The Importance of Hygiene

Hygiene is an essential factor to make the appointment with your favorite escort a success. Not only the hygiene of the girl, but also yours. It is the best way to guarantee a meeting that lives up to what you expect.

The clients of luxury escorts are very demanding men. Logically, they expect to meet a woman at the height of what that qualifier means. That is to say, an elegant, beautiful, classy lady with an impeccable personal arrangement. Our girls are very aware of the level of the sector to which they belong, and therefore, they invest a lot of time and money to get a spectacular physique. They all feel very proud of their bodies and keep them perfectly toned thanks to a healthy lifestyle, with regular visits to the gym, massages, and a low-fat diet.


They also pay great attention to details. The hair, the skin, the nails … all those aspects of the image must be carefully and properly presented so that the client gets a great first impression. Men are visual, we cannot deny it, and no man forgets what he thought of a woman the first time he saw her.

Personal hygiene is key when it comes to relating to others, as it conveys the message that we have a good concept of what self-love means, and also that we respect others. Poor hygiene is annoying and unpleasant for those around us, and leaves a bad impression.

When it comes to relating intimately, hygiene becomes something vital. No client will positively value a careless escort that does not smell good. But of course, that does not mean that the companion is the only person who has to take care of the cleaning, since it is a private meeting between two people. The client also has the moral obligation to attend the appointment with the same hygiene as the escort.

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Obviously, he has the last word, but neglecting cleanliness in an appointment with an escort is absurd, since it will make the service basic and without anything special. The girl will not feel comfortable and will be unable to get carried away. And worse, you will not want to make certain extras. This is understandable and easy to understand. However, with a distinguished client and impeccable hygiene, the escort will be more willing to perform all kinds of services, since cleaning is essential for sex to be stimulating, deep and passionate.

If you are a regular escort client, use logic when planning your meeting and offer the same hygiene you expect from the girl. With Sugar Girls you will have no problem: each of the suites in our facilities has its own shower, so you can use it before and after each encounter.

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