escort is the best way to enjoy in bed without moral judgments, without ties, without giving explanations … It leaves you the option to choose only and exclusively the girl you like and puts you, without anyone telling you That you are superficial. Do you fancy a wild session with a big tits escort? It’s your day, we have it, so do it. Do you want to make love with a beautiful girl and enjoy passion? You have the doors open, call us. The best thing is that with a professional there will never be bad faces, demands or those disadvantages that are implicit in a real relationship.

That’s why, really, sex with an escort is the best sex you can have. Take the step, we wait for you.

Hard Sex With An Escort

Hard sex is intense, overwhelming and very pleasant. Who better than an escort to try it?

We will not discover America if we tell you that men love hard sex. It is known as rough sex and consists of being aggressive, practicing the act with force and with fast and intense movements. It is not exactly the same as sadomasochism or bondage, since it is not necessarily about hitting the other person (with your consent, obviously). Hard sex involves dominating and making love aggressively, with hair pulling, cachetones, wild thrusts, deep throat-like relationships with repetitive movements as if the penis were inside the vagina (fuck throat), pinches …

It is a natural instinct associated with biology and the desire for domination that is part of the masculine nature. Therefore, the most aggressive role is usually acquired by men, although women can also put their grain of sand. Hard sex, very frequently, is practiced equally aggressively by both parties

Escorts para Sexo Duro

Hard sex has a lot to do with what is known as pornstar experience. It is very similar to the type of relationships seen in porn movies, where strong thrusts, throat fucking, slapping and in general, an intense and fun aggressiveness that has the total consent of both parties abound.

Speaking of which: as usual, not all escorts agree with this practice and not all want to perform hard sex. Many prefer to have a passionate and affectionate encounter, but without aggressiveness. We advise you, if you are fond of hard sex and you love feeling like a real porn actor with your girl, let him know beforehand so that the escort does not get a scare and you do not waste your time.

If you are looking for an escort to do hard sex, we have great news: in Sugar Girls Madrid we have girls who love that practice and who are perfect to perform the act in the wildest way you can use. Call us and you can use them as you want … they are looking forward to it!

The hottest escorts in Madrid.

Our luxury companions are ardent, passionate and naturally addicted to sex. In Sugar Girls Madrid there is no space for theater or fiction: in our luxury escort agency, we know that sex has to be real and the result of authentic desire between two adults who know what they want.

It may be because of the impressive variety of escorts we have. We have Latin American hot women from all corners: sophisticated Argentines, passionate Brazilians, fiery Colombians, sweet Ecuadorians like honey, Chileans dedicated to passion and desire. We have girls from Russia and Ukraine female and with the beauty that has made women from that part of the world famous.

And of course, we have beautiful Spanish escorts who have decided to join this fascinating world, which allows them to have a double life and experience and enjoy more than ever.

Putas Españolas

The best thing is that all that variety of beauty is at your disposal for the most competitive rate in the market: 150 euros per hour. It is not necessary to pay huge amounts of money for a spectacular luxury escort and we have proven it. It is not necessary and that is the reason for our success. For that price, you will have at your disposal a sexual and intimate, warm and unforgettable accompaniment service that you will leave as new.

In Sugar Girls we want to be your whim, your space for evasion and absolute pleasure. We want to be synonymous with joy and fun for you. So, every time you think of the girls in our agency, a smile dances on your lips, that smile that precedes that moment that we already know how it will be. We will wait for you. Or rather, they await you: the hottest escorts in Madrid.

Putas de lujo en Barcelona

The Spring of Our Escorts

We are already in spring and our escorts in Barcelona are delighted. There is nothing they like more than taking off some clothes …

When spring approaches, our beautiful girls are revolutionized as the saying goes. They are looking forward to warm up, meet new men, live adventures … Actually they already do it every day thanks to Sugar Girls, but as we always say, luxury escorts are unique women, different from all others. They always want more.

Spring is also a great time to incorporate new girls into our escort agency. It is as if, with each season, the woman felt the need to start from scratch, set another goal and make bold and momentous decisions.

Start working as a high standing escort is one of them. It is not surprising that this is one of the times in which we receive more requests in our casting section, of beautiful young girls who are wishing to be a Sugar girl. Many proposals come to us, from fiery Latin Americans, beautiful blondes from Eastern Europe and, of course, passionate Spaniards eager to exercise as companions in their own city and in their own country, with the morbidity and the risk that this entails. A risk that they are more than willing to face …

Chica Escort en Barcelona

At Sugar Girls Barcelona, ​​we continue as usual: consolidating ourselves as the best escort agency in Barcelona. We love being at your disposal to organize private meetings between distinguished and discreet gentlemen and beautiful, elegant and eager ladies to enjoy. We want to be the great escape, a place of relaxation and fun in which worries fade away and there are only two people: a man and a woman being carried away by passion and mutual understanding between two adults who know exactly what they want …

Although attention: the “two people” is a way of saying. There is no limit here. When it comes to sex, we don’t like established patterns. Who says pleasure should only be limited to two human beings? In fact, did you know that one of our most acclaimed services is the duplex with two escorts? It seems that more and more men are more than willing to finally realize their dream of making love with two women at the same time. Why not? In Sugar Girls, fantasies are part of a dream catalog in which everything you need and everything you crave is at your fingertips, ready for you to select and enjoy.

Do you still have doubts why our girls are the best escorts in Barcelona? Check out our image gallery and open your mouth.