Some of the Hottest Summers

Our escorts in Madrid have had a very intense and hot summer …

How have you spent the summer? Our beautiful luxury escorts have been very, very busy. Most have taken a few days off to visit their friends and family. They had a great time in fashionable places like Ibiza, Mykonos, Capri or Saint Tropez. All have made a sensation with their mind blowing bodies and tiny bikinis. They have attracted all eyes in nightclubs with their short dresses and high heels. The heat in Madrid has been hellish and our girls were willing to take a break and escape on the most famous beaches in the world. They really wanted to tan their perfect bodies in the sun.

But they have returned and are hotter than ever. They have been very envious when they hearing anecdotes of the escorts who stayed in Madrid, having a lot of fun with our clients. They are eager to catch up and return to the candlelight dinner routine, sexy lingerie, mysterious knights and endless adventures …

Yes: they’ve missed you. They are dying to see you again and to know how you spent your holidays. They will not ask you, but they are also curious to know if you have also missed them, the best luxury escorts in the capital. Do we guess the answer? We bet on a resounding and forceful yes.

August is the month during which everything seems to stop. Without a doubt, the most boring month of the year. Cities are empty and only tourists about. Escorts seem to have evaporated. There is hardly any news. Truth? No. At Sugar Girls Madrid we always have new, elegant and beautiful young girls with such amazing attributes that you will have no choice but to succumb to those charms and fall asleep. Take a look at our image gallery and take the opportunity to visit our Barcelona website in case you plan a trip to Barcelona and you want to get the most out of it.

Life awaits you …

New Escorts in Sugar Girls Madrid

Check out the irresistible news of our escort agency.

Pleasure is in variety, and we know that our clientele is demanding. Novelty is important in a luxury escort agency: many gentlemen prefer seeing their favorite girls again, with whom they know they can enjoy unbeatable quality sex and passion, but a large majority cannot resist the temptation of the arrival of a new luxury companion. The temptation of a new and unknown woman … is an impulse that very few men can ignore. It is an uncertainty and a temptation that arouses great desires in male sex.

At Sugar Girls Madrid, we welcome new escorts practically every week. Sometimes, these are young ladies who are part of the Barcelona team and decide to travel to the capital to meet new men and change of scenery in an exciting adventure. Others are companions who live in Madrid and want to take the opportunity to join one of the best escort agencies in Spain.

If you want to be 100% up to date with the new escorts who come to our agency willing to drive men crazy in Madrid, we made it very easy for you. You just have to call us, take a look at our website, which we always keep updated with recent photos and without digital tweaks, so you can see that what you are going to select is fair and exactly what you will see when you open the door. Welcome to one of the best sexual experiences of your life and meet our overwhelming luxury escorts. You won’t find anything like it in any escort agency in Madrid.

Escorts Available 24 Hours in Madrid

Ready to enjoy!

If you have visited our website, you will have seen in numerous sections that Sugar Girls is an escort agency that offers attention 24 hours a day, every day of the week. We are always available, day and night, and we don’t close any day of the year. This detail was important to us because we know that when it comes to private pleasures, it isn’t always possible to organize appointments in time. On many occasions, it is a last minute outburst. Will it be easy for the girl I like to be available? This is the question many gentlemen ask themselves before picking up the phone and calling.

Our answer is: you can challenge us!

Some of our girls, especially Catalan and Spanish escorts, have other occupations that prevent them from being ready 24 hours a day. But the truth is that almost all have a wide and surprising availability. They know how to organize and let us know daily to know when we can count on them and plan their appointments with the most distinguished gentlemen in the city. Our escorts are available for dinners, hotel and apartments visits, parties, whole weekends, trips and quick meetings in our luxury facilities. Some of them settle there for several hours a day and will be waiting for you, hot and sweet, to take care of you and give you everything you want.

You still don’t know us? Call us and surprise yourself!

Putas 24 horas

Your Escorts Wait for You in August

The holiday period has already begun … but the Sugar Girls do not go anywhere!

As the best escort agency in Barcelona, ​​we understand the need to be available to our clients and their schedules. With Sugar Girls everything is fast, easy and accessible. We adapt to your conditions and circumstances and we have a team in charge of managing your appointments effectively and with a lot of discretion. All we want our customers to do is enjoy and forget everything. We take care of the rest.

Sugar Girls Barcelona does not close in August, nor in September, nor in December, nor ever. We have escorts available 24 hours and our lovely managers attend the phone and WhatsApp at any time of the day. Appointments planned in advance are always exquisite (we never tire of repeating it), but impromptu meetings can be just as exciting. With us, you will not be able to say that we were absent, that we did not give up your request and that you lost a while that you had reserved for the most sublime of pleasures because there was no one on the other side of the phone.

During the month of August, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, the Sugar Girls Barcelona team is at your complete and complete disposal. And our beautiful escorts even more. They wait impatiently to relieve this intense heat.

How much do you have to pay for an escort?

One of the greatest questions of the universe of payment pleasures. What is the appropriate rate?

If you have been a regular at luxury escorts for years, congratulations! You are a lucky guy who is sure to have enjoyed a great time for a long time and have meeting amazing and beautiful women. Think that not everyone can say the same. That means that you have also seen many things, not always positive. Although it is a luxury and distinguished sector, there are also problems too in agencies of high-level ladies.

Establishing the appropriate rate is one of them. The concept of luxury has always been unbalanced and this has made many agencies think that they could ask for exorbitant amounts from their clients, who felt they had no choice since paying less means going down in terms of the
beauty of the girls, quality of the services, discretion and elegance of the facilities.

Fortunately, we worked very hard to change just that. We knew that most, if not all, of the luxury escorts who asked for a lot of money for their company were easy to find on other pages for less and even half the money. This is normal: it is not always easy to find gentlemen so naive as to pay 500 euros for an hour with a stranger!

For Sugar Girls, 150 euros is the ideal amount. It is a high figure, but not ridiculous, and it is more accessible. It guarantees to find a distinguished and different escort, relax in our luxury apartment and enjoy the services of an agency that operates with maximum discretion. Remember that the price is paid in exchange for the escort company and that what happens during that meeting is a consensual decision between two adults.

We will wait for you !