Bad Experience with an Escort, what I have to do?

You have had an appointment with an escort and the service has left you unsatisfied. You feel you have wasted time and money, and you want to claim the agency. Which are the steps to follow?

When it comes to personal relationships, nothing is guaranteed. No one gets rid of having a bad experience with an escort from time to time. If you are a regular at several agencies, independent and local, it is unlikely that all the girls have provided you with a service that lives up to what you expected. As in all sectors, there are always disappointments, black sheep, and bad professionals.


Getting ahead of events and being cautious is a good way to prevent something like this from happening to you. Search and prior information are vital. Very few men want to go on an adventure when it comes to looking for an escort: they know that prices are high and they don’t want to risk throwing money that has cost them a lot to win.

The first thing to do is search the web. A few clicks on Google, and everything we need to know usually appears. With the agency, just look for the name. If you are an independent, you just have to put your phone number in the search engine. Unfortunately, independent escorts are very clever when it comes to clearing their reputation on the internet: just change their name and phone number, but customers usually recognize them through photographs.


The better reputation the agency has, the less chance you have of having a bad experience with an escort. For example, in Sugar Girls we know how to detect problematic girls in the personal interview we do to decide if we select them or not. Nor is it good to judge a person by the first impression, but there are always words, gestures, attitudes, that allow us to know a little who is ahead. There are girls we have rejected during the casting, for that reason. We have seen attitudes that have made it clear that we were facing an unstable escort that could generate problems with clients and with the other girls.

Money is no guarantee of anything. There are escort agencies that charge very high amounts and have bad reviews on the net. This is because they select girls without any criteria, and often work in other places for less money. These agencies think that the important thing is to get the money from the service, and that what happens next with the client gives them exactly the same. Logically, that client is lost, because he will never return, and no agency survives on the basis of new clients.


Even if it is the paid sex sector,you have the right to claim if you have had a bad experience with an escort. In Sugar Girls we have complaint sheets available to our clientele, but we usually manage any incident without resorting to them. Speaking solves everything.

Honesty when managing your bad experience with an escort is important. Do not claim for things that are not reclaimable, with the intention of obtaining a free service as compensation. The agencies, like the shops, know how to detect such fraudulent clients, and they will not hesitate to close their doors if they see that this is your intention.

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