Squirting or Female Ejaculation

Squirting is one of the most searched terms on porn video pages. Those videos of squirting women make men lose their heads. The Squirting is female ejaculation and why only some women have been benefited with that luck … wet?


Squirting is coming from an orgasm, like all women have. It is a concrete one in which the woman in question expels a series of fluids. This ejaculation distinguishes between two categories: a discharge of fluid from the urethra and a secretion of white fluid that leaves the vagina. The two are related to the female orgam and you can experience one, the other, or a combination of the two at the same time.

So no, female ejaculation is not a farce, nor an invention of pornographic producers to sell a fetish that is not real. Although it is something rare.

The vision of a beautiful woman expelling liquid from her vagina is very erotic, that’s why these types of videos have millions of visits. It is not uncommon for more and more clients to request the services of escorts who perform squirting. In Sugar Girls Barcelona we have two escorts who are lucky to “squirt”. We are slow to find them but they are already here, so you can enjoy their company and have a great time.

Although of course, to get it, they have to reach the orgasm. So get ready for the appointment for your escort and strive to make her feel comfortable and relaxed in your company. When you get the girl to climax … feel proud and enjoy the spectacular vision of an escort ejaculating in front of you!

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