Return to the Routine with your Luxury Escort

The holidays are already over. You have been outside and although you needed to disconnect a little from Barcelona, ​​you are looking forward to return to your favorite pleasures. Yes, you are looking forward to going back to the routine and meeting your favorite luxury escort again.


In Sugar Girls Barcelona we are preparing the arrival of September with great desire. We love this time of the year. After the summer break, we are looking forward to meeting our most loyal customers and escorts who have gone on vacation or have traveled a few weeks to their home countries. You don’t know how much we have missed them! And as always, we have taken advantage of these vacation months to make some improvements to our website and our facilities. We never cease our efforts to offer you the best services in Barcelona.

A few novelties have arrived at our headquarters in Barcelona, ​​and also at Sugar Girls Madrid, which we invite you to discover as soon as you travel to the capital. The success in Barcelona made us think that it would be a great idea to transfer our philosophy to other Spanish cities. Thanks to our professionalism, we managed to change the high standing sector, and we want to do the same in other corners of the peninsula.


Have you missed us? We missed you too. You have spent an unforgettable summer with family and friends, and you have behaved like the ideal man. We know it. Now it is time to return to the city and meet your favorite escort again, or with the beautiful news that we have uploaded to our website. Yes, they are spectacular, young and hot … like all the escorts available at Sugar Girls. We continue with the bar as high as ever.

Returning to the routine can be pleasant if you devote a well deserved time to your well-being. It is not just about work, the obligations of your office or company, the responsibilities that must be fulfilled, the bills you have to pay. Going back to the routine also means finding a moment to enjoy the charms of an escort, at the time you decide, when you do well. A getaway at noon, taking advantage of the lunch break? That little time in the afternoon? A chance to be alone one night? Our girls are available every day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Meet the escorts you already know and discover what they have been doing this summer. They have been most entertaining. Some of our girls have been doing an erotic massage course to take you to the moon on your next date. They will impregnate you with scented oils while they caress your whole body – yes, everything – with their fine and delicate hands. They will leave you so relaxed that going back to the routine will stop being a nightmare. They will travel every inch of your skin until you forget who you are, and where you are.

They will show you the new lingerie they have bought, in the most spicy colors: passion red, sophisticated black … You will try all the sexual positions that you had pending before the holidays. You will resume that desire to make a trio together, or to go to a couples exchange club. Or simply, you will be two again, you and her, accomplices, friends, companions of adventure, fun and pleasure. You have missed her, but she too, you can be sure.

Yes, for Sugar Girls Barcelona you are our only priority and we are willing to surprise you on this vacation return. Call us to meet again with your favorite escort, or with the delicious escorts who have just joined our team. Keep fulfilling each and every one of your sexual fantasies. Recover such satisfying experiences. Remember why we are the best escort agency in Barcelona. The fun is back, the Sugar girls come back. We will wait for you!

Our Delicious Teen Escorts

In Sugar Girls Barcelona we have escorts of all ages, but we have a small group of very, very special escorts: teen escorts. How are they different from the others? Do they offer good services? Today we are going to tell you a little about our princesses. But be careful: after reading this, you will want to meet them.


Teen means adolescent, although the term has different connotations depending on the language. The word teen covers an age range that reaches nineteen. When the person turns twenty, that is, twenty, the teen disappears. Therefore, a teen escort is either eighteen or nineteen years old. The word in Spanish suggests someone who is less years old, so it is much better to use the English variant.

Very young escorts are much appreciated by men who are looking for flirtatious, sweet and innocent looking young people. They have a great success in the sector since they are an explosive combination of naive physique and overwhelming character. Despite their young age, teen girls are very sexual and some of them are even very experienced in bed. They know what they want and how to get it.


The average age at which a woman decides to start performing services as an escort is around twenty-two. It is not a choice that is taken lightly; many, spend years and years going around the subject until they take the step. When they start, they realize the mistake of not having started before. Earn large amounts of money, meet new people, visit exotic places, go to restaurants and luxury hotels … Being an escort is a great experience for any woman!

Therefore, a teen escort is a woman determined and confident enough to take a similar step at such an early age. So of course, they have nothing silly. That doesn’t mean you have to see them as Mata-Haris: an eighteen-year-old girl doesn’t have the experience and skill of a twenty-seven, and it shows. It is perceived through a naivety that is charming and that enchants customers who enjoy the sweet charms of our teen escorts.

Although the young escorts are adult women, determined and in some cases really curious and experienced, it does not mean that all teen escorts brush the nymphomania. Although we all know the average start in sexual intercourse in Spain, some of our teen escorts have started practicing sex recently. All our girls are unique and special and teen escorts are no exception. At Sugar Girls Barcelona, ​​there is always variety. We have teen escorts who are authentic tigers in bed, and others who are more shy and submissive. That is ideal, right? May there never be two equal women. The only thing they all have in common is the desire to have fun and live life to the fullest.

Teen escorts don’t come from unstructured families either. Do not think that such a young companion has begun to engage in sex in a professional way because it comes from a low-class environment or is low class. Rather the opposite. Most come from middle and even upper class places and study at the university. Working as escorts allows these irresistible young ladies to have high incomes to give themselves whims or to establish a base that allows them to be more comfortable while they study and prepare for the future.

escorts teen barcelona


At Sugar Girls Barcelona we always have several teen escorts. After a selection process and a personal interview in which we know them and tell us what their claims are and their availability, they join our agency to perform accompanying services. All fit the profile of the agency, which seeks young ladies of great charm, beauty and elegance to provide the best experience to our customers. They are affectionate, sweet and accommodating. When you close them in your arms, you will feel that time has stopped and that the rush does not exist. Alessandra, Sofía, Eva… check out our gallery of teen escorts and delight yourself in which of them will be yours.

Squirting or Female Ejaculation

Squirting is one of the most searched terms on porn video pages. Those videos of squirting women make men lose their heads. The Squirting is female ejaculation and why only some women have been benefited with that luck … wet?


Squirting is coming from an orgasm, like all women have. It is a concrete one in which the woman in question expels a series of fluids. This ejaculation distinguishes between two categories: a discharge of fluid from the urethra and a secretion of white fluid that leaves the vagina. The two are related to the female orgam and you can experience one, the other, or a combination of the two at the same time.

So no, female ejaculation is not a farce, nor an invention of pornographic producers to sell a fetish that is not real. Although it is something rare.

The vision of a beautiful woman expelling liquid from her vagina is very erotic, that’s why these types of videos have millions of visits. It is not uncommon for more and more clients to request the services of escorts who perform squirting. In Sugar Girls Barcelona we have two escorts who are lucky to “squirt”. We are slow to find them but they are already here, so you can enjoy their company and have a great time.

Although of course, to get it, they have to reach the orgasm. So get ready for the appointment for your escort and strive to make her feel comfortable and relaxed in your company. When you get the girl to climax … feel proud and enjoy the spectacular vision of an escort ejaculating in front of you!

You go on holiday? Say goodbye to your Escort

All escort agencies noticed a change in the clientele during the months of July and August. When the holidays begin, national clients are more absent and, on the other hand, foreigners become the majority.


Going on vacation with an escort is a dream that we have already talked about in the blog.Traveling to an exotic place in the company of a professional willing to please at all times and without the dramas and demands of a stable couple … that is the idea of ​​paradise for many men. Customers who attend this type of services tell us how different it is to go on vacation with an escort, to do it with a girlfriend or wife. But not everyone can afford that luxury and we don’t just say it for money, but for the obligations of everyday life. Disappear a week? I wish it was that easy.

A stable family life has many advantages, but part of individual freedom is always lost. Men often face this change with much nostalgia. The desire to lie with different women is part of male biology and fighting that instinct is a constant source of conflict. Therefore, family vacations are fun and endearing to men, but there may always be a feeling that something is missing … The desire, the excitement of meeting a new woman, an afternoon or evening of pure sex, freedom, Feel young again.

The escorts are necessary for us to feel that we are alive, so that we do not forget that spark that has been lost.

If you go on vacation, at Sugar Girls we will miss you. Some of our girls also go on a trip on these dates, but others stay, and it is also the time when many interesting news arrive. If you have not left yet, take advantage of some free time you have and stop by to say goodbye to your favorite escort until September. She is waiting for you and also wants to say goodbye in the only way she knows how to do it … giving you much pleasure.

Home your escort

Some of our clients tell us that they feel weird with the idea of ​​receiving a luxury companion at home. On the one hand, they love to think about it. On the other, it seems strange. Is it so rare to request the services of an escort at home?

Perhaps that feeling of “discomfort” is due to the mental distance between our daily lives and those moments deprived of pleasure. Although nothing is wrong, men prefer to keep secret that they are regulars of escort agencies. That hobby is part of a private sphere that does not matter to anyone. Nobody finds out, nobody knows.

Our home is our most important possession. It is where we are ourselves and where we keep all our belongings. Isn’t it a bit invasive to let an escort enter at home? Isn’t it more erotic and exciting to have the meeting in a hotel or in an apartment reserved for that purpose?


The choice is yours. Just as some men are crazy about brunettes and others about blondes, there are clients who prefer to receive an escort at home. They find it more comfortable, fast and simple for them. They are clear that the escorts are women who value discretion as much as they do. Our girls don’t say a single word about the services they perform, or the clients they serve. And much less, where they live. They are true professionals who know that the secret of success is respect and mutual anonymity.

The procedure of enjoying an escort at home is very simple. Just call a little in advance and ask for the desired girl. As we always say, availability will depend on the time at which the call is made. The sooner you let us know, the more likely it is that the companion that drives you crazy is ready for you.

Once in your home, the escort will behave exactly the same as you would in a hotel or in our private facilities.


We suggest you take the opportunity to create a warm environment that makes you feel comfortable and increases, even more, the eroticism of the experience. Why not light some candles and open a bottle of wine? These are details that will make her delighted … and you more. Talk a little, know more. Tell him something about yourself, or lie to him. Show him what you want. Take her directly to the bedroom, where you already know what will happen. Make the most of the time you have reserved. She is there for you. Just for you.

Although you have our professionalism so that receiving an escort at home is a procedure without headaches, you know that what happens during the appointment depends only on you and her. You may feel relaxed at home enough to create a spectacular feeling.

Remember that whatever your decision, Sugar Girls adapts to what you think is best for you. Our girls move where you tell us. And we also have a luxury apartment in the city center, located in an office building so large that nobody will know what you are doing there. As you can see, we have everything well thought out. That’s why we have the fame we have.