Escort Lubricants

Lubrifiant or gels are the best selling erotic accessories in the sex products market. We can choose them from different textures or flavors, since the demand is immense. Which are the best lubrifiants for escorts?

For a sexual relationship to be pleasurable for both men and women, the vagina must be lubricated. That allows penetration to be fluid and friction is not annoying or painful for women. Nature is designed for women to get wet during erotic games that precede sexual intercourse: that is why it is never a good idea to start abruptly and in a hurry.


The escorts are women like everyone else. When they have sex with a man, their bodies react to stimulation naturally. It is an instinctive reaction. We are animals and our body responds to caresses, kisses and intimate contact. Even so, we cannot deny that private meetings between escorts and their clients can be somewhat rushed according to the occasion. At Sugar Girls we are available 24 hours and we offer half-hour appointments. That may mean that the escort is not fully lubricated at the beginning of the service.

lubricantes para escorts comprar

If you are an attentive client, of those who care about the pleasure of your sexual partner, it is logical that this matter interests you. That the escort is not lubricated at the beginning of the act does not mean that you do not like it or that it is frigid. It means that your body has not had time to react to your touch, especially if things have been done with a bit of haste.

Escort lubricants are the solution to this problem. A small amount is enough for the vagina to be moist and ready to receive its sexual partner; From there, the relationship will be fluid and satisfactory. The woman’s own moisture will soon melt with the lubricant, making the experience even more intense.


But attention! Lubricants are not only available for women. Lubricants for escorts? Yes, but there are also lubricants for your customers; that is, for men. That facilitates the introduction of certain objects to stimulate the male G-spot, a pleasant and fun practice that many men like. If this is your case, we understand that you cannot always carry a lubricant on top for encounters with your favorite escort. But as always, that’s what we’re here for: Sugar Girls has a wide arsenal of lubricants of all kinds and sexual objects to make your date perfect.

We are here for you to have fun. We put everything at your disposal. If you want lubricants for escorts or for you, we have them. We will wait for you!

Escorts and Social Networks

In these times, social networks are indispensable for everything. Many escorts have succumbed to the reality of new technology and smartphones and use Facebook or Instagram to promote themselves. But how to do it correctly? In Sugar Girls we have some tricks.


Escorts who want to advertise on social networks must remain active on these four platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Some decide to focus on the first two, or only one of those two, since they are the most useful. Men are visual, and seeing a photo directly is something that saves them time and worries. A long or detailed text is not even necessary to get your attention: the image is the most important of all.

The content must be constantly renewed, and the update depends on the personal experience of each escort. There are girls who prefer to upload new content every day, while others think that hanging photographs so often breaks the mystery and shows despair.


Whether the escort decides to upload photos every day or if she does it every week, there is an option that cannot be considered when promoting herself as an escort in social networks: never upload anything. Inactive profiles with little movement offer a bad image, and that is something that companies have very clear. With the sex business, the exact same thing happens. It is no use uploading a couple of photos and then not hanging up anything else for months. If you are a luxury companion and want to advertise on Facebook or Instagram, you need that your followers and potential clients do not forget you. If you do not publish anything, it will be as if you did not exist, and as beautiful as the photos you posted at the beginning, you will not remain fresh in anyone’s memory.


Although all escorts know the importance of photographs when working and attracting new clients, it is not always possible to update the portfolio, and nobody takes pictures 365 days a year. The good news is that you don’t always have to hang professional photos.For men, it is not necessary to see a perfectly illuminated image, retouched and with spectacular styling so that they are attracted to a woman.

If you are an escort and want to promote yourself in social networks, you can use the camera of your smartphone to renew the content and raise the interest of your followers. Even if you decide to hide your face you can do it. A striking angle, low light, hair on the face … the possibilities are endless. And of course, full-length photos of your breasts or your butt.

putas escorts redes sociales


If you have decided to update your social networks every day, or several days a week, and you see that you do not have good photos to upload, you can upload content related to sex. Any phrase that has to do with being an escort, or an erotic account of few words can help you to attract the attention of your followers and capture their interest. You can also report your availability or the services you do, as well as any news that may interest your potential customers, such as a tripyou are going to make to a specific city.


If you are an escort, you decide what you are willing to share in your private life. It can be a little, or it can be nothing at all. But when it comes to social networks, it does not hurt to show something of your day to day, because you will not only use Instagram or Facebook to get new customers. Your regular customers will also want to follow you, be in touch with you and know what you do. There is nothing wrong with showing the places you visit, the restaurants you go to or the things you buy. Sometimes, using social networks as an escort means doing it as any blogger or influencer would.

Escorts that Kiss

Kisses are a very important part of the services offered by high level escorts. Many gentlemen wait for them and even demand them. Still, escorts who really kiss are not as easy to find as it seems.

Do you remember the Pretty Woman scene in which Vivian (Julia Roberts) tells Edward (Richard Gere) that he offers all kinds of services … except kissing? The absence of kisses is part of several of the most important scenes of the film, and in the end, it is what marks the beginning of the love between both characters. Kisses are part of eroticism in the strictest sense, and are a gesture of great intimacy between two people. For some people, even kissing is something much more intimate and personal than intercourse itself.


No, not all prostitutes kiss. In fact, we could say that the vast majority of women who work in this trade refuse to kiss their clients. They prefer to offer a basic, much more mechanical, impersonal and zero romantic service. It is your decision and you have to respect it. Many argue that kisses are only for the couple, or to share with the man they love, and there are men who think very similarly.

However, when it comes to hiring the services of a high level escort, the situation changes. The client expects a much more special and personalized treatment than the classic exchange that takes place between a medium-sized prostitute and a man.

escorts que besan


Most escort clients are looking for a service called Girlfriend Girlfriend Experience or GFE. It consists in maintaining a relationship very similar to that which one could have with a partner; that is, with passion, caresses … and deep kisses. There can be no GFE without kisses. In this sector, women’s sexual freedom allows them to decide which services they carry out and which not. They are the ones who have the last word, but it is normal for the client to expect a certain behavior depending on the type of service requested in advance.

There are many escorts who kiss, or whores who kiss if you prefer that we define it this way. There are many who do not attach such importance to kisses and consider them an indispensable part of any intimate encounter, whether cold or not.


If you are here because you want to know more about escorts that kiss, you are lucky: most of the ladies who advertise on theSugar Girls website give deep kisses to their clients. Within our team of beauties, there are some prefer to give softer kisses or spikes, but without depth. Although you are not going to have any problem with any of our ladies, we suggest that you discuss it with our managers before making an appointment for a service. Remember that you have the right to discuss the details of the meeting that are of great importance to you, and if it is about escorts that kiss, it is better that you comment it before.

Our escorts are waiting for you to give you a lot of kisses! 😉