Incalls to hotels

One of the most services carried out by our escorts are the departures to hotels. They reach approximately 30% of our total benefits. What is the procedure to reserve? How do our girls prepare for outings?

Enjoy the charms of a beautiful escort is an experience associated with leisure. It has to be a comfortable process, with the least possible stress, although in the end, it is the agenda that commands. Often, it is a last minute decision, to find the right moment and take advantage of it. Therefore, a good agency has to offer a 24-hour availability, seven days a week, to be able to work and adapt to customer schedules. Our clients can not always anticipate what time they will be free to call a young lady.


Most departures to hotels usually take place at night, when the day has ended and business dinners have ended. The most frequent schedule is between eleven o’clock at night and two o’clock in the morning. The client calls Sugar Girls and asks about the If you do not specify which particular girl you are interested in, it will be the intuition of our managers that decides which type of escort is the most appropriate for that exit.

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P>The hotels are usually five or four stars, which requires that the service is performed discreetly and quietly. The receptionists of those hotels know perfectly well that many of their guests hire the services of high level escorts and know how to look the other way. Why would not they? The clients of the hotels have the right to receive visits in their suites or rooms. However, for security reasons, hotel employees apply a certain filter according to the appearance and dress of the girl. If she is a low-level prostitute and enters the hall dressed in a vulgar or strident manner, it is not uncommon for hotel workers to ask her to identify herself and call the client’s room to verify that she is a visitor. It is normal.

Therefore, you should always At Sugar Girls we understand the importance of the image and we like that our girls transmit elegance, discretion and class. None of our escorts will make a hotel outfit dressed in a miniskirt and knee-high leather boots.


The process of booking an exit to the hotel is usually quick, thanks to the efficiency of our managers, but it always means losing some time for the escort. The procedure of being selected, preparing for the appointment and moving around, lasts for a time that the escort irretrievably loses. If the hotel is far from our location, that time can reach the full hour, an hour that is not remunerated. That’s why at Sugar Girls we charge a small increase in our usual rate.


The decision depends on the client. The escorts available at night have a much wider time frame, so the service can be extended until both the client and the girl wish. The exits to hotels are one of the favorite services of the escorts: they love the idea of ​​going out at night and going to a luxurious place to meet a mysterious gentleman. You can believe, they have a lot of fun. Very often, the departure to the hotel implies a sensual bath for two in the jacuzzi, a few glasses of champagne, music, kisses …

If you dream of enjoying the services of one of our spectacular escorts, a reservation at a luxury hotel will be one of the best experiences of your life.

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