Gifts for Escorts?

There is a professional you often meet. You like it very much, and you are very satisfied with the quality of their services. Sometimes, you think you would like to gift her, but you don’t know and it won’t be appropriate. Maybe you can misunderstand. You also don’t know what to buy her. What are the best gifts for escorts?

Tips and extras are a detail to please in any sector. When it comes to the sex of payment, the situation seems a bit more confusing. The services of a professional are expensive, so it seems unnecessary to give some extra money. Still, many men do, and it is something that naturally loves girls. Others, on the other hand, prefer to give back to the escorts with gifts. They are gentlemen who know how to treat women with respect and elegance. If you want to do the same, you have to think very well what you are going to buy.


If you are interested to know, our girls usually receive flowers. Every week we receive at least one bouquet of roses at the Sugar Girls facilities. They usually come from clients who have been completely fascinated with the charms of our escorts. Others are habitual, that with flowers they want to send a message: I remember you and I want to see you again.

Perfumes and chocolates are also very frequent. After all, the escorts are women the same as all the women in the world and all women like the same things, in general. Only an ice-cold woman would feel indifference to the sight of a huge bouquet of red roses.

regalos para escorts putas


If you think that gifts for escorts are likely to be misunderstood, the answer is: Quiet. No escort will think that you are madly in love with her, nor will she begin to think that you have any kind of relationship. All the girls are clear that the gifts are details of classy men who know how to treat a woman, but nothing more. If you feel like sending a bouquet of roses to one of our girls, don’t worry about her thinking that you are swearing eternal love. He will not think about it.

Remember that you are in a sector where everything is very clear. There are no second intentions. We all know what we are going to. We are professionals.


There is no way to know for sure, but without a doubt, if you give her, he escort will put you in the category of special clients. He will strive even more to please you and see you with better eyes. It is normal! It is not necessary to make gifts for escorts, with the intention of getting a spectacular service, because although you do not give anything away, if the escort is a good professional, she will give you what you need without having to buy a detail.

Bad Experience with an Escort, what I have to do?

You have had an appointment with an escort and the service has left you unsatisfied. You feel you have wasted time and money, and you want to claim the agency. Which are the steps to follow?

When it comes to personal relationships, nothing is guaranteed. No one gets rid of having a bad experience with an escort from time to time. If you are a regular at several agencies, independent and local, it is unlikely that all the girls have provided you with a service that lives up to what you expected. As in all sectors, there are always disappointments, black sheep, and bad professionals.


Getting ahead of events and being cautious is a good way to prevent something like this from happening to you. Search and prior information are vital. Very few men want to go on an adventure when it comes to looking for an escort: they know that prices are high and they don’t want to risk throwing money that has cost them a lot to win.

The first thing to do is search the web. A few clicks on Google, and everything we need to know usually appears. With the agency, just look for the name. If you are an independent, you just have to put your phone number in the search engine. Unfortunately, independent escorts are very clever when it comes to clearing their reputation on the internet: just change their name and phone number, but customers usually recognize them through photographs.


The better reputation the agency has, the less chance you have of having a bad experience with an escort. For example, in Sugar Girls we know how to detect problematic girls in the personal interview we do to decide if we select them or not. Nor is it good to judge a person by the first impression, but there are always words, gestures, attitudes, that allow us to know a little who is ahead. There are girls we have rejected during the casting, for that reason. We have seen attitudes that have made it clear that we were facing an unstable escort that could generate problems with clients and with the other girls.

Money is no guarantee of anything. There are escort agencies that charge very high amounts and have bad reviews on the net. This is because they select girls without any criteria, and often work in other places for less money. These agencies think that the important thing is to get the money from the service, and that what happens next with the client gives them exactly the same. Logically, that client is lost, because he will never return, and no agency survives on the basis of new clients.


Even if it is the paid sex sector,you have the right to claim if you have had a bad experience with an escort. In Sugar Girls we have complaint sheets available to our clientele, but we usually manage any incident without resorting to them. Speaking solves everything.

Honesty when managing your bad experience with an escort is important. Do not claim for things that are not reclaimable, with the intention of obtaining a free service as compensation. The agencies, like the shops, know how to detect such fraudulent clients, and they will not hesitate to close their doors if they see that this is your intention.

Going out for a dinner with an Escort

Dining with an escort can be a wonderful experience, or a complete disaster, as you look at it. The situation carries a certain type of risk, because after all, it is an appointment with an unknown woman. Even with a girl who does not dedicate herself to this, one cannot know for sure that the evening will pass peacefully.


If you want to have dinner with an escort, you must be clear about what you are looking for. In general, the ideal amount is usually an elegant, distinguished professional, with the knowledge of being and of an advanced cultural level. Someone who appreciates a good wine, who knows how to handle cutlery with class, who even knows what the best restaurants in Barcelona are. She must be a woman attractive enough to make you proud to take her by the arm, but smart enough to know how to dress with discretion. The last thing you need is to go out to dinner with an escort that seems just what it is: a professional.

cenar con una escort

The quality of the conversation is important, so we recommend being honest when talking to the agency and avoiding too young or shy escorts. Not all professionals are equal, thanks to the great demand. There are men of all kinds, and that means that there are girls for all tastes. Many clients love sweet, talkative and quiet escorts, but those are not usually the right women to go out for dinner. The same happens with those that are excessively blissful. If dinner is elegant and you want to make a good impression, an escort too daring will not be the best option.


If it is an important event and you want to pretend that the escort in question is a friend of yours or even your girlfriend, you have to be careful to give the best impression. In our experience, Russian or Spanish escorts are the most suitable for these types of situations. A Spanish escort brings greater appearance of normality, since it may seem that you have met her in your own environment, while Russian escorts have an incomparable level of elegance and beauty.

Escorts with a large number of plastic surgeries, or visible touch-ups, are also not suitable for obvious reasons. Remember that it is about attracting attention in a positive way. If you want to have dinner with an escort and demand that the experience be a success, trust Sugar Girls: we have the right girl for you.

Escorts and rotation

In the sex market, variety is very important. However, high-level escorts do not need to continually change their place of work, as is the case with road sluts or brothel professionals.

Everyone knows that in road clubs there is a 21-day timeframe, what is known in the sector as making a place. The square lasts exactly that time, and after those 21 days, the girl must leave, no matter how beautiful she is or the amount of money she has generated. In large brothels the number of customers is very high, thanks to easy access and low rates. In some cases, the clubs are located next to the border, which also means that they have clientele from other countries, as happens in brothels near France.


The 21-day rule is also due to the limited number of places in the brothels. Street prostitutes are exposed to dangers, aggressions and uncomfortable temperatures, so many prefer to work in the relative safety of a club. In towns where there is up to one prostitute for every ten inhabitants, giving work to all the girls is impossible.

With high level prostitution, this is different. All agencies are looking for new girls, as long as they have the required characteristics: physical, good presence, education, elegance, sympathy. The requirements limit the arrival of new escorts without any control, but in Sugar Girls, fortunately, we incorporate an average of 25 new girls every month.

rotación escorts


In escort agencies there is no rotation of girls. We believe that escorts are not objects, so we never tell them to leave after a while. We have enough clientele so that our girls never stop earning money. Some of our companions have been with us for years, and this will remain so … until they want to. We only stop working with whores who have not met our expectations or have been problematic, although this has only happened on a few occasions.

So if you think that older escorts languish in a corner of our website, you are wrong. InSugar Girls, we offer a wide variety of young ladies, of all kinds of nationalities, physical characteristics, hair color, height, age … Because yes, the variety in this sector is essential, but that has nothing to do with the usual rotation in low level sites.

The characteristics of a Standard Whore

A tricky issue, but that has generated many debates. What is the difference between a – sorry for the expression – whore and a high level escort? Although it seems that both women do exactly the same, there are differences that are worth highlighting to ensure a service according to what we are looking for.

A prostitute, called a common whore, is a woman who performs sexual favors in exchange for money. Within that adjective, there are numerous badges that can make a significant difference. As within Christianity there are Catholics, Protestants, Lutherans and Orthodox; Within the immense world of prostitution there are different types of professionals.


She is usually a basic woman, and everything that surrounds her activity will be too. There is no guideline with the physicist, since there are really spectacular street whores, some overweight, some of a certain age … There will always be an audience for everyone and that is what makes a great diversity with the appearance, although it is certainly rare that a woman with top model beauty is doing the street.

The professionals who exercise in exchange for a low rate and in an unsophisticated environment have something in common: an environment of few possibilities. The place of birth, family origin, the area in which they live and the friendships they have are key. Most have been born in a place that does not offer many opportunities to prosper, come from a depressed environment or have been born in unstructured families. Anyone can prosper and succeed if he wants to, but we believe that this lack of development means that prostitutes do not have the necessary tools to take advantage of their profession.

The lack of education also moves them away from more select environments, where they could certainly exercise their profession in a more elegant and safe way. The low cultural level is a great limitation.

Can a street whore earn money?

Of course. Not only do luxury escorts earn large amounts of money, the standard prostitute generates income well above the normal salary of a woman who is engaged in a current activity. Unfortunately, they have no idea what to do with the money. They do not know how to manage themselves, they spend it badly, or they have to support their families, which prevents them from using the money for themselves. Earning a lot of money is useless if you spend a lot, or if you spend badly. Foolish whims are also common in this type of professional, like the expensive handbags that luxury companions also buy irrationally.

The lack of vision is also very normal in the basic whore. Not having the same emotional intelligence that educated women have in other environments, he does not think about the future and lives up to date. That creates a vicious circle in which the prostitute is tired of her profession and wants to leave her, but she can’t, because she doesn’t know how to do anything else or because she has too many years blank in her resume, years that any normal woman would have invested in studying or to work.


A whore without contacts is like an elegant outfit without a bag: something very important is missing. High-level escorts often make friends on the avenues they attend, and know how to relate to the right people. These people can help them to prosper, to meet other people, to introduce them in certain places, and ultimately, to meet potential clients or partners. The basic prostitute is usually stuck in the same place, and after a while, she has to change places because she is too seen.

What is evident is that all the women who dedicate themselves to this profession, whether they are street whores, high-level escorts and road club prostitutes, are people who deserve respect.

How to Get a Positive Review

Escort clients often value their experiences with girls on the net. That way, they get help and advice to other users. A positive review is very useful to consolidate the reputation of an Internet escort, as well as the best way to get new clients. How to get a positive review as a company girl?


The first detail in which the client will be fixed is punctuality. The gentlemen who hire the services of an escort are usually busy men who cannot afford to waste time. Their availability is limited, and in most cases, they have a personal life that does not leave them many hours off. If the girl arrives late the atmosphere of the appointment will thin and start with the left foot. It is very important that the escorts be meticulous and very strict with the clock.


Lies are frequent in this sector, because many independent agencies and escorts believe they are a good bait to attract clients. They think, erroneously, that it is better to get as many reservations as possible, without assessing a long-term relationship with customers. Men usually accept these deceptions because they no longer have time to call another escort, or because they think it is better to know bad than good to know. But of course, then they use the internet to let off steam and warn others, which is disastrous for the escort.

reseña positiva escort puta foro

A positive review helps to get customers, but a single negative review can ruin the online reputation of a companion.


Clients do not have time or desire to endure other people’s dramas. For them, the appointment with an escort is a whim and an escape from day-to-day problems. The last thing they want is to endure a stranger with bad energy, angry, tense or sad. Many girls believe that an appointment with a client is a personal time to talk, vent or show themselves as they are, with all that that entails, but it is not so. It is they who are working.

Being cheerful, positive and taking things well is the best way for the appointment to be a success and for the client to leave a positive review on the internet.


The client usually agrees in advance what he wants: sometimes he comments with the manager who answers the phone, and sometimes with the escort. Nor is it necessary to detail ahead of time everything that will happen during the appointment, since sometimes, it depends on the chemistry and the situation. The meetings take place naturally. What you should never do is cheat the customer, asking for an extra for services that are within the basic rate. Everyone knows what goes into a normal relationship.


Leaving a good impression on the client, sometimes, is just a matter of common sense. Going to the impeccably dressed date, smiling, being pleasant, showing professionalism and discretion and not being mechanical or cold are details that men like, and are more than enough to get a positive review in an escort forum or opinion portal. In Sugar Girls we have obtained spectacular opinions.

The Importance of Hygiene

Hygiene is an essential factor to make the appointment with your favorite escort a success. Not only the hygiene of the girl, but also yours. It is the best way to guarantee a meeting that lives up to what you expect.

The clients of luxury escorts are very demanding men. Logically, they expect to meet a woman at the height of what that qualifier means. That is to say, an elegant, beautiful, classy lady with an impeccable personal arrangement. Our girls are very aware of the level of the sector to which they belong, and therefore, they invest a lot of time and money to get a spectacular physique. They all feel very proud of their bodies and keep them perfectly toned thanks to a healthy lifestyle, with regular visits to the gym, massages, and a low-fat diet.


They also pay great attention to details. The hair, the skin, the nails … all those aspects of the image must be carefully and properly presented so that the client gets a great first impression. Men are visual, we cannot deny it, and no man forgets what he thought of a woman the first time he saw her.

Personal hygiene is key when it comes to relating to others, as it conveys the message that we have a good concept of what self-love means, and also that we respect others. Poor hygiene is annoying and unpleasant for those around us, and leaves a bad impression.

When it comes to relating intimately, hygiene becomes something vital. No client will positively value a careless escort that does not smell good. But of course, that does not mean that the companion is the only person who has to take care of the cleaning, since it is a private meeting between two people. The client also has the moral obligation to attend the appointment with the same hygiene as the escort.

higiene escort puta baño


Obviously, he has the last word, but neglecting cleanliness in an appointment with an escort is absurd, since it will make the service basic and without anything special. The girl will not feel comfortable and will be unable to get carried away. And worse, you will not want to make certain extras. This is understandable and easy to understand. However, with a distinguished client and impeccable hygiene, the escort will be more willing to perform all kinds of services, since cleaning is essential for sex to be stimulating, deep and passionate.

If you are a regular escort client, use logic when planning your meeting and offer the same hygiene you expect from the girl. With Sugar Girls you will have no problem: each of the suites in our facilities has its own shower, so you can use it before and after each encounter.