The Best Girlfriend Experience

If you are a regular or occasional client of high level escorts, you will surely know the term girlfriend experience. What exactly does it mean and what do men expect from such a service? In the Sugar Girls blog we help you clear some doubts so that the experience is a dream come true.

We are at a time when porn has seriously damaged the idea of what professional sex is between two adults. It seems, erroneously, that men seeking intimate contacts only want dirty sex, of the strangest and bizarre type possible. That is also an option that exists and we cannot deny it, but in reality, the service most requested by the gentlemen assiduous to escorts is what is known as Girlfriend Experience.


A Girlfriend Experience encounter consists of a sexual service with the same naturalness that a moment of pleasure with a partner would have. It means making love, not necessarily romantic, but we repeat, yes naturally. Looks, eroticism, love, kisses, caresses … and the rest is easy to imagine. Actually, it is a fairly standard service, and most of the experiences between escorts and their clients are from that profile.

An appointment Girlfriend Experience has to be intimate, private and with a great sense of complicity. The client does not want to feel that he is going to a mechanical meeting, in which he will feel like an object to use and throw away, without any connection with the woman. Unfortunately, a basic service does not always end up being a Girlfriend Experience, since the escort has the automatic mode activated, it is shown coldly, and although the service has been performed, the gentleman feels that he has not enjoyed it at all.


A good Girlfriend Experience offers moments of intimacy, laughter and fun. Although this is always easier with an escort that is already known by the client, it can also be obtained on a first date. At Sugar Girls we recommend booking meetings that last at least one hour, to guarantee a 100% satisfactory experience. It is complicated to obtain a GFE – this is how it is known on the internet – pleasant in a quick half-hour reservation. It is always better to reserve enough time to talk , get intimate and get to know each other a little better.

The more you repeat, the better will be

If there is trust, connection and complicity, the success of the GFE is assured. This is easily obtained by repeating with an escort that the client liked. Thus, the girl will be increasingly relaxed, there will be more things to talk about and the two will already know each other a little more. In Sugar Girls we have talked about personal relationships between escorts and their clients, something we do not recommend, especially when they lead to confusion and inappropriate feelings.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t make love, friendship or feeling. Repeating with an escort that has left us satisfied is always a good idea.

girlfriend experience


When it comes to an agency with as many women as ours, there are escorts for all tastes. In Sugar Girls we have girls specialized PSE – Pornstar Experience or quite the opposite of what we have talked about here – and others that are absolutely delicious for encounters that make men who are making love with a real partner feel. Whatever your choice, we can provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Enjoying the services of an escort does not always consist of half an hour of crazy sex with a woman with huge breasts, but much, much more than that.

Do not cut yourself in saying clearly what you want. The Girlfriend Experience of your life is just around the corner.

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