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Have you been thinking about the idea of ​​working as escorts in Barcelona? So, you may be just what we are looking for, for our team.

At Sugar Girls we are always interested in meeting attractive, elegant and friendly girls to be part of the agency’s escort gallery. If you meet the necessary requirements, you can join us and start a new chapter of your life in a safe place and with all the necessary guarantees so that you are 100% calm.

First, let’s explain a little about who we are.


Sugar Girls Barcelona opened in 2014 with a single objective: to change the luxury escort services sector of Barcelona. Until then, it seemed that there were only two alternatives: agencies with very high prices or low-level places that asked for very poor amounts. The men had to choose between paying an amount that did not correspond to the quality of what they obtained, since the company ladies were nothing special; or go to cheaper places, with the consequent decline in beauty, elegance and hygiene.

The solution was to find the middle ground. In a very short time, Sugar Girls Barcelona managed to consolidate thanks to the beauty of its escorts and one of the most competitive rates in the market: 150 euros for one hour.

Putas de Lujo Barcelona Teléfono

These prices allowed us to obtain a very high number of clients, who soon trusted our agency thanks to our professionalism and availability. Sugar Girls Barcelona never closes: we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 364 days a year. We make departures at home and hotel and have luxurious facilities in a very central area of ​​Barcelona, ​​which allows all meetings to be held with the utmost discretion.


At Sugar Girls Barcelona we believe in good energy and responsibility. We are sincere with our escorts and demand the same honesty in return. We respect all the decisions of the girls, especially regarding the schedules and the privacy of the photographs published on the network. We adapt to the availability of our companions, who choose at what time of day they are operational. All the images that appear on our website are made by a professional photographer and the decision to show or hide the face depends solely and exclusively on the escorts.

Thanks to our rates, our escorts manage to reach their economic goals easily. That is another of the differences with the high price agencies, which leave all the girls unemployed after the period of novelty, since they have very few clients and those men are only interested in the news. In Sugar Girls there is always movement and fun!


If you are over eighteen, you are attractive, you have class and you have other qualities that you think may interest us, do not hesitate and get in touch with us. To join the Sugar Girls Barcelona team and start working as an escort, you just have to access the casting section in this link and send us the necessary data, in addition to one or two recent photographs.

Then, one of our managers will contact you to meet you for a personal interview, in which we can meet you, show you our luxury facilities and know what your pretensions, schedules and objectives are.

The information you send to us will be handled with absolute discretion, and if it is not selected, it will be removed from our files immediately.

Do you want to work as an escort, have a great time, meet interesting men and change your life? We are waiting for you at Sugar Girls, the best escort agency in Barcelona!

ligar o escort

Go out to Flirt or Call an Escort?

If you are new to this, you may wonder if it is worth hiring the services of an escort. Isn’t it easier and cheaper to go out to flirt? We explain where the difference is.

For people outside this world, the escort client uses this type of services because she has no other way to enjoy the charms of a beautiful woman if she is not paying.

We disassemble the first myth: that statement is totally false. Escort clients, like all men, do not have too many problems to flirt or to find a partner. In fact, many of our clients are married, have a stable partner, or are single men accumulating conquests on weekends.

But as usual, the process of conquering a woman is not easy. Therefore, calling an escort is the best way to avoid complications.


Both the man who hires the services of a professional and the one who is inviting drinks in a nightclub have a common goal: the two want to end the night accompanied by a beautiful woman. The difference between the two is that the former knows that he will achieve it, while the latter is not guaranteed the success of the mission. The woman has the last word. Imagine if all the men returned home with a girl after a simple night of walking and drinks! Everything would be very easy, but reality has nothing to do with it.

With an escort, the man has the guaranteed outcome, and even better. Being a professional, you save the typical problems of a relationship: tantrums, whims, jealousy, having to give explanations … An escort is like having a girlfriend, but without the complications that inevitably come when we have a partner.

Ligar con una Escort

With an escort you don’t have to explain anything. You don’t have to say where you’ve been or where you’ll be. You don’t have to talk about your personal life, if you don’t want to. And if you feel like talking about yourself, you will have an attentive companion who will know how to listen to you and who will even give you her point of view. You will not be judged or feel ashamed for needing sex without preamble or romanticism in between. With an escort, you can be the type of man you’ve always wanted to be. You will not have to pretend an interest that you don’t really feel. You will not have to say things you do not think or make promises that you have never intended to keep.


If you want to save yourself to “seducing” a girl who really isn’t going to mind you after a night or a few days, skip the procedure and enter our escort gallery. They are the same girls you can find on a Saturday night at any nightclub. Our escorts are students, professionals from different sectors, models and even housewives in search of strong emotions. You just have to go in, take a look, let your libido shoot and take the phone. Ask for the one you like best and tell us what time you want it to be available. It is not even necessary to book a hotel room as we have at your disposal impressive luxury facilities, located in the center of Barcelona and extremely discreet.If you have a fantasy, ask for it and your escort will make it happen. If you feel like trying some erotic game, your girl Sugar will be happy to participate.

When you need a sweet and passionate bed companion, you will have it. If you are dying to make love as if you were in a porn movie, we have girls specialized in that service. There is nothing we cannot provide.

InSugar Girls Barcelona you can enjoy authentic sex and passion without headaches and without anyone ever knowing that you have come to visit us. Forget about flirting: this is even better.

Do you still wonder why there are some men who are addicted to escorts? The question is, how could they not be?

Escorts with the Uncovered Face

You are here because you want to see escorts with uncovered face. Guess what ? We have a good news for you : most of our Sugar Girls are showing their face .

This decision , is something very personal that always depends on the escort. It is her privacy and we do not interfere in any way with that choice.

We should be honest with you , and what we have noticed is the ones that show their face have more chances to be chosen . As we know , the face especially the eyes are the mirror of the soul and is a very important part of the sexual attraction that start from there… How to feel attracted if you don’t see what is more important for you .

Escorts that show their face

Anyway, that does not mean that the escorts that work hiding their face do not work or do not have success with our clients. The girls who did this choice also succeed because of the mystery they aspire . Sometimes, the hidden, that we can not see and what we can only intuit is exciting us because we will do everything to discover it . You’d be surprised how many men are immensely attracted to girls who hide their faces, or who show only their delicious lips.

Everything depends on the fear of the escort to be recognized. Indeed , it is very difficult for a a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”> Spanish escort to show her face. Because anyone can recognize her : colleagues, friends but also relatives.

Escorts sin Cara

Our SugarGirls show their face

If you enter to our escort gallery you will see that many of the girls have the face discovered. We also have others that show it partially, covering their eyes; and others that hide it completely. Each woman is unique and special for us , that’s why we give them the possibility to take the decision to show or not their face. This is will influence their ideas, their convictions but especially their desires . We have asked some of our beautiful escorts that had uncovered face about that choice, and all have admitted that they want to seduce and attract a bigger number of clients. They also want , that the man who has chosen them for an unforgettable sexual moments know exactly how beautiful they are, without any bad surprise. Then, they can go to the meeting feeling more comfortable to seduce and give an unforgettable moment.

Are you interested in escorts with the face uncovered ? With SugarGirls Madrid you will have very big choice.

Hablar con una Escort

Stay with your Escort in a Hotel

Departures to hotels are one of the most requested services in escort agencies. It is very normal for girls to have to go to hotels several times a week.

This fact that seems obvious is one of the most exciting encounters, both for escorts and for their clients. Depending on the chemistry and the place, it can become an unforgettable experience, full of morbidity and desire for both parties.

Imagine it, meet an unknown beautiful, elegant and very sexy, knowing that in a few minutes you will both be without clothes, enjoying each other’s bodies.


But not everything is roses and wine! Many of our clients do not have enough time to delight in the charms of our company ladies. They only have one hour to devote to passion and debauchery, but almost everyone is left with the feeling that they could have squeezed their private date much more with a luxury escort.

The escort will always adapt to your availability. Whether you want an entire night or if you only have one hour against the clock, she will take care of giving you pleasure and taking care of you until you say goodbye to her with a happy smile on her face. It is his occupation … and he loves it! But if you have a little more time … why not turn that hotel outing into an erotic experience that you can never forget?

Recibir a una Escort en mi Hotel

Some clients really enjoy the art of seduction. Although they know that the escort will end in their beds, they like to create a warm and sensual atmosphere with a couple of glasses of champagne, low light and a good conversation. Our girls are intelligent and some of them have even traveled all over the world, collecting experiences that they can now use to be the best high-class escorts in Barcelona. There will be no topic that they do not know how to talk about and they will live up to any conversation, however complicated. Others are specialists in listening to others, finding their weak points and making men feel as if they were the center of the universe.

Be careful with escorts: they are really addictive. You will have the feeling of being with an incredible woman that meets all the characteristics of the ideal girl. Beauty, abundant charm, sympathy, intelligence and availability for both of you to have a great time in privacy. What more could you want?


Our agency is available every day of the year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We never close and you will always find us, day and night. We have a wide gallery of escorts so you can choose the woman of your dreams: Latin, Catalan, blonde, brunette, tanned or snow-white skinned girls, eighteen-year-old escorts or over thirty… The variety of escorts that Sugar Girls offers is spectacular and aims to adapt to the tastes of all our customers. So no matter what time you want to call a luxury escort to come to your hotel: there will always be a perfect escort for you, waiting for you and more than willing to have a hottest date with you.

Don’t forget that our girls are extremely discreet. No one in your hotel will know that you have hired the services of an escort. In Sugar Girls we are specialists in that your private desires remain strictly in your privacy.

Take a look at our website, choose, fantasize, pick up the phone and let yourself be seduced. You will not regret.

Escorts con la Cara Descubierta

Escorts that show their face

Something that all men want: to see the escorts with their faces uncovered. What does it depend on girls to decide that option?

It is the great dilemma of any girl who starts working as an escort in Barcelona. Show her face in photographs or hide it?


The pages of luxury escorts have always been characterized by having really spectacular photographs of women with a blurred circle hiding the most important thing: their faces. That was something understandable and even necessary. Escorts do not want to expose themselves to the prejudices and consequences they may suffer if their family and friends discover that they are engaged in this activity.

The strictest escorts for privacy are national. In this case, getting Spanish or catalanas escorts that show their face openly on the internet is practically impossible. The reason is that they are the most exposed to problems and the ones that are most likely to be discovered. The network is a huge place with no limit; Once something is uploaded, it is practically impossible to erase your trail permanently and forever.

On the other hand, there are escorts that don’t give so much importance to negativity. They know they can be discovered, but they are also aware that the chances of that happening are minimal. Therefore, they prefer to take the risk and make the most of their decision to engage in high-level private services.

Fotos de Escorts Mostrando la Cara

Over the years, the tendency to hide the face has been disappearing. Barcelona escorts have followed the example of girls from cities like London, where the vast majority of high-class escorts must show their face if they want to work. The reason is that clients are demanding and do not want to risk hiring a woman’s services without even knowing what her face is like. This is understandable, since most of the attractiveness of a person resides in the face.

It is the first thing we see when we meet someone and what makes us decide if we like that person or not. Why would it be different in a business where physical attraction is the main requirement?


If you know our agency Sugar Girls Barcelona, ​​you will know that most of our girls show their face openly. That is a personal decision they make to increase the number of customers who are attracted to them. And that works. That is the reality: the escorts that are shown with the bare face make the task of choosing from the gentlemen much easier and faster. They feel an immediate desire and decide without further ado.

That does not mean that the escorts that hide your face are not successful. There are men who feel more intrigued by the discreet companions with their image. Others trust our criteria and decide thanks to the detailed description we make of the girls’ face. With trusted clients, we have the option to show the pictures of the escorts that appear on the web with their faces covered, with the consent of our girls and in our private facilities. Precisely, you also have the option to stop by our luxury apartment! There are many escorts available who do not want their photographs to be on the net. What better way to check if you want the girl and there is intense chemistry between the two?

Posting photos with their discovered face discovered on the internet is a very personal decision and the last word is always for the escorts. But as always, in Sugar Girls Barcelona we offer you all the options, even in a matter as peculiar as this.