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Exchanging numbers with Escorts

That a customer and a girl exchange phone numbers seems like a tempting idea at first, but is it a good idea?

It is clear that we, as a luxury escort agency in Barcelona, ​​only have one opinion about it, but we will present the matter in the most objective way possible to make it clear that doing something like this can end badly for both parties. That is, for both the man and the girl.

The main reason why customers and companions give each other phones is to have meetings outside the agency. This usually interests the man more, because it allows him to obtain two advantages: direct contact with the escort and access to his personal information, and to save the agency commission.


The girl accepts because she believes that by giving her phone number, she will get more appointments with the client and in the long term she will obtain a greater economic benefit. But by doing this, you risk your professional relationship with the agency, which, as usually happens, sooner or later you will discover that the telephone exchange has taken place. That will cause him to lose confidence in the girl and stop giving him work.

Teléfono de una Escort

It’s normal: the agency gets a benefit because it makes a series of expenses. He agrees to employ the girl by mutual agreement and the result of an agreed decision among adults. Pay for advertising, promote the photographs of the escorts, make available facilities for you to perform your services quietly and without problems, and puts them in contact with the clientele. An escort agency is not an evil company that takes advantage of your work. It is a team of people who work hard to achieve your economic goals and care about your well-being and safety. This would be different, of course, if it were an agency that was not respectful of the privacy and security of its girls and exposed them to all kinds of risks to try to earn more money.

That is why it is important to trust a company that offers guarantees.

Giving a gentleman’s phone number is disrespectful and honest. Integrity is the key to success, as an escort and as a professional in any field.

Another reason why it is not a good idea for an escort to give a telephone number to a client is because, over time, the man usually loses interest. Clients like variety and sooner or later they end up wishing to meet new girls. Why risk losing the trust of a good agency in exchange for a few appointments that are not going to provide you with anything, or are they going to provide you with so little that it will not be worth it?


Discretion is another reason why an escort should never give her phone to anyone. With the agency as an intermediary, the girl is never exposed and will only reveal the details of her life that she wants to give. If you give your number and start dating outside the agency, it is easier for you to end up revealing more information than you should. It is practically impossible to keep the identity secret with a client with whom you have a “normal” relationship, especially if there are trips, hotel or plane reservations …

The agency is the best filter for discreet escorts who in no way want clients to have access to their private information.

Another important reason is that customers respect much less the companions who go for free. This is a frequent problem that many independent escorts have. Men know that they are alone and that it is easier to manipulate them to get discounts, more time than is due… With the support of an agency that cares about your appointments, you will not have to worry about the duration of your appointments or money. Everything will be clear from the beginning and we will always be aware of you so that everything happens as it has to happen.

If there are departures at home and hotel, we will verify the information and our private driver will take you and bring you at the agreed time so that you are totally safe during your intimate appointment.

As always, the key to enjoying working as an escort in Barcelona lies in safety, trust and fun. Do not risk unnecessarily!