Escorts that Kiss

Kisses are a very important part of the services offered by high level escorts. Many gentlemen wait for them and even demand them. Still, escorts who really kiss are not as easy to find as it seems.

Do you remember the Pretty Woman scene in which Vivian (Julia Roberts) tells Edward (Richard Gere) that he offers all kinds of services … except kissing? The absence of kisses is part of several of the most important scenes of the film, and in the end, it is what marks the beginning of the love between both characters. Kisses are part of eroticism in the strictest sense, and are a gesture of great intimacy between two people. For some people, even kissing is something much more intimate and personal than intercourse itself.


No, not all prostitutes kiss. In fact, we could say that the vast majority of women who work in this trade refuse to kiss their clients. They prefer to offer a basic, much more mechanical, impersonal and zero romantic service. It is your decision and you have to respect it. Many argue that kisses are only for the couple, or to share with the man they love, and there are men who think very similarly.

However, when it comes to hiring the services of a high level escort, the situation changes. The client expects a much more special and personalized treatment than the classic exchange that takes place between a medium-sized prostitute and a man.

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Most escort clients are looking for a service called Girlfriend Girlfriend Experience or GFE. It consists in maintaining a relationship very similar to that which one could have with a partner; that is, with passion, caresses … and deep kisses. There can be no GFE without kisses. In this sector, women’s sexual freedom allows them to decide which services they carry out and which not. They are the ones who have the last word, but it is normal for the client to expect a certain behavior depending on the type of service requested in advance.

There are many escorts who kiss, or whores who kiss if you prefer that we define it this way. There are many who do not attach such importance to kisses and consider them an indispensable part of any intimate encounter, whether cold or not.


If you are here because you want to know more about escorts that kiss, you are lucky: most of the ladies who advertise on theSugar Girls website give deep kisses to their clients. Within our team of beauties, there are some prefer to give softer kisses or spikes, but without depth. Although you are not going to have any problem with any of our ladies, we suggest that you discuss it with our managers before making an appointment for a service. Remember that you have the right to discuss the details of the meeting that are of great importance to you, and if it is about escorts that kiss, it is better that you comment it before.

Our escorts are waiting for you to give you a lot of kisses! 😉

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