How to Get a Positive Review

Escort clients often value their experiences with girls on the net. That way, they get help and advice to other users. A positive review is very useful to consolidate the reputation of an Internet escort, as well as the best way to get new clients. How to get a positive review as a company girl?


The first detail in which the client will be fixed is punctuality. The gentlemen who hire the services of an escort are usually busy men who cannot afford to waste time. Their availability is limited, and in most cases, they have a personal life that does not leave them many hours off. If the girl arrives late the atmosphere of the appointment will thin and start with the left foot. It is very important that the escorts be meticulous and very strict with the clock.


Lies are frequent in this sector, because many independent agencies and escorts believe they are a good bait to attract clients. They think, erroneously, that it is better to get as many reservations as possible, without assessing a long-term relationship with customers. Men usually accept these deceptions because they no longer have time to call another escort, or because they think it is better to know bad than good to know. But of course, then they use the internet to let off steam and warn others, which is disastrous for the escort.

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A positive review helps to get customers, but a single negative review can ruin the online reputation of a companion.


Clients do not have time or desire to endure other people’s dramas. For them, the appointment with an escort is a whim and an escape from day-to-day problems. The last thing they want is to endure a stranger with bad energy, angry, tense or sad. Many girls believe that an appointment with a client is a personal time to talk, vent or show themselves as they are, with all that that entails, but it is not so. It is they who are working.

Being cheerful, positive and taking things well is the best way for the appointment to be a success and for the client to leave a positive review on the internet.


The client usually agrees in advance what he wants: sometimes he comments with the manager who answers the phone, and sometimes with the escort. Nor is it necessary to detail ahead of time everything that will happen during the appointment, since sometimes, it depends on the chemistry and the situation. The meetings take place naturally. What you should never do is cheat the customer, asking for an extra for services that are within the basic rate. Everyone knows what goes into a normal relationship.


Leaving a good impression on the client, sometimes, is just a matter of common sense. Going to the impeccably dressed date, smiling, being pleasant, showing professionalism and discretion and not being mechanical or cold are details that men like, and are more than enough to get a positive review in an escort forum or opinion portal. In Sugar Girls we have obtained spectacular opinions.

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